My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 239

As before, except for blindly bravely, Xuexiaxuena only showed no combat effectiveness when in front of her sister.Although this situation is related to her being somewhat unreasonable about the issue of aspiring groups, Yukoshita should be the kind of person who believes in the correctness of everything she does-even if that thing is really done. Incorrect.

"All in all, since the lead singer is a student of Zou Wu Gao, it means that it doesn’t matter even if it overlaps with other clubs’ programs? It doesn’t matter which aspect is more eye-catching. After all, the last quote People pay attention to Zou Wu Gao himself, right?"

Xuexia held the application form as if holding a hot potato, but she couldn't throw it away.In any case, Xuexia Xuena is still a principled person, just as she had to find a convincing excuse for her own willfulness before. When she found that she could not even find an excuse, she There is no way to use one's own privilege to break the jar.

"If Yukino-chan has no objection, can I trouble you to think about it?"

And Yukoshita Yono also clearly saw this, her expression was in a win-win situation.

For a moment, I even felt sympathy for Minister Yukoshita who couldn't be absolutely capricious.

"I'll consider it." In the end, Yukino Yukoshita was holding the application form tightly with both hands, like Yukino who wanted to tear the form to pieces. In the end, there was no way to veto his code of conduct.

People who are absolutely right, especially those who think they are absolutely right but cannot fully justify themselves, will eventually be constrained by their absolutely correct ideas and cannot extricate themselves.

"Ah, by the way, if possible, my sister hopes to apply to Xue Nao-chan to arrange the venue by our own person, because there may be a little surprise in the band for everyone!"

"I have not yet agreed to your sister's application. On the other hand, if there is a surprise, it is also the obligation of the aspiring group to notify the organizer in advance."

"I can only say that I am trying my best to create surprises. If I told you in advance that there will be no such surprises, isn't my sister terrible? So just talk to Xue Nao in advance, and I hope you don’t prepare it. Isn’t it too messy? Everything that my sister does is just to give my dear sister a modest effort!" Yukoshita Yangna said calmly, even saying this "surprise" "At that time, she glanced at me with interest.

Relating to sister Yui's weird words in the light music club before, is this surprise related to what she said?

"In short, if you are sure that you can participate in the performance, I hope that my sister can tell me your plan as soon as possible-don't look like the club over there that the guy is in charge of, it seems that there is no progress at all."

Yukoshita’s evaluation of the light music club made me a little awkward, but since she worked with the light music club itself to prevent Yukoshita’s band from appearing on the stage of the school festival, she lost this reason and liked the light music club. The attitude of the meeting has become cold, which is also normal.

On the contrary, it was on my side. Because I had exchanged a lot of light music clubs with Senior Xiao Muzhen, the idea of ​​stumbling for them in a short period of time has faded.

What an ironic change in attitude!

"Without my supervision and stimulation, the progress of the Light Music Club will be even slower, whether you believe it or not, Minister, this is the truth."


The expression of distrusting me!

However, now I, and Yukino Yukoshita, have no chance to cooperate again.No one will accept the betrayal of their collaborators—even if Yukino Yukino wants to re-establish a partnership with me now, I will not trust her.

She must be very clear about this, and her pride will never allow herself to bow her head to me again.

Therefore, although the prerequisites for confrontation are no longer there, the cornerstone of cooperation can no longer be repaired.

Compared to this, it's not as good as the initial break with Yukoshita!If it is an opponent, to solve the opponent's problems, you can also wake up the opponent through unscrupulous attacks. However, if you only know two strangers, no matter what means are used to solve the opponent's problems, there will be no reason.

Therefore, I still don't know what Xuexiayang is thinking or planning.

"By the way, it's rare that I came to pick you up from school. Would you like Xue Nao to go home affectionately with my long-lost sisters? Mother miss you too?"

"Does this mean my sister or my mother?"

"Well, if it means mother—"

"Sorry, the school's affairs are too busy now, and may not be able to spare time to go home."

"Then if it was my sister's own meaning--"

"——Then I think considering your application before is already a manifestation of sisterhood."

"Eh, don't you even want to find a reason in front of your sister?"

"So I still managed to find a reasonably suitable reason for my sister."

"This kind of reason is not enough!"

"That's because my sister's own requirements are too high."

"Yuno-chan is too much--but I will let you go today," Yukoshita Yoshino made her cunning voice that seemed to be deliberately thoughtful. "After all, today's There is a flower protector next to Yukino sauce! Are you right? Brother Yubihama?"

--wrong.If possible, I wish I could say so.If you leave like this, I guess you will just chat with Yukoshita, and then quickly get out of here, right?

"No!" However, fortunately or unfortunately, Yukinoshita said what I wanted to say instead of me. "Well, I didn't mean to be prejudiced against Yubihama, but I'm usually the same People went back, didn't they?"

"So," she glanced at me quickly, "you don't have to trouble Yubihama."

"Usually no one pays attention? But like now, when the boy knows that the girl wants to go home alone, even if he knows that the other party will refuse, it is important to make at least a symbolic invitation, isn't it important? Say this is the performance of a gentleman, right?"

——I am not a gentleman.Of course I still want to say that if I can.However, today I, as if being tied up by something, can't maintain my cold expression in front of Yukoshita Yono at all.

Because Yui sister finally became the lead singer of that club, did the mood in her heart still show some subtle deviations?Damn it!

Finally, with a somewhat surprised tone, I said to Yukino Yukoshita as peacefully as possible: "Well, then, ask it symbolically? Minister Yukoshita, do you need me to send you a ride? "

——Anyway, whether it is based on the character of that guy or the answer to the "symbolic" question, that question will be rejected.

However, I didn't immediately wait for Xuexia's "Ah, if I go back with you, it feels a bit bad!" or a similar reply.

I don't know if it was because of her sister's words that disturbed my mind. After I said this question so casually, Xuexia didn't answer immediately.

She just held the file bag tightly, clutching the application form, and stood there hesitantly.

What can you hesitate about, Minister Yukoshita?

"Well, I just thought about it carefully, Yubihama, because isn't your sister's performance also related to your sister? I need to know your sister's recent situation to make a final assessment. Of course, there are not many problems, so ——"

——So I have to accept to go back with you?

No, it should be that I have to accept to go back with you. After all, this is my own invitation, isn't it?

"Yeah, right, so brother Kazuya, do you understand? Sometimes, courtesy invitations are also necessary, because you don't know when other people want to ask you for something, courtesy invitations, yes Give the other party more opportunities to agree to the situation? Remember the teachings of my sister!"

I think the expression on my face is about to eat people.

"Then, my elder sister will leave first, and discuss it with my younger brother and Xue Nao!" When Xue Xia Yang Na left, his eyes narrowed, and he passed me and Xue Xia in a certain direction behind us. Take a look.

However, before I could observe what she was looking at, she had already left.

However, I no longer have the energy to worry about the other thoughts of the woman who planned everything to the extreme.

"Sa, Minister, to be honest, you only said that to deal with your sister, right?"

"Roughly the same?"

"and so--"

"--Of course, I want to discuss with you about Yubihama. This is also true. Of course you don't need to send me home, just walk with me for a while, and you can go back directly after we have discussed it." He slanted his face and said coldly.

"Is it really good to show this attitude of'use it and it's useless' so obvious?"