My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 237

However, my sister did not let this small mistake continue.

"Well, it's nothing, Xiaohe, it's nothing." She shook her head and said nothing, I know, she has made up her mind.

Probably because she was worried that if she continued to speak, she would eventually miss her, her sister finally stood up hastily.

Without the kind of arrogance that she had when confronted with Senior Ogishao at the beginning, she seemed to have returned to the appearance of Yuihama Yui who was cautious in front of others.

"If it doesn't work, I mean, if it's possible," she pleaded as she left, "if it's possible, at least "sound-of-destiny" can be deleted, right?"

After saying this, she ran out of the classroom as if feeling very guilty.

It was as surprising as when she appeared.

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Sister Yui's departure was so hurried that she didn't even greet me properly, although I could expect that she would definitely apologize to me for this incident after returning home.However, I doubt whether we will continue to discuss the matter she discussed with us today.

However, objectively, the appearance of Yuihama Yui made the atmosphere between me and Senior Ogishao a lot more normal.Probably it was because the state of showing that our relationship was normal in front of my sister did not adjust. Senior has already started a casual conversation with me with this attitude.

"Heya, you should know your sister better, so what do you think of her remarks?"

"More understanding, and only limited to the understanding of personality, with this information, I am as confused as my predecessors. According to my understanding of my sister, she must not lie, she must be doing it for the sake of light music, although she obviously I haven't considered the consequences after you give up all your current preparations. But her words are not malicious - but I think Senior Xiao Muzhen has judged this too, right?"

"Yes, although I don't have much contact with your sister, I can still tell whether a person is sincere or not!"

"So, everything is back to square one, isn't it?"

"So, let’s change it from another angle? Kazuya, although it is impolite to ask this question, is there anything unusual about your sister recently? It refers to things that she doesn’t usually do? This may help us To judge why she said these words?"

"Is it abnormal?"

If you want to say something different than usual, it is naturally busy preparing to miss Chief Wu Gao.However, I didn't want to tell seniors about this news. Although there was no need to hide it, I still had lingering fears about the question that Isseki asked me before.In front of Isseki, I can still get through this question. If Senior Xiao Muzhen asked this question, I don't think I have any chance to escape or lie.

However, when it comes to preparing to miss Chief Wu Gao, Yui sister doesn't have the idea of ​​competing with Senior Ogisao in songs, right?

It is possible to say that. This is the same as that of Tomo Yanagihara, who doesn’t know where to cry now. The girl can imagine that through the performance of the cultural festival, her popularity will surpass the predecessors of Xiaomushu. This means that the sister may Will have the same idea.

That being said, I don’t seem to have heard my sister sing seriously. I know that Senior Xiao Muzhen’s singing level is very high, but I found that I really can’t evaluate my sister’s singing level-if she really has the kind that makes me and Senior Xiao Muzhen was surprised by the level of singing, with the help of another club to perform on stage.Suppose again, if the song she wants to sing coincides with the song that Senior Xiao Muzhen wants to sing.

——But there is a problem here. Asking seniors to give up the two songs that have been prepared for a long time. This is obviously an action for their own benefit. This is not the same as the idea that my sister did not make this suggestion out of selfishness at the beginning. Contradictory.Unless my sister can be confident that her songs can overshadow the predecessors, but obviously, I don't think my sister is confident in such a place.

So, the idea that my sister might sing at the cultural festival just flashed through my mind.

"Heya, does it take so long to think about your sister's business?" Senior Xiao Muzhen's helpless voice came.Accompanied by the sensation of tapping my head lightly, it's as if I was distracted when talking to seniors.

But after I got back to my senses, Senior Xiao Muzhen seemed to have nothing happened, and looked at me with a cold face: "Well, Kazuya, have you thought of your sister's abnormality?"

"If it is a recent extra anomaly, I don't know much." In the end, whether it was selfish or not, I still concealed my sister's recent actions from my senior.

Indeed, preparing to miss Chief Wu Gao has been a normal action for my sister for some time. This is not an "abnormal", is it?

"Is that so?" Senior's smart eyes looked at me for a long time, as if he could see through my inner truth.

"Probably, that's it." I turned my head hard. Sure enough, even if I could lie to myself, it was still too difficult for me to calmly say some humbly things in front of Senior Xiao Muzhu.

"Really? That's it?" Behind my head, Senior Xiao Muzhen's words seemed to be a question, but it also seemed to be an answer to myself.

I haven't turned around for a long time, so I don't know what the predecessor behind me is now.

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By the way, I would like to ask you a question with a little bit of fun. I really don't know about this. Is there any setting about Xiaochun's singing?


Chapter Fourteen: A Destined Hopeless Effort

My sister’s request is really inexplicable, so Senior Xiao Muzhen and I did not draw any conclusions on this issue in the end.However, given that my sister mentioned this matter so pretentiously, our idea is to ask for their opinions on this idea when the other members of the Light Music Club are present tomorrow.

Of course, given that there is no sufficient reason, this matter should not cause too much disturbance in the light music club.

Although I think Senior may have felt something from her sister’s attitude, everyone has something that they don’t want others to know. Therefore, I didn’t ask her for this unfounded guess. idea.

A pool of stagnant water that was temporarily stirred up by the appearance of my sister, after being active for a while, became silent again. In the deepest part of the depressed atmosphere, the essential problem remained unsolved.

When I left school, I saw a person who made people feel that he shouldn't be here, but he seemed to have no sense of disobedience when he appeared here.

Although it is difficult for me to imagine that someone like Yukoshita Yangna, who "is not in the process of completing his own task, or in the car to complete his own task", will be so contentedly watching the school at the gate Sunset, but there are enough weird things happening today, and I don't care about this one anymore.

Of course she couldn't make a special trip to wait for me. From the lights in the executive committee classroom, you can know that when almost all the students in the school are leaving, Xuexiayang is the object of waiting.

However, I also knew that it was impossible to see her in this way—she saw me in this way and wanted to avoid the conversation with her.

"Yo, brother Yubihama."

"Well, hello, Senior Xuexia."

"Yeah, yeah, I still don't want to be called sister Yangnai, and younger brother Heye is so persistent in unexpected aspects. I don't know if it should be admired or remnant?"

"Although I think it is better for the seniors not to be too obsessed with this matter, if I must make a choice, I think the former is better."

"I think too." Xuexia Yangnai said in a pretentious voice, and then she added lightly, "Although it's just clinging to something meaningless? Is it the same as that child?"

"To be honest, I don't understand the reason why Yukoshita is so keen to find common ground between me and Minister. Is there any common ground that I can find to make Senior feel fulfilled?"

"Allah, brother Heye is still very observant, but I mentioned the similarities between you and Xue Nao, are you angry?"

"It doesn't matter that being angry is not being angry—"

"——After all, there is something wrong with your relationship with Xue Nao, right?"

With a smile on his face, the culprit who caused this problem said so irrelevantly, as if he was really heartbroken for what happened between me and Xuexia.

"On this issue, I think I can also have enough opinions on the seniors? It is clear that I am the main cause of this matter, please don't put on an attitude that it is irrelevant? And, want me to achieve it. The request of the predecessors, now you are obviously adding obstacles to me?"

"Sometimes, one step back is to make two steps forward, right?"

"Do you think I will believe that Yukiayoyo is the predecessor you said?"

"Then what should I say?" Yukinoshita threw the question back to me. "If I said that my true idea at the time was that I wanted to participate in the Sotake High School Festival as an aspiring group, so it is fundamental I haven't considered the consequences of this matter, I think Heye will disbelieve it even more, right?"

I was a little dazed for a while, indeed, because the attitude towards Yukoshita Yono is that you can’t believe a word in what she said, which made me wary of everything she said, so, indeed, no matter what she said. The reason is that I have a tendency to distrust - then, what is the point of asking her this question?

"Although I think it is difficult for me to understand that Brother Kazuya doesn't believe me so much, but even if my sister is really lying like you think, I still have a few words that are true occasionally— -Or not just a few words, every word I say may be a fact!"

Every sentence is a fact, but is it not necessarily a fact when combined?The truth that conceals half of the truth, when added up, the truthfulness continues to decline.However, because everything she said was the truth, she did not lie.

"—For example, I really want to participate in the performance of Sobu Taka’s school festival—this is the school festival organized by Yukino-chan after all. If I can’t help as a sister, it’s not. Is it bad?"