My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 229

It was a strong empire one day ago, and one day later it is perilous. This is proven by countless facts.

And all this will become worse because of the characteristics of the large-scale event itself.If the prosperity of the ordinary empire is stripped away, it is only a surprise. As I said before, under the attention of everyone, the mistakes of large-scale events will be infinitely magnified. This is not only The problem of superficial prosperity has been exposed, and the more terrifying verbal criticism that will be faced is the focus.

So, Yukino under Xuexia, in the face of such a situation, what are you doing now, is it a dying struggle, or is it ruined?

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Of course, if you must say that there is a person who attaches great importance to cultural festivals, but the style of painting seems a little wrong, it is Yuihama Yui.

I don’t know if it’s because I spoiled Yui too much—well, no, I don’t know if it’s because my sister’s image of an idiot in my heart has taken root, so everything she does is defined in my heart. To be somewhat natural but out of place.

It is true that when my sister told me that she decided to participate in the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao, her aura shocked me at that moment. However, after the most powerful period of time passed, what my sister did—of course she did. Many things, but all of these things make me feel that there is not much use.

For example, the executive committee who took the initiative to sign up for the sports festival prepares the preparations for the sports festival with us.I think her goal is probably to increase her sense of presence by participating in the preparations for the sports festival, and let others realize Yuihama's abilities.However, let's not discuss how much my sister helped. In fact, it is well known that the executive committee is thankless. Even if it really helps a lot, it may not be recognized by others.Of course, the most critical issue is that the protagonist of the organization of the sports festival is undoubtedly Yukino Yukoshita as the chairperson. Under the aura of Yukoshita, how many people can Sister Yui make aware of her efforts? I am deeply concerned about this result.

For another example, in the stage play of the class, she applied to become the heroine from the props management team-I heard that she was still working hard to plead with Miura Yuko for this.This decision seems very reasonable at first glance-if the stage play in my sister's class can be a big success, then Yui Hama's popularity as the heroine will surely increase.This should be the same as the performance of Xiao Muzheng's participation in the light music club.However, the premise is that her heroine is indeed a veritable heroine.Because, as far as I know, the scriptwriter of the stage play that my sister participated in is the legendary famous rot girl Ebina Hime—the nominal heroine in Ebina’s full-fledged stage play. It is a character who is bigger than a vase.If their stage play is a big success, I think it should be Totsuka Ayaka that the popularity will grow soaring-by the way, there will be a three-second silence for Higiya Hachiman, who is about to appear many extra rivals.

The only way that I find useful is to use Queen Miura's powerful influence to win votes-but this is actually a situation that was determined from the beginning.What's more, it is easy for Miura's fans to vote for Miura herself, but if they accept Yui sister who is like a maid next to Miura, I am not very optimistic about the prospects here.

Therefore, Yuihama Yui worked very hard, but like all her previous efforts, her efforts always seem to be out of place.

Maybe she can realize this, but she did not show any regrets or want to withdraw at all-just like her before, when she decides to do something, even if she knows the result will be very difficult It's bad, even if she knows that she will hit her head and bleed in the process of reaching her goal, she will always stick to it.

Moreover, in front of others, greet others with their brightest smile.

For example, when everyone was eating together, they vaguely expressed their unrealistic thoughts: "The year before last-the year before I enrolled in school, the special award for the cultural festival was also going to Strasbourg, and It's the same this year, Xiaohe, do you remember?"

"I also remember more clearly that you applied for Chief Wu Gao for this unreliable reward-I also helped you make up classes for this unreliable reward. As a result, the lucky draw was cancelled in your first year of enrollment."

"But this year Xiaoxue has managed the budget beautifully, so isn't this link resumed? The opportunity is here again, right?"

"It's been two years, so this unrealistic wish of yours should not be realized, right?"

"The year before last, it was actually quite coincidental." My sister ignored my words, she just said on her own. "Senior Xiao Muzhen was lucky enough to become her first Miss Master Wu Gao. The winner of that special award - although she voluntarily gave up. I only learned about this when I went to meet with Xiao Mu Shou with Xiao Xue before."

"Well, so what?"

——But to be honest, this is unexpected news, and it is indeed a coincidence that can no longer be a coincidence.

"So I'm wondering whether this special award is actually related to the candidate of Miss Chief Wu Gao-of course, it does not rule out reasons such as the black box operation of the executive committee. In short, if it can win the election , I have a feeling that that special prize will be drawn to Miss Chief Wu Gao again."

"Where did you get this metaphysical conclusion, or did you say that the old lady awakened from a long-awaited secondary illness in her sophomore year?"

"Xiaohe, you can't believe it, but you don't have to make such a mockery, right?"

"If it really happened, the executive committee might as well treat this award directly as a reward for Miss Chief Wu Gao's winning, which would make people feel helpless. If such a reward is given to the winner by drawing lots. , Where is the purpose of drawing lots to give hope to other students? In order to make others feel that this is a black-box operation and generate dissatisfaction?"

"So I said, the black box operation is only one of the possibilities, I personally believe in the interpretation of metaphysics even more!"

It should be said, believe that the interpretation of metaphysics will be worse, right?

"All in all, the special award for a trip to Strasbourg is a very important goal of mine."

"Don't tell me that you went to run for Miss Chief Takeshi because you believe in metaphysics. If this is the case, please return my touch of that ambitious Yuihama Yui!"

"That's not it!" My sister knocked the bowl with chopsticks angrily, "I just realized this suddenly. The reason for participating in the election-well, in short, the reason for participating in the election is definitely not this. Xiao and you connected to me. Is there no trust at all?"

"Sorry, the joke was too much, old sister."

"Although I know that Xiaohe is joking with you, I am still very angry. Because of Xiaohe's attitude, I originally thought about going there with Xiaohe if I were rewarded for a trip to Strasbourg in the future. . But now, I have to think about it."

"Sister, what's the matter with your feeling that this special award was contracted by me?"

"At this time, the complaint shouldn't be'Sister, it's too much for you to not take me so simply'?"

It feels that the brain circuits of the two of us are a little different on the delicate path.

"However, in the case of Strasbourg, the old lady shouldn't go with the boy she likes. If she takes me there, she will be called her brother's control?"

"So you don't have a boy you like yet!"

"Indeed, sister, you have never had a boyfriend-although it is very current, but there is no boyfriend, this kind of setting -"

——This setting is actually quite good.

Of course, I definitely don't want to admit that when my sister has a potential to have a good impression of a certain boy, that flag will be pulled out mercilessly.

Of course, I have to say, the main reason is that the guy from Biqigu is really bad, not suitable for Yui sister, if it is Hashan Hayato-no, Yeshan is not good, and it is quite bad.

But the problem is that although Ye Shan is very bad, compared with other boys, he is already a very good person-although this cannot change the nature of Ye Shan as a very ordinary person who is not worthy of his sister.

So, I am not deliberately raising the flag for the objects my sister cares about-it would seem like I am a sister-in-law, in fact, I am not a sister-in-law.I just think that my sister should be accompanied by a better person, which is probably what I mean.Before I met someone I was satisfied with, my sister's boyfriend would rather Que Wulan.

"Huh, Xiaohe?"

"Well, I just thought about it carefully, sister, it's not your fault not having a boyfriend—"

"——Um, Xiaohe——"

"——Strictly speaking, it should be my fault."

"This is a bit exaggerated--"

"Of course, if we go deeper, it's actually not my fault—"


"It's because the boys around my sister are so badly wrong."

"Xiaohe, you seem to offend many people, right?"

"So there is no way. If your sister really has this kind of luck, then you can only let me go with you, right? By the way, French men have to pass. Don't expect to have a beautiful period in a foreign country. Encounters and the like, French men are too good at deceiving women."

"So what are you talking about, Xiaohe?"

"Yui Yi, Kazuya--" the voice of Master Mother came over.


"Well, although my mother is very happy to see that your sister and brother are in a good relationship, the meal is going to be cold!"

So this topic came to an end.

Although I think at least on Yui sister's love issue, the conclusion I reached is quite reasonable.

——Also, I am definitely not a sister-in-law.

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