My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 228

"But you see, Zong Wu Gao's liaison work has been entrusted to non-student council members for a while, and they did it well, right?"

"Several seniors in the Ministry of Service are indeed excellent people, but after all, the situation on our two sides is different. This phenomenon cannot be compared."

"Yes, I also know that the people in that club are very good people-but it is because they are too good, so there is really no way to change their minds when you are stubborn!" Xun could only sigh with helpless emotion in his heart for his decisive performance.If you just persuade other people, Xun can also solve it by his own way of easily letting others work in his arms, but now Yukino is like a hedgehog with full defense. To persuade her like this, Xun felt that he was still too naive.

Xiaochun's head tilted, and she glanced quietly over the document she was holding in her hands, but she didn't take the initiative to ask what happened.

"But by the way, it seems that some problems occurred in Qingquan Middle School some time ago, should they be resolved now?"

"Well, the pressure at that time was still quite high, but the cooperation during that time was not very busy. If you encounter this situation when the work starts to become complicated now, it will be a little tricky to deal with it. Of course, so far, Everything is on track." Xiaochun nodded and said.

"It is said that it was made by a first-year student?"

"From the current investigation, this is the case for the time being."

"Children nowadays are monsters! The first grade is able to do so many surprising things. It is also true on our side. Although the first grade of high school is different from the first grade of junior high school, like Caiyu, it is true now. Is ready to participate in the election of the student council president. Well, although it seems strange to say these things to Secretary Sugiura, after all, you should be called Xiao Caiyu'senior', right? Ah, probably because you have been on an equal footing with you. Communication, you have ignored your age unconsciously-well, this definitely does not mean that your age has become older!"

"It's nothing. In fact, if the president of the city can be considerate of me without paying too much attention to my age, I will feel very happy. This is also an aspect of my ability?"

"That's right," Cheng Wei inspector looked at Xiaochun with interest, "but middle school students still want to be a little bit like middle school students, right? Entering high school status early is not necessarily a good thing. , Youth is short—Wow, I feel like I’m a college student. Okay, I’ll be a college student in six months. It’s not impossible to enter this state in advance, but always I feel a little unwilling."

"But, President Cheng Ye, you will make this kind of mistake now, that means you are not as mature as a college student, don't you? College students, you won't have these verbal errors when chatting!"

"I was comforted by my three-year-old junior-fortunately I have already graduated after you enrolled in school, otherwise I would not be able to look up!"

"Well, I haven't decided to apply for Chief Wu Gao yet--"

"It's okay, it doesn't matter, Secretary Shanpu will definitely come to Chief Wu Gao in the future. Even if you are not sure now, you will be sure in the future, won't you?" The tour gave Xiaochun a meaningful look.

A blush flashed across Xiaochun's slightly serious face that had always been working.

"Well, that's how it feels like a middle school student! Otherwise, it will be too rigid when communicating with you, which is very troublesome."

"Well, this, um, when I work, I won't discuss my personal issues. Just the issue that the chairman of the city just mentioned, in fact, judging from my contact with Senior Isshiki, she is also very capable and wants to run. President of the student council, I think Senior Isshiki has his own consideration, right?"

"Actually, I am not against Caiyujiang's campaign. If there is no other more suitable person, Xiao Caiyu is a good candidate as long as he tempers a little bit. Of course, if there are other options, well, it seems that from now on. Other choices may not be so reliable." Xuanyu said vaguely. In fact, she has not communicated with anyone about the evaluations in her heart, but Xiaochun, as someone who has nothing to do with Zong Wu Gao, has not been Too much vigilance, and some carelessly speaking out some of the concerns in my heart.

"After the cultural festival is over, the new student council president will be elected, right?"

"According to the usual practice in previous years, this is the case."

"At that time, I will also prepare to apply for the school, maybe the new student council president will affect my choice of General Wu Gao!"

"Secretary Sugiura is a child with great potential. From your opinion, who is more suitable to be the president of the student council-I will support him."

"Senior Cheng Ye, are you kidding me?"

"Uh, I did say that I was happy and made a mistake. Please forget the previous conversation!"

Seeing that he was guilty of a small and confused city president from time to time in front of him, Xiaochun felt a little unimaginable. In the General Wugao where there are so many talented people, why would the student president be a city tour director? Such a sharp-edged man.

In order to conceal his embarrassment, Xiaochun replayed the schedule that he had just confirmed with the president to participate in the Qingquan Middle School Cultural Festival.

Later, she discovered a problem she had overlooked before.

"Zong Wu Gao's program schedule is two hours from three in the afternoon to five in the afternoon, but why does the program arranged by the president of the city end at 4:40 in the afternoon?"

"Hmm? Secretary Sugiura doesn’t know? This time is reserved for the light music club’s show you mentioned before? But because the situation of the light music club is a bit complicated, this program has not been fully approved so far, so it can only Leave a blank time here first. If you pass the review, you will fill it up. If you fail to pass the review, then this period of time will be returned to your club. I have heard that Qingquan Middle School is very looking forward to this program, so I specially Leave time for review of this program!"

"Well, this rumor also troubles our student union," Xiaochun frowned. She remembered the agreement with Heyan on this matter at the time. "We have never publicly stated this matter. If we With this kind of attitude, doesn’t it mean that we will undermine the self-confidence of our own school’s clubs? So when the rumors came out, we were also troubled, but they couldn’t solve it."

"Is that so? At that time, the Light Music Club had not been successfully reorganized! So I was surprised when the news came out, and I deliberately inquired about some sources, and I felt that it really came from your student union. , This makes me sure of this, so is there a problem?"

"Well," Xiaochun's legs trembled nervously, but in the end he remained calm. "During that time, because of other things, the time when this rumor was particularly prosperous was not long, so I didn't deliberately deny this rumor. ——To avoid appearing a little bit overwhelming, this is probably the reason why the information that the President of the City inquired is problematic?"

"Okay, but if there are problems in this area in the future, I still hope that you can discuss with us before considering solutions. After all, the rumor at that time also had an impact on our students, and the student union had to keep it. The restored light music club was incorporated into the performance plan of the cultural festival, which had a great impact on the time schedule at the time. Fortunately, the light music club has already started activities, otherwise this would be really too big an impact."

"I'm really sorry, there won't be such a situation in the future." Xiaochun seemed comfortable again, and sighed embarrassedly again.

"However, you don’t have to worry too much about the blank space. According to the current situation, it shouldn’t be a problem for the Light Music Club to be able to perform on stage. 1. The current executive chairman Xuexia is very supportive of the performance of the Light Music Club. With the help of Xuexia, there should be no problem, right?"

"Is Minister Yukinoshita of the Ministry of Service? She is now the executive chairman?"

"That's right, many members of the Ministry of Service are executive committee members, Higiya-san and Yuihama-san, um, the younger brother's Yuhihama is both."

"Of course, there is one more point. The reorganized light music club may be even more interesting than before! Two years later, one of the few musical geniuses in the history of Zou Wu Gao, Dongma and Sa Ready to re-enter the stage as a keyboard player, and now the most popular candidate for Miss Chief Wu Gao, Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai is a singer in this club. Although the guitarist is a little lacking, it is estimated that under the leadership of those two It's not a problem anymore."

"Senior Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai, is that a singer?" Xiaochun frowned.

"This show will also be performed in Qingquan Middle School, so I told you that it has little effect. Do you know classmate Xiao Muzhen? When I gave you the election information of Chief Wu Gao before, the Ministry of Information still specifically made her decision to participate in the election. A page shows the popularity of Xiao Muzheng in the school."

"Well, I've heard about this senior before, but just from the news I read before, Senior Xiao Muzhen, she doesn't seem to be a person who likes to show up in public, why this time will-- "

"It was the student Beiyuan who was in the light music club-well, he should have been recruited by the guitarist. Student Beiyuan is very good at doing this kind of thing, but we don’t know exactly how he does it. Of course, from the student union From the perspective of the executive committee, the more popular the program can attract students, the higher the probability of the program's success-the higher the probability of the successful holding of the cultural festival. We are happy to see this result. of."

"That's it! Actually, I was looking forward to Senior Xiaomushu's before, and even considered that on the day of the cultural festival of Sou Wu Gao, during the election of the Miss Shou Wu Gao, I came to appreciate the demeanor of Xiao Mu Shun, but now I can come to Qingquan I performed in high school, and the result could not be better." Xiaochun smiled softly and said.

"Xiao Muyan has fans of junior high school students?"

"Yeah, I've been yearning for Senior Xiao Muzhen for a long time!" Xiaochun nodded, showing a very sincere smile, "But that senior Beiyuan is also very good, isn't it? Can I pull senior Xiao Muzhen into a club to sing What."

"Uh, what Beiyuan-student said--" Xun gave a slightly awkward smile, "He is indeed very helpful to everyone. He is also a very reliable classmate."

"Yes, I think that senior should also be a very reliable senior!" Sugiura Koharu clenched the file in his hand, repeating the words of the city tour.

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Chapter 7: The subtle differences in understanding between siblings

The holding of a large-scale event is a process in which everyone enters an abnormal state. All previous trivial matters have to give way to the event itself, and everyone's focus is on the large-scale event.

The direct result of this situation is that the image of the people who organize and participate in these activities is extremely magnified. Everyone is holding a microscope to observe every move of the organizer, observing the words and deeds of the participants, and taking on a large scale. While the event has brought them greater visibility and exposure, they also have to take greater risks than usual.

This is true for the holding of cultural festivals, as far as the World Cup and the Olympic Games-a mistake can be nailed to the pillar of shame forever.Because the event is not only the event itself, but also the comparison with the previous event.

So there is a problem at this time. When holding an event, do you make no mistakes as much as possible-end with a plain but there is nothing to blame for the event, or take the risk-use one that may be criticized by others Yes, but there is a great chance that the end of the event will be even more praised.Undoubtedly, this choice depends on the character of the executive chairman-the perfectionist Minister Yukinoshita is definitely the latter.

Therefore, whether it is a sports festival or a cultural festival, she requires the ultimate excellence, which means persecuting everyone. In the sports festival that just ended, she has perfectly shown that everyone can't breathe. An angry but powerless command, now she is extending this command to cultural sacrifices.

What is certain is that in order to maintain this dictatorship, she must work harder than any other person, but even if she does, she can barely maintain this dictatorship.The panic brought to her by Yukoshita’s appearance was not only due to the person’s restraint on her sister, but also a possible threat to her dictatorship from unexpected factors. The panic caused by this.

The necessary ruling skills of the dictator, eliminate all opposition factors by all means, suppress all potential resistance measures by all means, and when the dictator's system matures, it can suppress the factors that threaten the dictator through the operation of the system itself .However, when an internally self-consistent system is interfered by strong external forces, the self-consistent system is actually easy to collapse.

Although Yukoshita quickly suppressed her sister's accident, the uncertain factor has already emerged, that is, my dissatisfaction with her choice. If my reaction is still within her expectations, Xiaochun learned Given this situation, and having a high degree of interest in this aspect, it completely exceeded her expectations.Of course, the current Xiaochun will certainly not pose a threat to Xuexia's dictatorship, but no one knows how far this uncontrolled accident has developed.Not to mention, because of this small episode, other people might have thoughts, such as the president of the city, such as a color feather, or other people that we have all neglected.