My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 238

Yukoshita Yono, who was blinking his eyes while twirling the roots of his short hair, was full of the breath of mature women in society.This deep knowledge made me hesitate when I was going to blurt out "only this thing will never be believed".Xuexiayang can have a lot of puzzling things, but there is no doubt that she is indeed a person who will help her sister in her own somewhat willful way. Such a black-bellied girl can do it without authorization. This kind of seemingly thankless behavior may be just a difference in her thoughts.

"Sure enough, brother Yubihama is also a little convinced? How, is there a way to help my sister?"

"Unfortunately, even if I believe it, I don’t think I have any way to help Senior Xuexia. Let’s not talk about my current relationship with Minister Xuexia. With the character of Minister Xuexia, once I recognize something Will she deny herself until she is thoroughly proven wrong?"

"That would be troublesome? According to Kazuya's younger brother's judgment, even if it proves that Yukino-chan's choice was wrong, it should at least be after the end of the school festival, it will be too late!"

"So, the answer is, there is nothing I can do." I spread my hands and said.

"But, as I said just now, it will be too late to prove that Yukino-chan is too stubborn after the school festival is over. Therefore, my sister thinks that we should use a tougher way to participate in this performance. After all, the performance of aspiring groups is still very important, right?"

I don't understand what Yukoshita Yono means, but she was rejected by her sister, and she also knows that no one can change Yukoshita's opinion now.So, does it make sense to express her attitude several times now?

"A capable and smart person, or someone who is used to thinking at a certain height, has the same angle of thinking?" So, aware of my doubts, Xuexiayang was once again cunningly He laughed, "The way you think about problems is that when facing these problems, you always use a positive way to solve the problems-so, you are very uncomfortable with the situation where the sword goes slant? Isn't Xue Nao-chan already committed? Did she make a mistake? If she thinks what she is doing is right, maybe she is going to make a mistake again? How, do you think it is? Brother Yubihama?"

The failure caused by the slanting front of the sword walk-refers to the interruption of Yukoshita's Yang plan by Haruki Kitahara's invitation to Senior Ouki and Touma Kazushi, although I don't know how Yukoshita Yang knew about this. Yes, but this is indeed Xuexia's failure.But I don't understand what exactly is the trick that Yukoshita Yono is trying to take the slant forward.

"So," In the end, as if reluctantly giving up, Yukoshita Yonoi spread his hands and said, "You can't accomplish the same thing with brother, but there are some things you usually don't need to pay attention to. People can do it!"

However, just as I was going to further ask who was Yukoshita Yono, she raised her index finger, placed it to her lips, and said, "But, the conversation between sister and brother ends here, right? Next, it should be a dialogue between sisters!"

As if to respond to her words, the sound of "DaDa" footsteps came from behind me, and when I approached us, the speed of my footsteps increased significantly.

Of course, this is just useless.

"Xue Nai-chan, you won't be so indifferent to see your sister, right?"

The footsteps stopped abruptly.

I looked behind me, Yukino Yukino, who was carrying a schoolbag and holding a portfolio at the same time, stopped at a certain distance from us, but did not affect the conversation.

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"My sister came to me at this time, is it a personal matter? Or is it official?"

"Well, Xue Nao-chan hopes more because of private affairs or because of official affairs?"

"It's better to be neither, but if you have to choose one, I hope it's because of official business - because I think I can reject you more simply in this regard."

Uh, I have to say that this conversation is familiar.Under the influence of Yukoshita Yono, have I also begun to notice this strange similarity between me and Minister Yukoshita?

I felt Xuexia Yangna smiled at me with emotion at that moment, which made me turn my head in embarrassment.

"Actually, personally, I hope that Xue Nao-chan will talk about'private matters'. After all, my sister and her sister can communicate more about their feelings. Most people don't think so when they meet their sister waiting for their sister at the school gate. ?"

"The premise is that it is the sister of the'common people'. I don't think my sister will be such a person, so there is no hope, right?"

"Sure enough, Yukino-chan still knows me well-although in a strange way."

After saying this, I could feel Yuuki Xia Yangna glance at me again.

So you don't need to emphasize the correctness of the statement you just made.

Many times, when people continue to add some hints to themselves, they will notice some details that they don’t usually notice, and then further strengthen this hint, and what makes people feel even more awkward You realize this, and you cannot change your self-suggestion.

I tried to calm down my boring thinking, because I heard what Yukoshita Yono said next.

"However, I think the thing I'm looking for about Yukino-chan will make Yukino-chan a little bit happy, because it's indeed a business matter! It's still about the application of the aspiring group of Sotake High School Festival."

"If it's an official business, please come to me during my working hours. I don't know if my sister is looking for me at this time because I think I have a good reason to work overtime after school, or I think you can rely on my kinship How about some privileges?"

"Actually, my thoughts are not that complicated! In fact, it's just because this problem has just been solved. Of course, because the problem has been solved, I want Yukino-chan to make a judgment."

"If this is the case, I think my sister knows my judgment too—"

"——So, the problem was just solved!" Yukoshita Yonoho raised her eyebrows and said, "Yukino-chan can check the list of members of her sister's band. By the way, brother Yuihama can also come and see. Look, you will find interesting things."

"Just the list of members won't make me change--" Xuexia said with a frown as she took over the list, but her words stopped abruptly.

Slightly startled for a while, she handed me the list in her hand.

"Why?" Staring into my sister's eyes, I heard the trembling in Yukino's voice.

"Actually, it's just simply helping each other, isn't it?"

The sun on Xuexia Yangna's face was always shining, and she looked at Xuexia with such interest.

I lowered my head and tried to find the answer from that list.

It is easy to see that no one can ignore this answer.

Because, Yukoshita Yono's band, the most important vocal column, wrote the name "Yuhihama Yui".

I know that my sister has her own way of fighting, but this way of fighting still caught me off guard.

Because, I just intuitively feel: She is doing her best to fight a war that cannot be won.

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It can be considered to solve some of the unexpected problems in the previous chapter. Of course, I know there is a bigger problem here, but this foreshadowing will probably be delayed until the day of the school festival.Well, when I published the chapter the day before yesterday, I thought my thoughts were quite easy to guess, but the general awkward reaction in the book review section made me think whether my thoughts were too jumpy-but until now I still I think it’s easy to guess, because Tuanzi obviously doesn’t have the ability to sing with Xuecai in terms of singing?


Chapter 15: The most troublesome person to deal with

"Why?" As if not hearing his sister's explanation, and as if not understanding the choice of his good friend at this time, Yukino Yukino repeated this sentence.

"Ah, if you have to explain it clearly with Xue Nao Jiang, then are the two people who want to help Xue Nao Jiang have a good heart? I also considered why Xue Nao Jiang had to refuse me to join-never As for deliberately hating my sister, I want to keep my sister out, right?"

——Of course this is the case?Although no one would admit this reason.

Yukoshita bit his lip and tried his best to show an unshakable look.

"Then, I wondered, could it be because the aspirational groups and the school are too weakly integrated? Although the relationship between the aspirational groups and the school that has participated over the years is not big, this year is very special after all! Qingquan Middle School has a joint project. If the students of the two schools visit each other, the most important performance would be to have a strong character of the general high school. Then, I'coincidentally' met classmate Yuihama-well, brother Kazuya My sister! Then we all felt that we still need to help Xue Nao-chan a little more, so we made this decision!"

"But why is Yubihama——"

"——My sister is also very troubled. At this time, it is not an easy task to find a singer in Souwu High School. I have considered a very active student Tomo Yanagihara before. As long as Yubihama has no ideas. I will go to her, but Yubihama-classmates are particularly enthusiastic-plus because she is a good friend of Yukino-chan, so I decided it was her?"

"Don't you think it's a bit tricky? For my sister, the lead singer of the band she prepared meticulously changes like this, and Yubihama—"

"--What's wrong, is Yukino-chan questioning Yubihama's singing level?" Yukoshita shook his eyebrows and smiled, but asked as if provocatively.

"Yuhihama's singing level is another matter—"

"——Yeah, then Yukino-chan is worried about the internal harmony of sister's band, is that so? Ah, sister is very touched, after all, it is Yukino-chan's rare concern!”