My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 227

I know this, and she knows that I know it.Therefore, it only takes such a simple conversation to lead to such a simple result.

With the jumping-like footsteps peculiar to middle school girls, Xiaochun walked in front of me-for a moment, I felt that if she could stand on the steps of the guardrail with one foot, turn around 360 degrees, and use it condescendingly. I looked at me with my big eyes, and said, "Senior, you have something on your mind" in the tone of the younger generation to the senior, I don't feel surprised.

Of course, if it was the previous Xiaoharu who was my girlfriend, she would indeed have done so. However, the current Xiaoharu Sugiura is learning the Yukino Sugiura.

Perhaps because of her nosy character, she would never be able to learn the loneliness of Xuexia.But, at least, she was no longer the kind of person who would show the innocent eyes of a middle school student.

"The last time I was very grateful to Yubihama-senpai. If Senpai didn't do anything, the result might be really bad." She and I communicated with each other.

"I wanted to help, so I did it, and you handled it well at the time. No one thought of the student union accountant-sorry I don't remember her name."

"Jizi, Jinyuan Jizi."

"Yes, that's the person whose name looks so casual that it doesn't look like a boss. No one thought that she would stabbed you inside. I originally thought that Asada planned it alone, but I didn't expect someone from the student union to help. Outsiders are here to frame you--that guy is only first grade, even when he was in first grade in our country--"

"——It is said that Yoshihama-senpai had already used a similar method to oust the former head of the football department when he was in the first year of junior high school and then took over power." Xiaochun said blankly.

Well, this Tucao is quite the demeanor of Xuexia's expressionlessly hitting the target.

"Ahem, it seems to be the case, but I always feel that boys should be better at playing these big conspiracies, and my style looks like the kind of person who can be a bad guy, and the Kamahara classmate, She really looks like a harmless little sheep-if her mind is so deep that she is definitely beyond me."

"I think Jizi doesn't actually have so many bad thoughts, just personally. She may be very ambitious and ideal, but if you say that she will plan that thing, I really don't believe it-although there is After that, Jizi was expelled from the student union, but I had an instinct that she didn’t want to do this subjectively.” Xiaochun bit her lip and said to me, “Of course this is purely my speculation. I didn’t even talk to Wei Nami. After all, I also know that if I let the one who was framed the worst say to forgive her or feel that she is not bad in nature, it would be a bit too sorry for the others who have always supported me."

"So, you told me about this, are you going to let me investigate the truth of the betrayal of the Kamahara classmate?"

"I just think I want to talk about it. After all," Xiaochun frowned. "If the end result is that I think too much, then I will still be very hurt. I really don't think that kid is a bad boy."

"If you want to study Xuexia, you shouldn't have this kind of thinking. For people who have threatened themselves, Xuexia generally has only two attitudes. It will become your own threat-if it is unavoidable to become your own threat, make defensive plans as much as possible to solve the problem."

——If I am not wrong, I should be the target of Xuexia's attitude.

"The other kind of people, if they threaten her only because of coincidence, her attitude is completely ignored-of course, this kind of coincidence will be considered by her afterwards. In short, she will not be like The same as you now, trying to prove something, trying to restore the truth of the so-called things-because the truth of the matter depends entirely on how you think. Even further, as a winner, the truth of the matter is completely determined How you do it."

I don't want Xiaochun to become a person like Xuexia, but somehow, I am teaching her how to develop in the direction of Xuexia. This is ironic.

Xiaochun speeded up and walked a few steps forward, not knowing whether he wanted to deliberately ignore what I said, or just thinking about his answer.

"Well, let's not talk about this question. You stayed here to wait for me, not to thank me for this one month ago, and then let me solve your doubts about that accounting student?"

"Of course not, I stayed because of something related to you—" Xiaochun raised her head angrily, met my eyes fiercely, and then lowered her head in embarrassment.

"Something about me?"

"That's right, what happened to the club you asked me to help out before? Today, when I was discussing the next cooperation plan with Senior Cheng Ye, she couldn't explain the problems of this club, so I was a little curious. This club , Should be able to participate in the cultural festival performance, right?"

"If you asked me this question in the morning, I will tell you that it is not necessarily, but now, it should be certain."

"So, can I understand it as, on this issue, I helped Senior Yubihama?"

I looked at Xiaochun in surprise.

"If I make any request, it is as if I am taking advantage of the danger, and if I do not agree, you should have other alternatives? Then, it is better to simply agree to it, although this is It's free, but it's always helping seniors once. It will be more convenient if you ask seniors later, isn't it?"

I remembered what she said.

"Don't worry," Xiaochun saw the doubts in my heart, shook his head, and said, "I won't have anything to ask of seniors, at least not now."

"Of course, actually—"

"--Actually, it was just because I was able to help seniors, so I suddenly felt that I was not that bad." Slowly, Xiaochun showed a very soothing and happy smile.Those eyes that looked particularly agile were wide open, and the ponytails on the back of his head were like dull hairs representing mood in the animation, constantly flicking on the Internet, shaking up and down regularly.

This girl, the girl who was defined by me not long ago "will no longer have the purity of middle school students" just smiled like this.

This made my conclusion to her at the beginning like a joke.

Moreover, her expression made me even more unable to tell the fact that although in terms of results, the purpose of the Light Music Club to participate in the cultural festival was achieved, but this has nothing to do with my plan, and it is also related to Xiaochun's Help has nothing to do.

However, I can't bear to say this fact, because when this fact is said, it means that something particularly pure is broken.

"So, this year's Miss Chief Wu Gao's competition should be very fierce, right? Since the light music club can be on stage, the senior Liu Yuan who had to persuade to return to the club must have gone back too, right? Senior Xiao Mushu, right? Do you have a big competitor?"

It feels that her misunderstanding is getting bigger and bigger, but the key problem is that at this point, I really can't tell the truth of the matter.

"Yuhihama-sen feels that if you compare Yanagihara-senpai and Ogisaki-senpai who participated in the show, who has the better chance of winning?"

"My personal inclinations are still predecessors Xiao Muzhu, but I don't know how influential the cultural festival performance is. After all, I haven't seen the light music club performance, so I can't evaluate its final result."

"This means that seniors are actually not so relieved of senior Xiao Muzhen, right?"

"I didn't say that."

I dealt with Xiaochun slightly flustered.Girls always have too much enthusiasm for this kind of gossip—even when facing opponents they see as potential targets.

"Actually, if you want, Senior, you can help Senior Xiao Muzhen, right? Don't you have enough say in the executive committee?"

"On this point, I think I know her character better than you, Senior Xiao Muzhen will not accept it."

"Ah!" Xiaochun stuck out her tongue.

This feeling made me want to reach out and touch her head like I did in the past.In the past, when we were stubborn and stubborn at the end, when she found that she couldn't argue with me, she would use this method to try to get through.

I reached out and finally withdrew it.

I saw the divine eyes that were staring at me again, and for a while, I was in a trance.

Yes, today's Sugiura Koharu gave me a strange feeling of going back to the past.

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Chapter Six Five: Intersection

Intersection: Information Mined Unconsciously

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"Then come here first, right?" Chief Wu Gao's Student Union Great Wall patted the documents in his hand, stroked his forehead hair, and said.

"Well, I don't think we have any problems here." The innocent girl with a hint of heroism with a capable single ponytail on the opposite side also nodded and stood up.

Girls in mixed countries are uniquely pure and serious, but they are more comfortable in doing things.From the first time I met her to the present, this girl has undergone earth-shaking changes in both her image and ability.The most intuitive feeling is that in the process of her cooperation, both parties have become more and more comfortable.

"However, Secretary Sugiura has always been in charge of liaison with Chief Wu Gao at Qingquan Middle School! Don’t you consider letting the second-year vice-chairman exercise something?” The cooperation with Qingquan Middle School went smoothly. Nai-sen's bad mood that was rejected by Yukoshita in the end became a little lighter, which also allowed her to make some innocuous jokes.

"I was responsible for the initial cooperation. Now it is somewhat inconvenient for others to take over." Xiaochun pursed his lips and replied seriously, "Everyone has no experience in this type of project. President Kimura needs to be in school. I’m sitting here, so it’s more reliable for me to personally take care of this kind of liaison work, right?"