My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 224

Only the long-speaking president of Cheng Ye left a smile that didn't know how to continue.

"Well, if Yukino-chan feels that her level at that time is not good, well, it is indeed a bit close, but this year, my sister is very serious, not just for fun. After all, this cultural festival, The chairman is my dearest sister--" After she finished speaking, she glanced at the Yishi next to Xuexia, and then added playfully, "Ah, sorry, one of the chairman is my favorite. My dear sister."

Even if it was just looked at by Xuexiayangna, Isshi still trembles subconsciously, revealing a reluctantly flattering smile, and patted his face again, slapped his embarrassment.

"My sister just thinks it's fun anyway, it's always...the problem is..." Xuexia tried to make words and sentences, as if trying to express some obvious offensive vocabulary towards his sister, but he was scrupulous about the public. Don't dare to speak on occasion.

"But I can attend, right? Now, Xue Nao-chan?"

"What if I say no?"

"Oh, that's no way, but I really want to know the reason! It would be best if Yukino-chan can give me a convincing explanation to relieve my sister's feeling of loss."

"Um, Yukoshita, the aspirational group itself is not that sufficient, if necessary—"

"--But in the final analysis, sister's show is unnecessary, right?"

"Why don't you say it's unnecessary? Isn't your sister's show that you look down upon?"

"Um," Xuexia hesitantly rubbed his fingers, and then glanced at me with some hesitation, "Sister Guigen--"

"--Ah, this is, um, brother Yubihama? It's been a long time!"

When Xuexia's gaze unexpectedly turned towards me, I almost subconsciously took a step back.But I obviously didn't learn Biqigu's stealth skills, and Yukoshita Yono's eyes quickly fixed on me.

"Well, let me think about it. The last time I met was at the fireworks festival! Brother Yuihama at that time left a deep impression on me! Do you remember our agreement? Of course, you must remember it, because if you don’t remember, my sister will be troubled too, right?"

In the case of insufficient preparation, I am unwilling to talk to Yukoshita Yono. After all, there are too many traps in this guy’s words. If she accidentally catches a loophole in the conversation, he will be chased. You can't get back to heaven after hitting.

"Although it feels like I have done something! But it is not enough! But it is understandable. After all, it is not to that level, is it?" Yukoshita Yonoi looked at me with a smile.

I felt Yukino Yukino’s confused and suspicious gaze—even if he didn’t speak, Yukino’s trap appeared. With such misunderstanding words, Yukino had already doubted me— —I wonder if I conspired with her sister and did something against her.

"Of course, we all know that this is for Xue Nao-chan — by the way, Xue Nao-chan, what you said just now, what is the bottom line?"

This person is just like being on his own home court, somewhat unscrupulously changing the topic and the role of dialogue, making everyone unwilling, but forced to dance under her leadership.

I felt Xuexia's strange look at me again.

However, before I could realize the meaning of this gaze, Xuexia had already spoken.

"The reason for rejecting my sister... is very simple. If the performance of my sister's pipe band cannot exceed the performance of the student's club, based on the principle of Ningque not overrun, there is no need to let aspiring groups that are not as good as students' performance come in.

"In that case, Xue Naojiang is very confident in Zong Wu Gao's student club?"

"Yeah," Xuexia gritted his teeth as if he had made up his mind, and finally nodded, "I am very confident about the light music club."

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Chapter 4: Strategies for Early Change

"Xuno-chan, will you have confidence in that light music player? But the previous tour didn't tell me that. I feel that there are some errors in the information collection of my sister!" Yukoshita Yono showed a playful face on his face. Smile.

"This, I did mention that Xuexia classmates may exclude the light music club from the final performance list. However, I don't know exactly what Xuexia classmate himself thinks--" Cheng Yinghui Chang explained anxiously, not knowing whether to explain to Xuexia Yangna or to Xuexia Xueno himself.

"Let Yuhihama observe the light music clubs, not to create trouble for the light music clubs, but to use him to supervise the light music clubs to properly achieve their goals, that's all. In the final analysis, the executive committee should not be the mission Do you try to support every club so that they can perform best?" Xuexia lowered his head, not looking at her sister or me.

Strictly speaking, she betrayed.She did not lie, and every word she said was not a yellow flower.Let me monitor the light music conference, of course, not deliberately creating trouble for the light music club, but just to give me a space where I can play a better role-how many articles I can do is up to me of.Of course, the mission of the executive committee is to support the club, and this club also includes the light music club, which is true.

However, the combination of these words has formed a huge lie-the problem with this lie is that Yukino Yukino's attitude towards light music clubs.

Now her speech is undoubtedly speaking in the direction of supporting the light music club’s performance at the cultural festival-in order to prevent Yukoshita’s pipe band from appearing, she will do everything she can to support light music. Tonghaohui.And this is not entirely consistent with my purpose-that is to say, even if the Light Music Club cannot achieve her set goals, she will let the Light Music Club's programs pass the review.Because she has tied herself and the society on the same front.

This is undoubtedly a betrayal, a betrayal of my cooperation with her.

When she said this, the hesitant look she casted at me was probably because she had realized her betrayal, right?

"Sa, if this is the case, then there is nothing we can do!" Yukoshita's expression did not change, still the kind of smile that made people feel false, but still can't be disgusting-this kind of smile is not at all. Because her proposal was rejected, she changed, "I originally wanted to help Xue Nao Jiang, but Xue Nao Jiang is really a good independent child, and she doesn't need help from her sister, right?"

And Yukoshita herself, who seemed to have won the battle of Yukoshita Yono, looked like a wounded lion, raising her head angrily for a while, as if she wanted to bite her sister, but she Finally lowered his head.

Only President Cheng Yu stood awkwardly between the two of them: "In fact, I only noticed that the number of aspiring groups may not be enough, but if Yuukixia has opinions, there is nothing to do, but—"

"——The problem of aspiring groups, I will solve it, the president don’t worry."

At that moment, I noticed that Xuexia's tone returned to the tired and indifferent tone of today when the executive committee meeting just started.

"Well, okay, student Xuexia, don't try too hard, Caiyu can help you too!" President Cheng Ye shook his head helplessly, glanced at Isshiki next to Xuexia, and said.

"--But my sister really doesn't want to give up!" However, just like a big demon, Xuexiayangna interrupted again, fearing that the world would not be chaotic.

"Didn't you say that your sister's performance is redundant?"

"But Xue Nai-chan only said that he has confidence in the light music club’s performance, isn’t it? Confidence doesn’t mean that the light music club will definitely pass the review. If the light music club fails to pass the review, doesn’t the sister’s performance have a chance? Is it done? So I can practice beforehand, right? By the way, light music players will sing, so should I also find a singer?"

"If it's practice, it's up to you. This is your freedom and I have no right to interfere."

"Well, that's fine! Then I'll come and have a look again in a few days-Oh, brother Yubihama, maybe you will be nagging in a few days, after all, you are the one who is directly responsible for observing the light music club. Just ask Xue Nai-chan directly, maybe I will be blamed by Xue Nai-chan again. It's more reliable to contact you directly, isn't it?"

"I think I may not be able to give you a satisfactory answer, Senior Xuexia."

"It's still such a distant name. At this time, you still have to keep your distance. I should say, brother Yuihama, are you smart or too cautious? But -" Yukoshita Yono's voice turned very High, very long arc, "——This kind of look is not annoying."

That feeling, like the excitement that a hunter had when facing a rare but difficult-to-catch prey, made the whole person burn, making me shudder.

"By the way, who is the position on the left of Xue Nao Jiang? How come I haven't seen it, it should be an important member of the executive committee, right?"

"Go back to class."

"Tsk tusk, aren't you pissing off with Xue Naojiang?"

"She is not qualified to be angry with me."

"Yah, yeah, Yukino-chan is too confident here. You should calm down with brother Yuihama's current emotions." Yukoshita Yonoyo stretched out and said casually that everyone present could not Coping words.

"Then, that's it, I will harass you in a few days, brother Yubihama. Also, don't let Yukino-chan let me down too much!"

Ignoring the surprised and dissatisfied gaze of everyone present, it was as sudden as when she appeared, and there was no sign of Xuexia Yangna's departure.

She did not stay in the classroom for too long, however, the impact on everyone present was unusual.

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I will not take the initiative to ask Xuexia to explain her betrayal.Of course, if she took the initiative to ask me to apologize, then I would understand her approach, and then completely parted ways with her-unable to achieve my goals through the power of the executive committee, at least, with the help of Ishiki, I now get observers Identity is enough for me to play my role.