My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 225

This time, Yukino Yukino underneath was the same as when she made a mistake before, and her judgment was influenced by her hostility towards her sister.I originally thought that the conversation between me and Yukoshita would somewhat restore her calmness, but she was obviously not good at dealing with her sister.Under the stated coldness, deep in her heart was panic and confusion, otherwise she would not seem to calmly make the decision to tie herself and light music to the same boat.

Her current absolute dominance in the executive committee is based on Isshiki’s obedience to her, and Isshiki’s compromise with Xuexia is the result of my persuasion—and my goal is to talk to a light music session. It is Haru Kitahara.Her approach put her in direct opposition to me.Of course, she can continue to use the reputation that Yishi wants to win over Yishi-this seems to have little effect on the result.However, she still couldn't fully understand the complicated thoughts in Yihuhuiyu's mind.

The parting ways with me may lead to the downfall of her deeper "domination", I believe she didn’t know-but she still did it, as if she was just for anger with her sister. Did it.

This has further proved my judgment-under the sensibility of snow, there will be one's own fate, and I cannot always maintain the most accurate judgment of my behavior.Behavior that is not completely under my control is meaningless.

Therefore, from now on, I cannot expect my goals to be "cooperation" from anyone else.What I want to do is to make everyone act in accordance with the behavior I expect.

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I did not join Yukoshita and Isshiki as before, and finally left the executive committee classroom.

Together with the other executive committee members, after finishing my work, I left on time-I can feel that when I left, whether it was under the snow or Isshiki, I looked at me.But none of them stopped me.This is a wise judgment. The problem I am facing right now is not something they can solve by apologizing to me.

The first time I left the classroom, I sent an email to Dongma Hesha.

"As soon as possible, next to the second music room on the stairs leading to the roof, I need to meet you." Although it is a bit rude, if it is Dongma Hesha, she should understand my thoughts.

Sure enough, Dongma and Sa did not let me wait for too long-although her expression in front of me was still dissatisfied as always.

"If you can smile a little when you meet me, I will be very happy. After all, as a partner, being able to show a friendly expression when talking is more important than anything, right?"

"Do you know that the email you sent me was almost seen by that guy. Also, using this tone of voice to call me out of the first music room, I can not get angry with you, it is already a miracle Do you know?" Dongma Hesha put his arms around his chest, leaning on the handrail of the stairs, lowered his voice, but wanted to growl.

"So I didn't call you. If I called, it was probably not "almost discovered" but a completely exposed problem, right? In addition, if you can rush over in such a timely manner, it shows that you can also realize What I am looking for is an important thing."

"Probably? I probably understand what you are going to say." Dongma and Sa raised his eyebrows and said, "You are coming over to monitor us? On the executive committee, are you really influential?"

"Director Iizuka has conveyed this news to you? But here I will ask one more question. According to what you said earlier, Kitahara-senior is in the first music room. This time, why didn't he go with Yukoshita himself? What about negotiations?"

"How do I know? I remember that guy said to the minister,'This time there is no big problem. I have agreed with the student council president, just to go for a cutscene. And you should also say something to Xuexia If you want to resolve the contradiction,' the Minister finally passed by helplessly. I don’t know what the conflict between the Minister and Yukoshita really is, but Chun-uh, Kitahara doesn’t need to go to deal with these troublesome things. It saves me a little bit. His guitar level is really bad. If you don't hurry up and practice, you won't be able to perform at the cultural festival."

"——From my point of view, this is something we love to hear, do you understand this?"

"But from my point of view, this is very troublesome!"

"But it's enough to seek common ground while reserving differences. Of course, our goals are not exactly the same, but we at least have similar goals. This is a good thing-the next question, Senior Xiao Muzhen, what will happen to you in light music recently?"

"Speaking of Xiao Muzhen," Dongma and Sa showed a hesitant expression, "You know, I am not good at dealing with Xiao Muzhen, and as a singer, she should actually be the easiest one. Her singing level is pretty good. , The problem now is that Beiyuan’s progress is too slow, so she has almost no chance to cooperate with us. When we practiced, she also watched by the side, um, thinking about something-of course, occasionally she also has someone to go to Kara OK practice. Probably that's it. Then there is something like that guy keeps saying, "I feel very sorry, Xiao Muxiao classmate", and then Xiao Muxiao keeps explaining "Nothing"."

"Are you dissatisfied?" I joked and looked at Dongma Kazuya.

"I believe you didn't come to me to say these things." She raised her head and retorted-this surprised me a bit. Even if she was grumpy like winter horse and yarn, she had already learned some countermeasures at this time. Up.

"Then let’s get to the point. Let’s put it this way, Senior Dongma, I will be an observer of this light music club. My goal is simple-as long as I still have the position of this observer, and I’m sure I won’t have it in a short time. The possibility of being replaced-my goal is to prevent light music fans from being on the stage of cultural festivals."

With some enjoyment, I watched Dongma and Sa's expression from disdain at the beginning, to annoyance afterwards, to anger, and finally to mockery.

"So, you must be wondering, why should I tell you this purpose?"

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Chapter 5: Make a new start

"It's not because of the stupid reason that the two of us have a cooperative relationship?" Dongma and Sa said cautiously.Her hands were rubbing uncomfortably, showing her uncertainty.

"Of course not, of course, in fact, the reason for telling you is also very simple. I can no longer achieve my purpose." I spread my hands and replied.

This is indeed a big truth. In a sense, my position is consistent with that of the predecessors Kitahara.He once tried to place the chess piece Sagami Minami so that he could interfere with the position of the executive committee-but when Yukoshita Yukino quelled the conflict with Isshiki as quickly as possible, the chess piece of Sagami disappeared. After the utility, Kitahara Haruki could not find a good enough alternative.No society is willing to let the members of the executive committee "monitor" himself for preparations, but he has no choice but to let Minister Iizuka come forward and avoid his direct appearance is also a way of knowing that he has no other better plan to choose from. Time's helpless move.

The same is true for me. My influence on the executive committee first came from Yishiyu, and then from the transaction with Xuexia. However, when I actively suppressed the influence of Yishiji on the executive committee, I chose to fully support Xuexia. When it came down, once Xuexia adopted a plan that didn't meet our agreement, I couldn't do anything.

I trust Yukino too much. This is the biggest mistake I made before. Because of the stimulation of my sister, in order to make a meaningless proof to my sister, I abandoned our cooperation plan without authorization— —At first glance, it doesn't seem like the style of Xuexia, but she did so, which makes me actually in a very passive state now.

"The reason why I said that my original goal could not be achieved is because the current executive committee chairman is on your side—of course, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that the executive committee chairman will listen to Haruki Kitahara’s instructions, but refers to it. Yes, because of some special circumstances, the executive committee chairman must allow the light music club’s performance to pass. Therefore, as long as you prepare to the level you should have, I will not be able to interfere with you."

"Listening to the minister, the hostility of the executive committee to the clubs of the Light Music Club is not small! Why did he suddenly change his mind?"

"Everyone will have their own fate-your luck is good, the executive committee has just met his nemesis, so it's a little messy, right?"

Dongma and Sha nodded.

"--Of course, if even that guy was the result of Kitahara-senior’s plan, then I guess I would have conceded to Kitahara-senior’s plan. But I think it should not. The two will have an intersection, but I don’t believe that. People will have simple minds that are used by Harunuki Kitahara."

"Who is that person?" Dongma and Sa's even showed a wary expression.

"Do you want to know?"

I suddenly realized a problem. Judging from the family background of Senior Kitahara, although he has nothing to do with the original family now, it does not rule out his connection with the family of Xuexia, who is also a wealthy family.If it were those two people, in order to achieve their respective goals and form a tacit consensus, it might be possible.

——I hope I think too much, right?No matter what vague and strange means Yukoshita would use to "mouse" and influence Yukoshita's Yuuna, I can see through one of her essence: she is a big sister.She might not like Yukoshita's current way of controlling the executive committee, but she definitely didn't want her sister to be another demon's puppet.Therefore, Yukoshita Yono will not fully cooperate with Kitahara Haruki and fight against his sister.

"I don't want to know. For me, that guy just needs to practice the guitar well, and then be able to appear on the stage before the show." Touma Kazuya bit her lip, although she may indeed be against Xuexiayang Nai was curious about her identity, but she did her best to make an indifferent expression.

Are you not frank until now?There is really no way!

"In short, because you have been unable to achieve your goal, you might as well confess your previous thoughts to me, so that you can get more or less of my favor, right?"

"Actually, Senior Dongma, are you stupid? Of course the talented pianist is not stupid, he is very quick in thinking!"

"So, what can you do with me now?"

"It's very simple," I looked at Dongma Kazuya who was holding his chest in both hands, "I ask you to resist my'surveillance'."

"Resist your'surveillance'?"

"This is normal, right? Just like the emperor sent civil servants or eunuchs to supervise the army during the war in ancient China, it is impossible for people like me to be supported by insiders from the beginning, right? Your personality should have been the person who most violently opposes my joining in the light music club. It should be said that if you don't boycott me, other people will become suspicious, right?"

"Is this image in your heart?"

"Senior Dongma and Sa, please do not look at this matter with personal emotions, otherwise I will find it very troublesome-if someone other than me monitors the light music club, you can guarantee yours. Isn’t the first choice to protest? I think whether it’s senior Kitahara or Xiaomushu, are they actually ready to appease you?"

Touma and Sa shook her hand in irritation. For a while, she seemed to be leaving, but, as she had done many times before, she just moved her steps and then stopped coldly.

"I'm not arguing with you about this matter. You ask me to resist your surveillance, which is reasonable, but what is your purpose? Is it to give up this position under my resistance?"

"Of course not. Although Chairman Xuexia is on your side now, the method of arranging observers is a proposal that she agrees with. She will not do these self-defeating things, even if I do not come to be the monitor, She will bite the bullet and switch to another person, right?"

"Then you did this just to let me prove that I had no other contact with you before to avoid suspicion?"

"Of course this is also a purpose, but it is not the most important purpose. I should have told you-Senior Dongma, the cooperation between us is absolutely mutually beneficial. It is absolutely mutually beneficial for you to make this gesture. It's helpful to you."

"Yuhihama, are you very good at haunting people?"