My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 226

Uh, it seems that playing mystery makes the other party tired. Dongma and Sa are awkward people, but her requirements for other people are really straightforward!

"Let’s talk about the final conclusion! After you boycotted me, Senior Dongma, I will never listen to your'boycott', and even I will show a more unconvinced attitude—at that time, you just have to say "Yuhihama is here, I can’t calm down and prepare well." It’s okay to go home? Of course it doesn’t mean you leave all your work and go home, but it means you go home and prepare for the show—I Think, in the house of the famous pianist Dong Ma Yaozi, there is no room for a large enough performance room, right? The school is a public place, I can stay in the first music room unscrupulously, but if I go back to your own At home, I don’t have the guts to break into a private house, do I?"

"What you are going to do next, you should also understand. You are not there, no one else can be responsible for guiding Senior Kitahara, so Senior Kitahara must follow you back to your home as well—"

"——You just arranged that guy to go to my house like this?"

"What's wrong, don't you want it?"

"It's not impossible." Dongma and Sa stomped their feet, and said with a bit of thought, "Go on."

"You also said that at least for a short period of time, before Kitahara's guitar level reaches a certain level, he will not be able to participate in the cooperation with Xiao Mu Xiao, so Xiao Mu Xiao is just watching your practice for a while. There’s not much to do. Plus, you always need one or two people to deal with my nasty inspector—"

"——So, according to your idea, you have time to be alone with Xiaomu Yu Xuecai, is that right?"

"To be honest, the time spent alone with Senior Xiaomushu may not be a good thing for me now. The main effect of this plan is to reduce the time spent together between Senior Kitahara and Senior Xiaomushu - and, in contrast, increase your and him alone. Time to get along. Of course, I don’t know what you think of Kitahara-senpai. If you feel embarrassed about being alone with him, we may be able to discuss an alternative method—"

"——At this time, I pretended to be innocent."

"Just in case!" I smiled gently, "How about, Senior Dongma, I said, the cooperation plan I proposed has always been a win-win plan."

"As you said, this plan is indeed a win-win plan," Dong Ma lowered his head. "But the question is, if I do this, will that guy think I have an attempt or something, um, I There are indeed some thoughts, but it shouldn’t be the case. Does that guy think my behavior is a bit deliberate, er, no, in short, Yuhihama, do you understand what I mean?"

Of course I understand--I certainly understand, but Haruki Kitahara may not understand.After all, your posture in front of him is really terrible, and he guessed that he would really treat this approach of yours as pure resistance to me.

Of course, I can be sure with you that if he really understands your intentions, not only will he not be dissatisfied with your intentions, but he will probably be very happy?

After all, that guy’s goal has always been you!

Although letting Dongma Hesha do this, there is always a feeling of sending sheep into the tiger's mouth, but considering that Dongma Hesha sheep itself wants to be eaten by the predecessors of Kitahara, there is no problem, right?

"Then I will be a bigger villain then?" I shrugged and said, "In a domineering posture that you who know the truth hate—believe me, I'm good at doing this—make everyone You feel that I can’t bear it, and then you choose to leave. At this time, you don’t need to ask Mr. Beiyuan to follow you. You just need to pick up and leave. At that time, you don’t need to invite you, Mr. Beiyuan will follow you. You, either stopped you, or walked with you. In short, he would definitely not leave you alone. You can estimate this, right?"

"At that time, as long as you are determined to leave, he can only leave with you, and then you can agree with your usual impatient attitude-I think you have to show that Isn’t it easy to be familiar with this look? Even I suspect that you don’t have to deliberately act when the time comes. Naturally, you will do it, right?"

Dongma and Sa ignored my last teasing, her slender eyes stared at me carefully, as if trying to find a trace of a lie in my eyes-of course she obviously couldn't find it.

"It's okay, so let's make the decision? Are you coming here tomorrow and falling out with you on the first day, or should you wait a few more days?"

"Wait a few more days? I try my best to behave reasonably. Otherwise, it will be easy for Senior Kitahara to realize that I was deliberate. It is also very important to strike a balance between the two, isn't it?"

"Hey, although it seems a bit bad to ask," After struggling for a long time, Touma Kazuya asked me, "I know you don't like Beiyuan, and I know you don't want Beiyuan to approach Xiaomushu. But if that guy is true If you like Xiao Muyan--"

"——Senior Dongma, I really like you too! Do you believe it?"

"Yuhihama, don't make some jokes!"

"No, no, this is not a joke. Senior Dongma is a very beautiful girl, even among the girls I have seen, you can be considered as the top three, so if it is because of simple boys to girls "Appreciation" angle-this is an elegant way of saying that, in a bad way it is a "possessive" angle. I do "like" you. But if I come to pursue you now, you will feel that I am a fan Does it make any difference if Director Tsuka comes to pursue you?"

"If you dare to do this, I will kick you away."

"Now that you understand my attitude, then you should also understand Senior Beiyuan's attitude towards Senior Xiao Muzhen."

"But that's that guy. He shouldn't be so bad. If that's the case, based on his terms, wouldn't it be easy to have a girlfriend before?"

"Why can't you understand that it's because Senior Kitahara has higher requirements for girls? Ordinary girls, he doesn't like it?"

"Of course, I admit that I have a prejudice against Senior Kitahara, and I also admit that I may misunderstand some of his ideas, but if some of the'misunderstandings' of Senior Kitahara become the truth, then I will be very embarrassed." I continued.

"But you are creating conditions for me and him."

"Because Senior Dongma, don't you like him? You have liked him from a very early age. What's so bad? And from the perspective of protecting Senior Xiaomu, isn't it a good thing for you to be with Senior Kitahara?"

"It always feels like what you said is pushing me into a fire pit."

"Look at your understanding. If you really believe Kitahara Haruki, you won't change your impression because of my prejudice against him?"

"Of course, I believe in Kitahara, um, I believe in that guy."

"Isn't this done? I repeat, mutual benefit, this is the basis of our cooperation!"

"Mutual benefit." Dongma and Sha chewed on these words several times, not knowing what they were thinking.

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Chapter 6: Sugiura Koharu seems to be back in time

When Dongma and Sa calm down, she is a good communicator.She is a smart person, a talented genius in one aspect, and often not good at other aspects. This is not uncommon.But there is only one thing that cannot be denied, that is, geniuses with talents. These people's brains must be flexible enough.

Therefore, in a dialogue with such a person, just tell them the pros and cons, and all the problems will be solved. Although someone with a proud personality like Dongma and Sa will be very awkward and seem to dismiss your proposal, but the real When it comes to execution, she is often more attentive than those who easily agree to it.

Therefore, although she still looks cold, but I have every reason to believe that tomorrow's Dongma Hesha will be my ideal co-worker.

As for now, let her give her a period of time, let her express those emotions that she does not want to expose in front of other people!

I don't know if it was because of a habit. Before leaving school, I passed by the executive committee classroom.As in a long time, there were only two people left in the classroom without me.

Isshiki’s face was already showing some tiredness. Obviously she was ready to leave. Only Xuexia was still working tirelessly. She was aware of her betrayal to me, and she should also help me now. Various possible retaliation plans are made. If she really treats me as always, I think she will do it.

Soon, Yishi picked up his schoolbag, said hello to Xuexia, glanced around, sighed, and prepared to leave.

Xuexia just nodded lightly, pressed his temples, and continued to write something on his paper.

When I was going out, I deliberately avoided her. Actually, this was not necessary, but I didn't want to let Ise disrupt my steps while my current plan was in progress.She will not let go of any such opportunity-I don't hate this, but relatively, when necessary, I need to avoid this situation.

In the end, I didn’t wait until Xuexia left. This happened before. President Cheng Ye would come to observe and persuade Xuexia to leave. At that time, Xuexia would nod obediently and would not be willing to meet with the chairman. Leave the classroom quickly in a conflict.But today, the president did not show up. Maybe she also had some troubles on her side, so she didn't pay too much attention to the situation here, right?Either explain the situation with Xuexiayangna, or try to find a replacement for Xuexiayangna's aspiring group.

However, when I left the school and saw the thin figure hovering at the school gate, I felt that I understood the reason why the chairman of the city did not appear.

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It was a month since the last time I had a conversation with Koharu Sugiura—to be honest, it was not a long time.However, it has been a long, long time since the last time I walked with her casually like this and walked to an unknown place together-the last time I did this, maybe almost a year ago.

This happens almost naturally.

"Senior, Yubihama-senior, can we walk back together?"

"Ah, um, good."

In the simplest dialogue, the girl throws out an invitation, and the boy agrees. This is the case.

In fact, there is no other choice in this dialogue.Xiaochun obviously waited for me at the school gate for a long time.I waited for a long time, until almost all the people in the school were gone, but still did not give up, lowered her eyes, pleaded with me in a low posture-she has made it clear: Although this is a request, but you have nothing There is room for rejection.