My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 236

"Sister, and Senior Xiao Muyan, you are all weird, aren't you?"

"Why is it strange?"

"I don't think so."

The reaction at this time was so consistent.

"First of all, Yui sister, although I appreciate that you are not as shy as you are facing Miura-senpai now, don't you think your boldness and hard work are in the wrong direction? I don’t think it’s necessary to compete with Senior Xiao Muzhen on this issue? And have you forgotten your original purpose for the Light Music Club?"

"--Well, Xiaohe, don't you think it was the problem that Senior Xiao Muzhen provoked first, you are leaning toward her--"

"—And Senior Xiao Muzhen, I’m sorry, but I’m sorry. After all, if it’s a sister, I usually teach her a lot, and sometimes it’s okay to say something serious, so I made it possible for me in advance. I'm sorry for what the senior said. Actually, I still haven't understood the reason why you didn't let go of the matter that your sister just taught me casually. This is the normal Yui sister's style and I will not Careful preaching—"

"——Xiaohe, I don’t like to hear you saying this—"

"——Senior's way of getting along with Takahiro, and Yui sister's way of getting along with me are definitely different, so I think from the beginning, Senior's control is a bit too broad, right?"

"Heya, so I said you, don’t you think you are too spoiled for your sister? Just like you just said something serious to me and you have to apologize constantly, don’t you think it’s because you usually treat you? My sister has a lot of reprimands, so I unconsciously gave in when your sister educates you. But education must be based on whether there is any reason, it has nothing to do with emotions, and you cannot be restrained by the feelings between family members. "

Well, the conclusion is, never try to reason with a woman in a strangely excited state.Even the predecessors of Xiao Muzhen are no exception.

Therefore, at this time, I can only sacrifice Dafa for transferring problems.

"Go back to the question at the beginning, old sister, what will you do when you come to Light Music Club?"

"Xiaohe, don't avoid the problem—"

"——Sister, what will you do when you come to Light Music Club?"

"Heya, I think we can sort out these problems one by one and solve the following things. After all, we also have a lot of time—"

"--But Senior Xiao Muzhen, you must also really want to know why my sister came to the soft music conference, right?"

If one transfer fails, then transfer twice.

If it fails twice, then move on to success.

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Chapter 13: Unexpected Request

Neither the older sister nor the senior Xiao Mujun are unreasonable people. After I have expressed my attitude, they will die. This is why I dared to use this kind of rascal and tough attitude at this time.

Holding the tip of her hair in her ear, my sister took a deep breath, as if she had adjusted her state, then hesitated to turn her gaze from the direction of the predecessor Xiao Muzhu to my body. After a while, she stomped again. Stomping his feet, he reluctantly turned back to the predecessor's position.

"So, Yuihama-student, there is no problem asking me questions now! According to Kazunari's suggestion, we no longer need to continue arguing, right?" My sister's mime-like performance seems to be familiar to me. However, she always looks like this when she needs to ask me for help but is unwilling to speak.However, to Senior Xiao Muzhen, such an elder sister seems to be very strange. This can be seen from the words she endured smiling and took the initiative to show her good.

However, Yui sister, who doesn't seem to be so assertive in many things, will leave a decisive impression on Xiaomu Shou-sen, which is also very interesting from the result!

"No-okay," my sister's first reaction was to admit defeat when I saw through her hesitation, but apparently realized that the person opposite was not her dear brother, so she finally gave up her own. This kind of needless persistence, "But this question must be the most suitable for Senior Xiao Muzhu."

"Well, in fact, I just want to find out," my sister took a breath and asked, "Senior and Light Music Club, what songs are you going to sing at the cultural festival?"

"Oh, is this important to you?" Senior Xiao Muzhen raised his eyebrows.

"In fact, it’s not that important, but for seniors, it shouldn’t be necessary to keep secrets in this respect? Even if seniors don’t tell me, wait for a few more days to observe your performance, or I am deliberately Stay here in a music room for a while, and the songs you are going to prepare are not a secret, right?"

"Then Yubihama-san, can you wait any longer?"

——Uh, although it seems to be a truce, this kind of dialogue seems to have been on the verge of wiping out guns.

However, Senior Xiao Muzhen is already in control of the severity of this conversation. She quickly shook her head and said to herself: "But Yuihama-san, you are right. In this regard There is indeed no need to keep it secret. Everyone knows the first practice song, it's "white-album"! As for the second song, um, this question and just asked me—"

Senior looked at me very deliberately, and smiled lightly while pouting his sister's dissatisfaction.

Obviously, getting along before was still so awkward, but is it the same as when nothing happened at this time?Since I discovered that Senior Xiao Muzhen has another side that I don't know, I have found that I have become increasingly unable to keep up with her rhythm.

Obviously, my sister and I have the same reaction in this regard, and she has always thought that my relationship with Senior Xiao Muzhen is in a cold state-this is what I have always believed in and have always shown her.However, the suspicious look that my sister now casts at me is obviously a hint that I might have deceived her.

"——I asked Kawaya just now: It’s the same song as "white-album" for twins? You know this hint, right?"

""Sound-of-destiny"." Muttering softly, Yuihama Yui also vomited the correct answer.Although she is not the kind of person who is particularly familiar with the old songs of the past, this pair of songs is too famous. As long as she pays attention to the top artists, Rina Ogata and Yuki Morikawa can get the answer.

"Sure enough?" My sister shook her head vaguely, showing a complicated expression.

"What's wrong, Yui sister?"

"Senior Xiao Muzhen," my sister raised her head, and asked firmly through the puzzled gaze that I looked at her, "It's just a suggestion, senior, if I just suggest, now, if you can give up preparing these two songs ?"

"Why?" Like my stunned expression, Senior Xiao Muzhen's face changed immediately.

"I know that just because of Xiaohe's affairs, I was still a little unfriendly with seniors. It is indeed inexplicable to make this request now. However, I hope Senior Xiaomuzhen believes that my suggestion is purely from the perspective of the light music club. To think about it." My sister's face was a little gloomy, and it was completely different from Yuihama Yui, who was violently confronting Yukina Yukina.She knew that her words were rude.

However, I also know that Yuihama Yui will not lie at this time, and I also believe that what my sister said is indeed her true feelings.

However, it is not enough to "believe". There should be more sufficient reasons for people to give up.

That's what I think. Senior Xiao Muzhen is no exception.

"It's just'hope' if I believe it, it's not enough. Even if I believe it, I'm not the president of the Light Music Club. I can't make a judgment without authorization--"

"——I know this, so when I entered the classroom, I was surprised to see only Xiaohe and Xiaomushu seniors, but——"

"——On the other hand," Senior Ogisaki gently tapped the closed piano body with his fingers, and said, "Now we change the song, it's still too difficult. Because, it means that Minister Iizuka All the accompaniments and soundtracks prepared, and all the guitars that Kitahara practised, will be obsolete. The only ones that will not be affected are probably Dongma and me, but we are the only two of us. Can’t we support this performance? With your suggestion, I even suspect that you are helping your brother embarrass our society!"

Senior Xiao Muzhen's half-joking is half-serious, making me wonder what kind of face I should put on.Sure enough, she could see through the highest expectations I had for this club at the beginning!

However, my sister didn't take the joke from Senior this time.

"My opinion has nothing to do with Xiaohe. But, I really hope so." She bit her lip and said.

"So, sister, what's the reason? If you tell senior the reason, and the reason is understandable, senior will try to tell others, right?"

"As for the reason, I can't say what I promised, I can't say it." My sister shook her eyebrows and lowered her head in distress. "If you say it, you won't be able to achieve the effect it should have, and it can be said to be certain Concerns or something."

My sister said something vague, but this vagueness obviously couldn't convince any of us.

"If there is no reason, even if the seniors are willing to accept, they will eventually be rejected by the others in the club?"

"I know, it's like this, but I still can't say it. If I say it, I will—"

"Old sister?"

I think I caught a little loophole in what my sister said.