My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 231

"But I think you should definitely be ready for me to break with you and Senior Yukoshita--" Isshiki looked at me innocently.

"Please don't say that you don't have confidence in yourself so you come to hug my thigh and say it so arrogantly?"

"But the key question is that you should always make such a plan based on your personality, or should I look at you highly?"

From this perspective, it is indeed high.

I did not make a plan for Isshiki to stand on the same front as me—of course, I made a plan for Isshiki not to stand on the same front as me.

Then, there is only one choice.

"Okay, I understand." I lowered my head and looked straight at Isshishi's serious eyes. "My requirement for your behavior is to apologize to Yukoshita, and then continue to cooperate with Yukoshita-even if thoroughly It’s no problem to obey her."

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Chapter 9: The beginning of acting

Unsurprisingly, Ishiki's face showed a joke at first, probably because I thought I would also make jokes on this issue, so I found it very novel.However, after she didn't wait for my next denial, the expression on her face slowly turned into doubt, followed by incomprehension, and finally, a trace of anger.

"In that case, Kazuya," Isshiki's head lowered slightly, and the bangs on her forehead just covered her eyes, "I think, I have a reason to ask you for an explanation? If I really think I'm joining If it is of no use to you, then I can barely understand it. After all, you have always been a lone ranger who made all the plans alone-but you know what it means to make me and Yukoshita apologize?"

"Of course I know."

"In this case, you should understand that this request is more unreasonable for me than any other request, isn't it? Let me apologize to Senior Xuexia, which is equivalent to surrendering to her directly, and it is not even the previous compromise or cooperation. Is defined, isn’t it? Even if you know this, do you want me to do it?"

"Even if I know this, I will let you do this."

"Then, let me listen to your explanation!" Isshishi did not get angry, this girl is best at controlling her emotions, but her slightly trembling eyelashes also show her uneasy heart.

I know that this request is also a betrayal to her. No matter how many selfish reasons she has, she can decisively choose to give up under the snow at this time and stand on the same front with me. From this point of view, I should also pay enough respect to a color feather.As she said, even if I don't recognize her value as my ally, I don't have to push her on an absolute path for her.

"Actually, my reason is very simple. If you continue to stand on the side under the snow, it will help me stabilize my emotions under the snow. If Xuexia wants to know that you are completely falling to me, it will let her Being more vigilant towards me is not conducive to me implementing my plan."

"I can estimate this, but you didn't explain the price you want me to pay. Now I apologize to Senior Xuexia, then I really won't get anything. Of course, maybe she will still be out of sympathy. Give me the same responsibility for the speech that has been promised to me, but, in the executive committee, I had already fallen out with her once and begged her for forgiveness. What I say next is not convincing, right? ?"

"What you said makes sense—so, I also know that for you to do this, you need to give you extra help."

"Then, you can make the conditions." Isshiki raised his eyebrows and said.

In a sense, the two of us who have worked together for a long time are the two who know each other best.I know Isshiki's character and what she wants, so to convince her, just give her what she wants.And Isshiki knows that I am definitely not a person who only asks for something without giving back in this respect. This is also that even if I just said something that seemed to be a great insult to her, she could still force herself to keep herself. The reason for calmness.

"The conditions are simple, I can let you elect the student council president."

"Isn't this something you have been helping me? Helping me run for student president or something, this condition is no different from not mentioning—" Yishi showed a little dissatisfaction.

"Student Isshiki, please listen. What I said is not'I will help you run for the student council president', but'I will let you elect the student council president.' Do you understand what I mean?"

Yishi didn't speak any more, she lowered her head and fell silent.

"Actually, I also know that I am only a first-year student. If I want to be the president of the student council, I may not be so persuasive. I will actually have a chance next year." She hesitated and said a bunch of non-marginal words. .

Please, Isshiki, don't hold back at this time!Although I seem to be very confident, if you veto my biggest persuasive handle, then even me will be very troubled.

"Don't tell me that you don't want to run for president anymore, so you don't need to care about your gains and losses in the executive committee, do you?" So, what I can do is press harder.

"That's not what I mean. If I can, of course I want to succeed in electing the president, right? Otherwise, isn't all the previous efforts in vain? The problem is—" Isshiki glanced at me with some anxiety.

"The problem is that?"

"The problem is that if you give me this kind of guarantee, there are really some, um, will it be too stressful for you?"

"--are you joking?"

Indeed, if it wasn't for Isshiki's face that was obviously serious, I would really think she was joking.

Concerned about a person who took the initiative to ask her for help, this is really not in line with Isshiki's style.

"I'm not joking, I really think you will not be too stressed." Isshishi did not show her usual joking smile, but looked at me seriously.

"Please explain."

"Of course, I also know that if you can give me this guarantee, it means that you must be adequately prepared. Then, the question is whether your preparation will harm other people for the purpose. "

"Not to mention that defeating others in the campaign must be a performance that hurts others-but this question was raised by Isshiki, doesn't it feel a bit weird? When did you get possessed by my old sister's soul?"

"You know I didn't mean that, Heya."

This is not a normal state of Isshiki, but I haven't seen Isshiki like this. Three months ago, she warned me in this way.

"Do you mean that I am becoming a state in which I cannot control myself?"

"do not mean that--"


"--No but, right? I'm not good at doing these purely verbal arguments." Isshiki lowered her eyebrows, and finally, she said softly, "But, well, from my point of view, yours The proposal is indeed very tempting. If you can really do what you said, then I have no reason to object."

"So, is the transaction established?" Although I know Isshiki has a lot of words and words, although I am a little curious about what Isshiki wants to express, time has not allowed me to entangle with her on these details. .

"Well, I think it should be established." She nodded and said vaguely.

"Then, about the issue of Kazuki Shita's apology--"

"——I can solve this by myself. I think I should be much better at apologizing to seniors than you." However, Isshiki seemed unwilling to continue talking as I did, and ended the event in a hurry. dialogue.

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In any case, the results obtained from Isshiki are positive.This also allows me to face the people of the light music club with a more relaxed attitude.

Although seeing Senior Xiao Muzhen in such a way, I did not expect it.

The direction from the first grade classroom to the first music room is different from the third grade classroom to the first music room-this is also when I came out of the corridor, looking at the oncoming senior Xiao Muzhen, I was completely unable to prepare s reason.

Although it is the usual dress in school, as long as it is not deliberately concealed, the natural charm of Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai is still unstoppable.Especially when holding on to the railing with a little hesitation like now, and stepping carelessly towards the classroom, the twin ponytails shaking behind his head have a strange and thrilling beauty.

Coincidentally, or unfortunately, because of Isshiki’s problem, I didn’t care too much about the situation on the road. So, when I looked up and realized that I and Xiaomu Shou-sen met face-to-face, Senpai had already appeared in front of me. Up.

Until now, I don’t know what the purpose of Xiao Muzhen’s final decision to join the Light Music Club was. My personal factors are undoubtedly an important fuse, but other than that, I have no reason for the choice of seniors. know.However, it is certain that Senior Xiao Muzhen joined the Light Music Club in accordance with his own choice and judgment.And now, I play the role of a spoiler of the light music club, which makes me have a rare embarrassment when facing Senior Xiao Muzhu.

So, for the first time, I hesitated when I greeted seniors.

At this time, Senior Xiao Muzhen also saw me like a dream.Her beautiful eyes blinked, showing a puzzled expression, and then became calm.

"Heya, then I will trouble you next," she said.