My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 223

"Well, Minister---Well, the executive chairman, I still have some unclear points about the observation task of the Light Music Club."

"Oh, for this matter, the specific observation task will begin tomorrow. Today Iizuka-senpai will tell his members of the situation, and then--"

"——Executive Chairman, this matter should still be inconvenient for too many people to know? So, we two go out and say, how about it?" I cast my gaze on Isshiki next to Xuexia, pinning her hope on her. Cooperate.

A color feather flashed through a complicated but helpless look.

——For a moment, I thought she might deliberately ignore my prompt.

But she finally cooperated with me.

"Well, senior Yukoshita, leave the business to me first."

"In that case, that's okay," Xuexia nodded and said to Isshi. "Then trouble Isshiki."

She stood up, shook her head slightly, then, regaining her usual calm tone, turned around and said to me, "It's okay, then Yubihama, let's go!"

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Here is a reminder of the timeline setting. For the sake of a coherent plot, I will skip it first, otherwise it will be too slow.In addition, I found that I had returned to school as a research monk in only four days, and I didn't want codewords in my laziness...


Chapter Three: After the problem is solved, a new enemy strikes

Of course, my goal is not to let Xuexia tell me how to "monitor" the light music club.How to use the opportunity of "surveillance" to achieve my dual purpose is more clear to me than Xuexia.Yukinoshita also knew this, so when she came to the classroom door, she just leaned against the wall, folded her hands on her chest, and looked at me quietly.

"Your state is not right, Minister."

"There is nothing wrong, my energy and motivation are at their peak now, but you are Yuihama, are you ready to monitor it?"

"You know, Senior Xuexia," I changed my name to Xuexia, hoping that she would pay more attention to what I said, "I am not someone like Qigu who doesn't want to say even if you observe something wrong with you. I am not the one who sees your problem but dare not say it. You have a problem, as you can tell from the time you just dealt with Director Iizuka, you can solve this problem in a calmer way. , Isn't it?"

"I'm just using the most efficient way to solve the problem. Even if I don't act calmly, it's because I judge that using this kind of non-calm way can best help me achieve my goal, nothing more." Xue He took a breath and replied fluently.

"Is this really the case?" I looked at Xuexia, and the confidence in her eyes made me feel for a moment that everything she said was true.

Xuexiaxuena can't lie. If she does lie, it can only prove that even she herself has believed the lie.Just like a psychological suggestion, when she keeps repeating these lies to herself, she will also believe in the illusion that she has woven for herself.

Of course there is still a chance to make her realize her stupidity now.

This practice of staring at others comes from the predecessor Xiao Muzhen. In the past, when I told some lies that made me feel ridiculous, the predecessor Xiao Muzhen used this kind of speechlessness, but it seems that I can see through all the hypocritical silence. His eyes made me surrender.

Finally, Xuexia tilted his head and turned his head.

"The pressure is a bit high, but it is still within the controllable range." She said softly.This should be the most concessionary gesture that she can show, who has been trying her best.After all, with her personality, when she actively asks for help, it is when she admits defeat, but how can she give up?

"If you can't support it, Minister Yukoshita, then I will interfere, not only to achieve my own goals, but also to give other people an explanation. At that time, whether it is through Isshiki or I will do it myself. , You have no chance to reject me, do you understand what I mean?"

"I won't give you this opportunity." Xuexia raised his eyebrows and said proudly.

"Of course. However, subjectively, you don’t want to give me this opportunity, and objectively, will you give me this opportunity? These are two different things. You should understand what I mean? When necessary, if you don’t have me With help, everything will get out of control." I also looked at Xuexia with confidence.

She and I looked at each other for a long time.

I have to say that even if the character is not so good at getting along with people, Yukoshita has a generally high influence among boys, because she is indeed a pretty beautiful girl.Even though she is slightly tired, her long straight black hair still looks like it has been carefully managed, naturally draped over her shoulders. The impeccable facial features are fascinating, and her tightly pressed lips are even more impressive. Some feel inviolable.Perhaps it was also because of the recent pressure that her slender figure even seemed a little thinner, which added a slightly sickly beauty.And this beauty is in sharp contrast with her reluctant expression, showing strength in illness.And after staring at her, her dark blue pupils looked deeper than before, just like lake water, which is easy to indulge in.

The usual venomous, arrogant, Yukoshita Yukino, who looked at everyone with a look of sentient beings, even though she is struggling to hold on now, the tiredness and weakness that unconsciously reveals, this sharp contrast, It brought her a thrilling beauty.

If this is the case for Xuexia Xueno to participate in the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao, maybe I would really hesitate between choosing her or choosing Senior Xiao Muzhu.

"If, if I can't persist, what you are willing to do is your freedom." A blush flashed across his pale face, and Xuexia said in a very soft voice.

That kind of weak, some help-seeking voice made me cheer.

However, just like an illusion, the blush on her face only flashed away, and Yukino's weakness still wouldn't stay for more than a second.

"However, I am even more suspicious. At that time, would you be able to stick to it yourself." She said with a slightly joking smile.

"Of course, if I can't hold on to that time, I won't say this to you, Minister."

"There is no need to call me the minister in the future. The Ministry of Service is now suspended. My specific identity is the executive chairman."

"But is there any difference between the title of the chairman and the minister?"

"Xuexia or Senior Xuexia can be used as minister or chairperson. Don't you think it is too much like a subordinate at work?"

"But aren't we the subordinates at work?"

"The concept is different." Xuexia's cold gaze glanced at me, causing me to shiver.

This is the first time, I can't understand what Yukinoshita is trying to say.Yuukixia, whose every move is so easy to understand, has become unpredictable, so it's not easy!

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When Xuexia and I returned to the executive committee classroom, many executive committee members cast sympathetic glances at me.They probably think that I, someone who dared to have a one-on-one conversation with the executive chairman when she was angry, was definitely a rare brave man.

Probably for this reason, I also saw a few third-year executive members showing me grateful and gentle smiles-maybe considering that I let the executive chairman down, then they won’t be so next. Isn't it difficult?

But objectively speaking, the dialogue between me and Xuexia did indeed have such an effect.In the process of arranging the documents, Xuexia's mouth was still slightly smiling.

Was it because the upcoming duel with me aroused her fighting spirit and caused her to recover?

——Probably like this, right?

However, Xuexia's state did not last long, but was quickly interrupted by an unexpected guest who suddenly appeared.

"Hoop!" With that charming but boring smile, it was Yukoshita Yono who opened the door of the classroom.

Almost immediately responding to this situation, Yukoshita stood up immediately, but she sat down quickly.Waiting almost ignorantly for her sister to walk to her seat.

"Xuno-chan's reaction to her sister is so cold!" Xue Xia Yang Nai stretched out her hand, as if he was about to rub Xue Xia's hair.

Of course, her move was quickly interrupted by Xuexia.

"What are you doing?"

"Yah, yeah, Yukino-chan is really annoying! I only came here after I heard about the recruitment of aspiring groups! The rare Sou Takega's grand cultural festival, my sister, as a graduate of Sou Takega, is also curious As it should be?"

"to be frank!"

"My elder sister missed Xue Nao-chan. I heard that Xue Nao-chan has become the chairman of the executive committee. Of course, I should help Xue Nao-chan a little bit more. I came here specially for Xue Nao-chan! But now I am so disgusted by Xue Nao-chan. My sister is very sad too!"

"To be honest." Xuexia continued to repeat his words coldly and unchangingly.

"To be honest, it’s because I met Xiao Xun on the road. Xiao Xun said he was also worried, the number of aspiring groups is not enough, and that would be a little troublesome? So, in the principle of helping you, I'm here! It won't bother you to engage in a wind band or something, right?"

"Well, that, I'm sorry, Xuexia," the chairman of the city who was in charge of external liaison work, who had been working in the student union office before, also hurried over at this time. He probably understood the situation here and prepared to serve Xuezhi. The next sisters make a round, "Senior Yang Nai is indeed my problem. But Senior Yang Nai is also very good. When I was in the third grade, I had a wind band or something. If the light music club is really not judged, the culture It’s always embarrassing to have no band performing at the festival, so I say—"

"I know that kind of thing, and I watched it back then--" Xuexia interrupted in a little annoyance, and stopped speaking weakly.