My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 240

However, Xuexia did not answer me, she just looked behind me with a little surprise.

When I turned around to observe what happened.

"Senior Xiao Muzhen." I heard her whisper.

"Well, Kazuya, and-Xuexia-student, just looking at it from a distance is still unsure, but what are you two doing here?"

It is indeed the voice of Senior Xiao Muzhen.

How can I forget Senior Xiao Muzhen?Although I left the first music room earlier, after me, seniors won't stay long, right?

The person you saw just now is Xuexiayangna, and the person he saw is probably also Senior Xiao Muzhen.

This is not necessarily out of her calculations, but that person must be trying to cause some consequences in this situation.

I repeat, I don't like Yukoshita Yono.

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Chapter 16: Snow is not in the state under the snow

In any case, the appearance of the predecessor Xiao Muzhu has once again fallen into the predicament of the triangle relationship.

Having said that, today I seem to have a special relationship with the triangle. From the initial Xiaomushu-senpai and Yuiyi sister, to the former Yukoshita sisters, to the current Xiaomushu-senior and Yukoshita minister, if you can barely take If Xia Yangnai’s connection with her sister is related to me, this is also part of it.Am I cursed by any triangle relationship today?

"Well, Kazuhisa just happened to meet him." Yukoshita gave Senior a simple answer.

"That's it, but I just saw there is another person here, and it's not very clear from a distance. May I ask if that is Senior Yukoshita?"

"It's really a big sister, don't you know how Senior Xiao Muzhen is related to her sister?"

"Not at all! It's just that I received a little bit of help from Senior Xuexia two years ago." Senior Xiao Muzhen hesitantly rubbed his hands and said.

"I think my sister helped a lot of people when she was in school?" The minister's expression was still flat. I don't know if this sentence was her true thoughts or because she wanted to avoid the topic about her sister.

Of course, for Yukino Yukino, it’s hard to be able to talk to someone you don’t know much about for such a long time that seems to be marginal, probably out of respect for an important figure of the Sobu High Cultural Festival. , Although Xuexia is cold, he still maintains a basic respect.

However, despite this, the natural unapproachable nature under the snow is too easy to feel.

I looked at the hesitant-senior Xiao Muzhen, and for a while, I felt that she and her sister's roles overlapped—the same image of a little restrained and afraid to speak. To be honest, this was not very suitable for senior Xiao Muzhen.

"Well, is Yuukixia just planning to go back with Kazuya? It looks like what you were discussing before?"

I took a look at Xuexia. According to her character, she should deny everything at this time, right?

——But I seem to have forgotten that today's Xuexia has done something unexpected to me.

Pressing his temple, Yukoshita frowned, and continued: "There is indeed something to discuss."

I can feel the eyes that Senior Xiao Muzhen casts on me quickly. Her eyes are not harsh, but her very sharp eyes seem to ask me "feel, the relationship between you and classmate Xuexia is not as good as what you showed. Bad, right?"

So, how should I answer?Minister Yukinoshita, stimulated by her sister, did another thing that was obviously different from her style.

"It's just that there were some problems in the communication of the executive committee. In addition, I didn't go there to report after school these days. I went directly to the light music club. So I happened to meet the minister today, and she stopped. I, confess with me.” The irony is that although I have repeatedly thought that it is difficult for me to lie in front of Senior Xiao Muzhen, but only at this time, when I am helping myself or other people, I always Can think of appropriate or inappropriate reasons.

Although I don't know whether Xiao Muzhen will believe my explanation.

Although most of the time, she thoughtfully accepts the seemingly so-so answers I gave her-this time is no exception.

"If there are other tasks on the executive committee, I don't think I need to come and watch every day? What Xuexiamen may know is that the situation of the light music club is a bit embarrassing recently?"

"It depends on Yubihama himself. I can't stop him from his enthusiasm in strange places." Yukoshita spread his hands and said, "You can decide this kind of thing yourself."

"This kind of thing, think about it later?"

——Different from the previous two conversations, although every word the two people said was plain and plain, they felt that they might push me into the fire pit at any time!

"Don't stay in the light music club for a long time."

"If you really don't want to think about Shu, then senior executive chairman can call me back?"

"If it is recalled, what should we do if the new people in the past and the light music will have a bad relationship? It is very common in history that officials dispatched by the central government to the local government will eventually get in touch with the local snake, and finally overhead all the newcomers!"

"Even if you don't believe in my character, can you please trust the morality of Senior Xiao Muzhen?"

"Sorry, of course I am not suspicious of the character of Senior Xiao Muzhen. The main problem is that they are too kind, so I don't know when they will be deceived by Heye you, am I?"

"The chairman of the executive committee who said this, I think that if you go to the Information Department, it will be big news!"

"The premise is that the press department that said this can still exist." Yukoshita replied without pressure.

So, who is going to recycle this terrible guy!

"Although I have heard and talked about the way of getting along with Xuexia, but from personal experience, it still feels very incredible!"

"The main reason is that the minister is too poisonous, so I can only make some appropriate rebuttals when necessary. Please forgive me."

"But when I say something similar, I always feel that Kazunari's refutation seems very weak?"

"Uh, senior, why do you make such a sad expression? Would you be happy if I treat you in this way?"

"It seems like it shouldn't be happy, but it's always fun, isn't it?" Senior Xiaomushu stroked the bangs on his forehead, his eyes narrowed, "Is that so? And if and if you and If Yukoshita has other things to say, then I will leave first!"

Although at the last moment, Senior Xiao Muzhen, who was inexplicably uplifted, was incomprehensible, but overall there was no trouble, which is really great.

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In nominal terms, it was an effort to end the so-called topic as soon as possible. However, after walking from school to the tram stop and then on the tram, Yukoshita did not say a word, which made it clear that she followed her all the way because of the other party’s request. I feel very embarrassed.

Moreover, even when I started to speak, Yuukishita's first question still made me feel that the end of this conversation is a little far away.

"It seems that in the past few days of going to the light music club, the results have been quite great?"

"Achievement in what sense?"

"Isn't it the result you expected to achieve?"

"So, the result I personally hope to achieve is—"

"Well, I mean, it seems that your relationship with Senior Xiao Muzhen is recovering well?"

——However, this is an illusion. Although both my sister and Xuexia had this illusion "coincidentally", it is still an illusion.

It’s just that at this time, it’s right to follow Xuexia’s intentions to continue, otherwise we will fall into endless quarrels with her. Sometimes I think about the obsession of the minister and me in quarreling. Significantly, most of the bickering has become a futile battle to defeat and defeat the opponent.

"Some progress, right?"