My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 233

"But it's still very interesting, isn't it? During the summer vacation, we were just thinking that the person who won the first place in the national piano competition is still in school. As a result, now I joined her in the same club and we are still together for It’s a wonderful experience to prepare for the cultural festival!"

"Yes, it is also a very strange experience for me to stay in the same classroom with Senior Xiao Muzhen in this way."

After I said this, I regretted it a bit. Although this sentence is true, it is really a ruinous sentence.Not only will it remind us of the conflicts between the two of us, but it will also make people realize that, in a sense, the reality of our two being opposed to each other now.

However, Senior Xiaomushu obviously has a wealth of experience in coping with this situation. She stroked her forehead and said, "But this is also a very interesting thing, isn't it? At least, I haven't seen and It also looks like when you work seriously—in a sense, you are a brand new Yubihama Kazuya to me."

"--However, judging from the appearance of serious work, do I disappoint Senior Xiao Muzhen?"

"Roughly-can you understand it this way?" Senior Xiao Muzhen tilted his head, "But, Kazuya, are you sure, doing this now is what you really want to do?"

"If I really want to purely supervise your work, would you believe it?" I raised my head, looked behind Xiao Muzhen's predecessor, and asked with a smile.

"If that's the case, it would be great, but according to my understanding of Kazuki--"

"——According to the understanding of my predecessors, I am too idle now, am I right? Do you think I should make enough trips for your community — or, this is an attitude towards me before You know your judgment very well."

"Yes." Senior Xiao Muzhen's eyelids drooped, as if he didn't want to tell me the answer.

"Generally speaking, Senpai's judgment is correct, but Senpai made a correct judgment for my reaction, so, can you make the correct judgment for other people?"

"What does Heya mean?"

"Now, I mean," I said, looking at Haruki Kitahara, who was slowly walking from behind Senior Xiaomushu, "Did you expect enough of the behavior of the other two people?"

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At the beginning, I didn't pay attention to the activities of the light music club. There were two intentions.The first is naturally to maintain the same attitude as mentioned before, and the second intention is to make the society function as normal as possible.

In the normal way of operation, Dongma Kazuya will use all means to tie Kitahara Haruki to his side-although the reason is also very reasonable, practice.The direct result of this is the embarrassment of the position of Senior Xiao Muzhen. If it is normal, then there is no problem. However, if there is another person in the club that seniors are very familiar with at this time, then the only possible action taken by Senior Xiao Muzhen , Just talk to that person.

I don't even need to take the initiative to seduce, someone will respond.

"Student Xiao Muzhen, I think I can practice right now. We can practice together for the first half of the white-album. What do you think. After all, Xiao Muzhen, you have nothing to do here every day. It feels very embarrassing. I'm sorry." Kitahara Chunxi walked to me and Senior Xiao Mu Shu, first showed me a guilty expression, and then said to Senior.

"Well, no problem." Senior Xiao Muzhen gave me a surprised look, but she obviously didn't fully understand what I meant, so when she agreed to Kitahara Haruhi, she was also a little confused.

"Yuhihama-classmate should be fine, right? This is the normal rhythm of our club activities." Senior Kitahara nodded at me and explained.Obviously, my previous "stocking" attitude made him feel that I would definitely accept this request from him.

However, what I am waiting for is this change.

"It turns out that there should be no problem. However, Senior Kitahara, from what you have just said, it seems that your musical instruments and Senior Xiaomushu did not have enough cooperation before, is that true?"

"Tongma and I, including Xiao Muzhen, both think that it is the best choice to let me practice the guitar well, and then cooperate with Xiao Muzhen." Senior Kitahara frowned and replied.

"Of course, I won't interfere with your choice - I won't interfere. In the club, all seniors are much more professional than me—"

"--if it is like this--"

"--But don't worry, Kitahara-senior," I stood up and walked straight to Dongma Kassa, and asked, "Then, Senior Dongma over here, can I ask you a question?"

"Yuhihama-student, did you say that you would not interfere with our normal activities?"

"So, I'm just asking about your preparations." I opened my hands and said helplessly.

I know that my current expression must be that typical villain pretending to be innocent.

"Senior Dongma, it's okay to just ask you about the club, right?" I looked at Dongma and Sha, and blinked.

"Touma, Yubihama is wrong to do this--"

Senior Kitahara tried to stop Dongma and Sa. According to his usual calculation, Dongma and Sa would be on his side at this time.

Of course, this is also Kitahara's second miscalculation.

"If it's just an inquiry, I don't have any opinion." Because Dongma and Sa were obviously aware of my hint and cooperated with my questioning.

"Senior Dongma feels that Senior Kitahara's current level has reached a level where he can perform with the two seniors?"

"As for Beiyuan, shouldn't it be worse?" She glanced at Senior Beiyuan and replied simply.

"So, there is no need for Senior Kitahara to perform a joint practice with everyone in such anxiousness? Now continue to improve your own guitar level, this is the point, isn't it?" I smiled at Senior Kitahara, what he was just about to do. , I really know too well—because of the conversation between Xiao Muzhen and me, I was anxious to hinder my behavior that actually did nothing. This is earlier than the second miscalculation just now. The first miscalculation.

Of course, this is not enough—especially after Kitahara reacts, he will definitely be suspicious of Touma and Sa’s cooperation with a stranger like me.

and so--

I turned my head, and before everyone had time to react, I asked Dongma Kazuya: "Senior Dongma, I can see that you are guiding Senior Kitahara, right?"

"what happened?"

"I mean, Kitahara-senpai is still unable to practice with everyone. This is due to Kitahara-san's own reasons, but can I also think that Touma Kassa's guidance to Kitahara-san is not enough? "

Touma and Sa’s face turned red with "swishes"—whether she was really angry because of my provocation, or she realized that my acting skills were deliberately giving her a chance to get angry at me, but, The effect has been achieved.

Because, at this moment, everyone took a breath of air-conditioning, and everyone was worried, wondering if Yubihama Kazuya, who is so high and earthy, realized that he caused a big trouble.

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Chapter 11: Expected Success and Unexpected Failure

The fastest response to this question was naturally Kitahara Haruhiro. He almost immediately turned his head and looked at Dongma Kazuya. Even though he has a wealth of experience in saving the collective from fire and water, he can’t estimate that I am right. What will happen to Dongma's provocation?Therefore, he sensitively put one side of his body between me and Dongma to prevent the two of us from continuing to look at each other.

I felt my sleeves were pulled slightly. This should be the action of the predecessor Xiao Muzhen behind me, but the force of pulling the clothes is so light, and after pulling my sleeves, I let go again. So fast, it makes me unable to judge whether this action of the senior is a subconscious reaction or the result of consideration.

However, the reaction of predecessor Xiao Muzhen will not be taken into consideration for the time being.

"Kitahara, you go away." Behind Harun Kitahara, the low voice of Dongma Kazuya rang, like a faithful dog that reacts fiercely and sensitively to strangers.

"Winter Horse--"

"--Please go away!" Kitahara Haruki's simple voice of protest was immediately interrupted by a more indisputable voice.And behind me, I could feel for a moment, Senior Xiao Muzhen's body seemed to move closer to me, but she quickly retracted again.

Dongma and Sae stood in front of me, their slender pupils staring at me fiercely.

I just said that, I just want to arouse Touma Kassa’s anger to the greatest extent, that guy is not good at acting, if at a critical moment my cooperation with her arouses the suspicion of Kitahara Haruki, that’s the worst. thing.

Therefore, I have reason to believe that the current Dongma and Sa are talking to me with their true feelings.

"Yuhihama-student, you," Touma Kazuya paused distinctively, shaking his eyebrows, and asked, "Do you have any comments on me?"

"Of course there is no objection, but I think that at your level, things should progress faster, don't you think? As a genius pianist of Dongma senior."

"I'm not a genius."