My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 232

It's as if all the conflicts between the two of us did not exist.

This of course does not mean that there is really no problem between the two of us, but it is also very important to restrain our emotions and make the necessary reactions when necessary.Even at this time, Senior Xiao Muzhen is still guiding me in his own way.

"Well, I should say that I trouble you, Senior Xiao Muzhen." I nodded. If this kind of normal communication is Senior Xiao Muzhen's wish, then I can't live up to her expectations.

"He also came very early. At this time, it shouldn't be long after class just ended. Did you come directly from the classroom?"

"It's okay, there is no work on duty, and there is no need to report to the executive committee. There is no problem in coming directly."

"No need to report to the executive committee?" Senior shook his head in confusion, then nodded suddenly, "Oh, executive committee chairman, is it Yuukishita classmate, right? The minister of the Heya club."

Obviously, Senior Xiao Muzhen understood my privileges on the executive committee as the rights given to me by Xuexia.

I didn't do too much explanation with Senior Xiao Muzhen about the problems between me and Xuexia. At this time, the more I let her know, the more unfavorable my plan.

Although I don’t like my concealment from my predecessors very much--but, just like the kind of thing just now, when there is a problem between both sides, I still have to treat the normal greeting as a required course. When necessary, I admire and look forward to people It is also necessary to make the necessary concealment.

"Well, Minister Yukoshita is one of the executive chairpersons. Of course, he is almost the only executive chairperson now."

"Yeah." Senior Xiao Muyan nodded briefly.

If it was the past, I think she might continue the conversation on this topic, but this time, she said nothing.

So, even though I have been working hard to express myself as normal, there is still a small knot in Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai's heart, right?

This makes me feel almost fortunate-if she can really calmly deal with all problems, then if it’s not because the senior’s self-regulation ability is too good, or she actually didn’t take this issue as important. The thing-no matter what the reason, it will make me feel very frustrated.

"So, shall I go in? Have you all reached the door of the first music room?" She asked as if asking for advice.

"Senior Xiao Muzhen is now the owner of the first music room? There is no need to ask for my opinion, right?"

"Ah, I always seem to forget this. After all, I didn't do anything in the first music room." A little embarrassed smile, showing a regret, but also a somewhat self-deprecating expression, Xiao Mu Shu Senior took the door handle of the classroom and twisted it open.

As if to welcome my arrival, at that moment, I saw all the members in the classroom stand up.

I looked at Haruki Kitahara, who obviously frowned at the moment I saw Senior Ogisaki and I enter the door, but quickly concealed her expression, and glanced at Director Iizuka who looked at me with a somewhat flattering look. After that, it was done quickly by the piano, as if nothing had happened to Dongma Kazuya.

I didn't look at the expression of senior Xiao Muzhen beside me.

This is the beginning of my war.

"Then, I think everyone should understand the purpose of my coming here? Don't pay too much attention to my existence, let's practice!"

——The first step in the performance is to pretend to be a leader who looks enlightened but can actually feel the full bureaucracy.

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Chapter 10: Miscalculation caused by mental arithmetic and unintentional

There are generally two ways to attract people to hate. One is the most direct "I'm here to find your fault, and what can you do to me". But adopting this approach will probably only Appeared in villains in comics and TV series.In TV dramas, people who do this are either stupid or arrogant-so if I take this approach, the people in the light music clubs who are not strange to me will only be surprised Without feeling angry.

Therefore, I adopted the second approach.It seems polite, but it shows my superiority to this society everywhere; it seems to do nothing, but everywhere shows the superfluity of not knowing how to put a foot in any place.Of course, this level must also be mastered well, so that other people don't think I'm really overkill.

Therefore, the opening I used was: "Then, I think everyone should understand my purpose here, right? Don't pay too much attention to my existence. Let's practice!"

"Well, let's start then? The members of our club shouldn't need to be introduced?" Minister Iizuka gave me a wry smile and said, "You know me and Chunxi, ah, what the classmate Xiaomushao said--"

"——Senior Iizuka, I came in with Senior Ogisao!"

"Ah, so sure enough, you and Xiao Muzheng knew each other, so that is, Dongma, Dongma and Sa."

"I haven't met Senior Dongma, but now I know it?" I smiled and gestured with Dongma Kazuya, of course, in exchange for her routine cold snort.

"Well, what Dongma-san said, in terms of personality, ah, that's not what it means. Dongma-san is more, eh, unique?" Poor Director Iizuka was obviously worried that Dongma and Sa's uncooperative reaction would make me unhappy , And Kitahara-senpai, who is usually good at doing these things, doesn't seem to want to help him get ahead in this regard, so Iizuka-senpai has to try to explain to me while trying not to offend the other side Touma and Sae..

It can be seen that Touma and Sa are obviously not the objects that Minister Iizuka can handle with countless girls. Such a proud girl who can only identify with people they identify with is still difficult to be "flirty" by Minister Iizuka. "The character deceived by boys.

"No problem, no problem. Because of a relatively coincidental thing, I have heard of the reputation of Senior Dongma. Talented people are always very proud. I understand this very well." I did not look at the fan. Director Tsuka, I just continued to stare at Touma and Sa-of course, she still turned her head.

This guy, in front of Kitahara, is too cautious about communicating with me, right?

"Tongma, shall we start?" Finally, Kitahara Haruki, who had not said a word since I entered the classroom, said.

It was a response to what I said, but he cleverly avoided the intention of talking to me, so Kitahara-senpai said to Dongma Kazuya.

"Yeah." Touma and Sasha nodded, then turned around and said her first words to me today, "Oh, Yuihama, when I am instructing Kitahara to practice, I hope you will not interfere, no Question?"

"No problem, practice requires a quiet environment, doesn't it? I'm just here to observe the progress of your preparations."

"Very well, then, Iizuka-san, go ahead and prepare for electronic music. Your mission here has been completed today—"

"——Ah, Dongma, don’t you need to be so cruel when you come up?"

"But time is too late. If you don't want to waste time, don't worry about it."


Obviously, poor Minister Iizuka has become the object of collective squeeze by Touma Kassa and Haruki Kitahara, a pair of people with super tacit values. After Touma made this request from Senior Iizuka, he did not even have much. Room for rebuttal.

I glanced at Senior Xiao Muzhen, who looked at all this embarrassingly, and I understood that this kind of thing had happened more than once in the light music club.

Although many members have already left the club, there is still no shortage of chairs in the first music room. They just found a chair to sit down and began to close their eyes and relax.

Since I said when I first entered the classroom that I would not interfere with the practice of other people, I should at least show that I am serious in a short period of time-and then show my "impatient" when necessary. The appearance is the most natural way to make people feel bored.

So, for this reason, I can now not only ignore Kitahara Haruno and Touma Kazuya, but also force myself to ignore the Xiaomu Yu Xuecai beside me.

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Although it can be basically estimated that the awkward state of Ogisao-senpai when Haruno Kitahara's guitar practice is not completed, it is another matter to witness this state with my own eyes.Dongma He Sha uses a nearly Spartan training method, and does not give Senior Kitahara any space to rest. Occasionally, Senior Xiao Mu Xiao stepped forward and gave a few suggestions. They were all used coldly by Dong Ma He Sha. "If you If you want this guy to keep up with the progress, then follow what I said, "choke back."

However, it is quite interesting to think that Senior Xiao Muzhen, who has always been the center of everyone's eyes, was also ignored in this way.

Therefore, after Senior Xiao Muzhen made a proposal to the two for the third time and was tragically rejected, I still narrowed my eyes.

And Senior Xiao Muzhen, who noticed my expression, also reluctantly sat next to me.

If we can forcefully forget all the previous misunderstandings for the time being, it is still possible for me and Senior Xiao Muzhen to talk.

"Rang He also saw a joke, didn't he?" The senior stretched out like a grumbling, and said, "But Dongma-student is really a tough person!"

"A person who can achieve such an achievement must have worked very hard. On the contrary, she will certainly let others repeat her efforts."

"This is Kazuya's personal experience, right?"

"How do seniors want to understand that this sentence is senior's freedom?"