My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 230

Let's relax with a relaxing plot.Let me explain a little bit more. I mean that I will apply for phd next year and I have to make preparations this year. Don't get me wrong-although this does not change the nature of my busy schedule...


Chapter 8: Unexpected aid is actually a burden

In a sense, Yuihama Yui is one of the people I don’t need to worry about. This is not only because my sister’s way of dealing with problems is more straightforward, it’s easier to predict, but also because of her. My brother in 16 years, I know her behavior and style too well.

Of course, from the specific decision-making level, Yui sister will occasionally do things that are beyond my expectation. For example, she chose to apply for Zong Wu Gao. For example, she is now preparing to participate in the Miss Zong Wu Gao election, but it depends on the specific implementation method. In other words, some of the actions I just said are effective, and some of the actions that make people feel ridiculous are not beyond my expectation.Seek help from all kinds of people and make the best use of your network. This is Yui Hina's style.

Compared to Yukino who can predict the other party's choice but occasionally makes a bewildered Yukino, or a color feather who can't predict the measures she will take at all, or now I don’t know the logic of thinking. Senior-Yuihama Yui is really the one who doesn't have to worry about the least. From this point of view, Yui's sister has indeed fulfilled the functions that the sister should have-at least not when the younger brother is worried about various things. He added extra trouble.

So the problem lies with other people. It’s not good news to take a different path from Xuexia, but as I said before, Xuexia’s behavior is predictable-as long as Xuexiayang no longer appears What issues, the measures the Minister can take, and her possible tolerance for my actions are all within my prediction.Senior Xiao Muzhen may be the most difficult person to estimate, but with the cooperation of Dongma and Sa, as long as I have more opportunities to contact Senior, I believe I can also try to understand her choice.

The biggest problem is Isshiki-Isshiki's uncertainty will cause a lot of trouble to my actions.The easiest situation is that, in order to stabilize Isshita, Yukoshita continued to reserve her a chance to give a speech at the cultural festival, and she accepted it. Although this lacked an ally for me, it was actually It is an ideal result, because her behavior is still known, and the known analysis factors, even the negative factors, are stronger than the unknown positive factors-but the choice of a color feather is unpredictable.

In case—I mean just in case, if Isshiki’s classmates are very loyal and choose to stand in the same camp with me because of Yukoshita’s betrayal of me, this is of course a good thing, but this may actually lead to This is why Yukinoshita attaches greater importance to me, who is cooperating with Isshiki, and the careful thoughts I have taken on Dongma’s predecessors may also be disturbed by unknowing factors-in the worst case, look for One reason is that it is possible to change me from the position of the monitor of the light music conference.

Therefore, in order to eliminate all unstable factors, I need to communicate with Isshiki to determine her attitude-although in the afternoon to express my dissatisfaction, I almost ignored the persuasion in the other's eyes and chose to leave the executive committee classroom first, but It still doesn't mean that I can ignore Isshiki's attitude.

The problem is how to effectively engage in a dialogue with Yi Huei Yu.

——Yes, I didn't realize until now that although I seem to be familiar with Isshiki's classmates, as a neighbor, I never seemed to take the initiative to discuss issues with each other.

All conversations started with her initiative to stir up the topic.

So, watching her talk freely among all kinds of boys and girls without taking the initiative to pay attention to me, I suddenly felt that I had no room for interruption.

Although the dialogue between these boys and girls is still uncontrollable as always.

"It is said that Xiao Caiyu has become more and more confident in the executive committee now! At first I was worried that you might be uncomfortable when you become the chairman of the executive committee!"

"In fact, it's nothing. The main work is done by Xuexia-seniors. I didn't actually do anything. I did a little work."

——However, the goal has been achieved. If students in the class have this impression, other students who are not familiar with the executive committee will probably have this impression.

"But it is said that Caiyu-chan made the speech at the cultural festival performance? This must mean that Caiyu-chan actually has a very important position in the committee? Otherwise, according to what you said, Yukoshita-san will not Will just give you the place to speak willingly, right?"

"No, no, these things haven't been determined yet, have they? You have a kind of imperative feeling when you say this. You can't listen to wind or rain for this kind of thing, right?"

——I don't admit it, but I don't deny it. This is a very clever technique. Isshiki's classmates are quite familiar with this set of bureaucratic things!

"So, sure enough, Caiyu sauce is still very influential, right?"

"Didn't you tell me? If you continue to inquire, I can only say nothing to comment!"

"Ah, Cai Yujiang is very cunning!"

——Well, it looks like Isshiki's classmate is quite proud.It seems that the issues that I have considered are completely over-thinking, and it is enough to implement them according to the original plan.

"—It’s just that yesterday there was a small conflict with Senior Yukoshita—but you don’t want to talk about it. It’s just a small issue within the committee. If this incident spreads and affects the image of the executive committee , That cultural sacrifice can't be saved--" However, Isshiki's next words made me turn back the firstborn place I had turned away.

I didn’t pay attention to "Then Caiyujiang, be careful, Yukoshita-san is not so easy to deal with!" Such small groups almost complimented each other, I almost saw the same color at the first time. The sly eyes flashed by.

The girl's thoughts are really hard to predict!

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"Isn't this a normal thing? You and Yukoshita-senpai are in conflict. As a person who is one with you, of course I should fully express my attitude, right? Otherwise, if I ask you for help in the future, You will definitely not help me, will you?"

"This statement of yours seems very reasonable, but why doesn't it feel too convincing under this expression of yours?" I looked at Yishi with a lot of time.Yes, although Isshiki's words are righteous, every expression on her face—even the smile on her long eyelashes—emphasize that I didn’t get too close to observe She, it all happened when she took the initiative to lean close to me—all told me that these things Yi Huishu said were unreliable.

"Don't you think I have such a sincere thoughts?"

"Even if you have such a'very sincere thought', will you really change your final decision because of this kind of thought-by the way, if you don't do this at the beginning, tell me clearly from top to bottom? "Let's see through I'm lying," I still have expectations of you."

"Understood, then the next time it is not so obvious, I thought that you wouldn't believe that I acted like this on purpose, so I was a little self-defeating?" Isshiki raised his eyebrows and said with a serious face. .

This is a sign that she has changed from a state of joking to a serious state.

"Of course, it is impossible to say that there is no idea of ​​advancing and retreating with you and Heye. After all, if I choose to support you at this time, you will definitely be very moved-Heye, you are not the one who doesn’t understand Entu. Reporter, I know this very well—"

"--But you also know very well that even if you do not support me at this time, I will not be disappointed in you because of this, because I know your character too well, and I have never included your help in my calculations. ——Considering the benefits of helping me and the losses of not helping me, this is not the reason why you have to help me."

"Bingo! So, I decided that the reason for the conflict between you and Xuexia-senbei is here—because there is a more serious problem. Without your help, my influence on Xuexia-senpai next The next step will not affect her real power, but there is not much confidence in the task of exerting sufficient influence."

"Even if your friend praised you so much just now, you still have no confidence?"

"The small circle between girls always praise each other like this, but behind the scenes, who knows what they believe in me! If you take those words seriously, you won't know girls too much." Ishishi shrugged She shrugged, with an indifferent expression.

"Uh, is that so?"

——To be honest, I really didn't expect this.

"Haya, did you take those words seriously?" His eyes widened, and he looked at me like a stranger.

"Ahem, I don't understand the girl's character, I'm really sorry!"

——There is no way, right?The two girls of the same age that I have socialized the most before, my sister and Xiaochun, are not the kind of people who will play tricks behind their backs.

"Okay, okay, I didn't expect to find such a weakness of Heya." Yishi smiled lightly, covering his mouth.

"But if this is the case, is it really okay for you to reveal the news of your quarrel with Yukinoshita like this? In fact, after hearing what you said, I felt that you and the girls who flattered you It’s really sincere—generally."

"It's okay-even if I don't say it, in the circles where there should be rumors, rumors are still flying in the sky. I will count them, the rumors about Yihueiyu," Ishiki pointed his finger and counted seriously, "There is me and Senior Ye Shan’s scandal--well, it’s a long time ago. A classmate of Yishi has made a lot of boyfriends when he was in middle school. Of course, the most recent one was that I gave the patrol sister a favor and asked her to help me get to the top, oh, Of course, the hottest thing is that classmate Isse just recently hooked up with a boy in the same class, and that boy dumped his senior sister girlfriend for her."

When I said the last rumor, he looked at me with a serious face, as if nothing had happened.But I think my face must be wonderful now.

"So you don't want to eliminate these rumors out of thin air, especially the last one. It's not a good thing for you to pursue Ye Shan!" I hummed.

"I can't get rid of it! And for me, it's such a big talk to be able to take Heya from Xiao Muzhen's predecessor - even if I run to make up the Miss Chief Wu Gao, this can be a lifetime."

Come on, this time I have directly said the protagonist's name-I now have reason to suspect that the horrible rumor came from Isshiki's own hands.

Probably seeing my gloomy expression now, Yishi chose to stop wisely.

"All in all, you only need to know that the weird rumors in the girls' circle are too normal. Even if I said that, it doesn’t mean that others will really believe the rumors. On the contrary, if you let I caught someone who released this sentence of mine, hum--" Isshiki showed a meaningful smile.

Only then did I realize that a color feather is not a harmless flower like she seems to be on the surface!The thorny rose is not only aimed at boys, she is equally sharp when facing girls.

"Okay! So let's summarize the current situation, because you think that after I leave, you will become a puppet under the snow again-so, at this risk, you have to keep pace with me just to make sure I must be on your side, is that right?"

"Probably so."

"So, what's your plan after you quit?"

"Hey, isn't it that Kazuya should be responsible for this?"

"...When did I promise you."

Well, the communication seems to have some subtle errors.