My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 234

"The weakness of your present performance is not something you can get rid of because you are not a genius, which makes people feel ridiculous. Otherwise," I glanced at Kitahara, who was holding his hands restlessly behind Dongma, and said, "I Can you think that you think Senior Kitahara is the kind of person with particularly poor aptitude?"

"Uh, in this respect, it is true that I am not talented enough, and I am not working hard enough. The problem lies with me, so Yuihama, let's stop there. I also know that I need better performance now—" Seizing the flaw I left him deliberately, Kitahara Haruki said anxiously.

He is playing a round, sacrificing himself to end this debate. Of course, if the object of the argument with me is a figure who can look at people's faces like Yui sister, the topic will indeed end.However, Dongma Hesha is a person who knows how to look at people's faces, but is particularly uncoordinated-especially when it comes to things that he cares about.

Therefore, she once again interrupted Kitahara's attempt to extinguish the flame.

"Well, I admit, I have a problem." She said categorically, "I agree, I have slighted Beiyuan's training before, so you are satisfied?"

Even if he stood up straight, Dongma and Sa could only look up at me, but her arrogant appearance gave me an illusion of our height adjustment.

However, from the hints in her eyes, I can also roughly understand what she meant: that's it, there is no need to stimulate her anymore, her patience is limited.

"Of course, but, Senior Dongma, I think you also understand what I mean. It is not enough to admit your own shortcomings. If you can, I need to see your changes. Of course, I think Senior Kitahara has just expressed him. Your attitude?"

"Then my request is very simple, Yuihama-san, you can go out."

——It's a sentence that made me feel that my understanding of her eyes just now was completely wrong.Because the tone of Dongma and Sae is so cold, it makes me feel that if I really leave this classroom, she won't have any opinions.

"You know it's impossible, right?" I said with a smile.


She turned around, grabbed the sheet music on the piano, and stuffed it into her schoolbag.

"Beiyuan, leave!"

Touma and Sae said simply.

"Uh, Dongma?" Obviously, the other side hadn't understood what she meant.

"Isn't it obvious? If Yubihama insists on staying here, I have nothing to say, right? Since he can't go, I can only go."

"Uh, so, so club activities—"

"——So let you go with me, let's go to my house to practice."


"What's wrong, is it difficult to go to my house?" Dongma and Sa cast a glance at Haru Kitahara.

I hope that Senior Kitahara can notice the flash of worry in her eyes while she is impatient.

"It's not like that, just going to a girl's house, I always feel a little embarrassed—"

"——I don’t care anymore, do you still care?" Under normal circumstances, I feel that the face of the girl who said this should be red, but watching Dongma and Sha try to resist her embarrassment It was also very interesting when he watched Harunuki Kitahara utter this sentence with the cold white face as always.

"Uh, in this case, I don't know if it is possible to let Classmate Xiao Muxiao go with him, and it won't look very embarrassing--" Senior Beiyuan glanced at Senior Xiao Muxiao and said tentatively.

Of course, in response to this situation, I have already told the girl opposite him who is not good at rejecting.

"If Ogihama also followed, wouldn’t Yubihama have a better reason to follow us to observe the progress? But as long as Ogihama doesn’t leave, the club activities here are still going on, Yubihama Kazuya, classmates, There is no excuse to follow the two of us who left the club activities first, right?"

"Actually, if the three of you all end and go to Senior's house first, I will be helpless-but I am still very grateful to Senior Dongma for at least being considerate in this regard."

"So Xiao Muzhen, you just stay here to deal with that guy?" As if responding to my words, and as if completely ignoring my words, Dongma and Sa looked at Senior Xiao Muzhen coldly.

"My words, no objection. What about Kitahara-san?" Senior Xiao Mu Shu said the first sentence since the confrontation between me and Dong Ma.

"If Dongma-classmate is not offended by me going to your house--" Kitahara nodded helplessly and agreed.

-----------------------------------split line------------- --------------------

In every sense, this battle between me and Dongma has been successful.From beginning to end, the dialogue was actually promoted by me and Dongma. Although Haruaki Kitahara tried to interrupt the dialogue many times during this process, Dongma Kassa stopped the dialogue with her unique "Ability to Haruki Kitahara". His interference.

So the final result was that Senior Kitahara finished packing his schoolbags and followed Dongma with a cramped expression.

It stands to reason that according to his good feelings for Dongma, he would not have such a bitter face. He really does not clear Dongma Kazuya's feelings for him, and his intention to let a boy go to his home casually. , Or just put a long line to catch big fish, this makes me a little unclear.

However, the goals of Dongma and I have been achieved.She was given enough opportunities to be alone with Haruki Kitahara, and I also prevented the contact between Senior Xiao Mu Shu and Haruki Kitahara.

Senior Xiao Muzhen almost witnessed everything we did just now with a somewhat indifferent attitude.This is the conclusion I reached from the look in the eyes of Senior Xiao Mu Shu who casually looked out the window after Dongma and Kitahara left.

Although it cannot be ruled out that the seniors adjusted to this calm appearance later.

However, unlike when we met before, this time, Senior Xiao Muzhu didn't seem to think that it was important to break the awkward situation. It was an important thing to stir up the topic. He squinted his eyes and hummed "white- With the tune of "Album", she seems to enjoy the atmosphere of silence.

This is far from what I expected.Although I am not a person who does not provoke a topic at all, with my current identity, and my current relationship with Xiao Muzhen, especially after using such a method to "force away" Dongma Kazuya, I take the initiative to speak. Still a bit out of date.

However, it is obvious that Senior Xiao Muzhen no longer intends to speak first. In order to prevent the two people from sitting until the club activities are over and then saying "goodbye" to each other, this kind of ministry often appears when the sister is away. I can only Be the first to ask.

"The scheduled performance time of the Light Music Club is too much if it is only to perform one song. So, seniors, have you decided on another song?"

"Another song?" Senior Xiao Muzhen turned around, tilted his head, and asked.

"Yes, there should be another song, right?" From just now, I feel that Senior has fallen into a very strange state, that kind of elusive and somewhat magical state.

"Can't he guess another song?"

"Why must I be able to guess it!"

"Because, when it comes to "white-album", that song and it are twins, right?"

I understand what Xiao Muzhen-senpai meant, if it was referring to the same song as "white-album" twins.

"Ogata Rina's "Sound of Destiny"?"


Although I have considered this situation before, it is almost a possibility that I have ruled out, because with the current guitar level of Haruki Kitahara, the difficult guitar solo in "sound-of-destiny" is almost impossible. possible.

"Is it really "sound–of-destiny"?"

"Do you not believe Beiyuan classmate?" Senior Xiao Muzhen gave me a look with interest.

"Standing on my identity, I have this kind of worry, right?"

"So He also deliberately irritated Dongma classmate and asked her to take Beiyuan classmate for special training?" Senior Xiao Muzhen seemed to carelessly, lightly, and seriously raised a question.

"Of course not. Senior Dongma's temper is worse than I thought! I just wanted to stimulate her motivation. I didn't expect her reaction to be so excited."

"So, for Dongma student's reaction like this, is this outside of Heye's expectations?"

"Of course, I didn't know that the other song was "sound-of-destiny" at that time. If it were only to prepare for "white-album", the current senior Kitahara might be able to support it when it comes to the official performance. A good performance for two songs, right?" I spread my hands and replied.

"Indeed, you are right."

"However, the relationship with the members of the society that I monitor is froze. This is still very troublesome. I didn't expect Dongma's personality to be so bad."