My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 241

"Some progress, does this mean you are not satisfied with the current situation?"

"Minister Xuexia, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Xuexiaxia, I personally think that this is not the time to gossip about my personal problems, right? What are the problems you left with me? I hope to go back soon. Waiting for me to eat!"

"Oh!" Then, Yukino Yukoshita simply replied in a puzzled manner.

If it weren't for the Yukino Yukoshita, I really think this is a sign of her jealousy, hahaha.

——So how is that possible, it is precisely because she is the Yukino Yukino, so in general, when thinking about what she said, don't consider her emotional orientation - except for Yui sister's issue.Of course, the little gentleness towards Yui sister is probably the most important reason why I can judge Yukinoshita as a girl in character.

"Well, let's start asking questions then? Yubihama—your sister, is there anything weird behavior recently?"

"No—OK problem solved, Minister, goodbye—"

Of course I really want to say that, and I did say so, but I also know that just saying that will not reassure Xuexia.What's more, I was on the tram now, and I just said "goodbye", and I couldn't jump off the car and escape.

The reason for saying this is that I just hope that the minister can pay attention to it and not waste time meaninglessly like just now.

"I mean, for example, your sister has acted like singing more recently and has been in and out of karaoke more frequently. Has this ever happened?"

So, specific and constructive questions like this are meaningful questions, right?

Although my answer is the same.

"Sorry, it seems that I haven't paid attention to this point."

"So, Yubihama, do you think your sister will agree to her sister's performance in this band. What is the reason?"

"Minister, believe me, just like you, my most sincere wish now is to go back and question Yui sister about this matter-although I am almost sure she will not give me a satisfactory answer."

"So, our conclusions in this regard should be consistent?"

"Yes, like you, I am still very surprised that my sister decided to join Yukoshita's band. The only reason I can think of is to win the qualifications of Miss Sou Takeshi and also try to gain popularity through songs. But the problem is that if she can’t be more brilliant than Xiao Muxiao’s predecessors, it means that those who might support her sister will eventually be snatched away by Xiao Muxiao’s predecessor, right? Although it is also possible that her sister is better than Xiao Muxiao’s predecessor. The situation, but, to be honest, hope is very slim!"

"Are you too pessimistic about your sister?"

"The main reason is that I can be regarded as someone who has seen the strength of senior Xiao Muzhen? At this point, if the sister does not know the strength of senior, she may indeed make such a choice, which seems to be very suitable for the sister sometimes. Of inconspicuous personality--"

"——The premise is that it was something she didn't pay attention to. Obviously, she still cares about Miss Chief Wu Gao's election."

"So, Minister, please come and find a reasonable reason for this matter?"

"If I can know, do I need to come to you?"

"But, did you see what happened to me!" I spread my hands and replied helplessly.

As a result, two people who claim to be smart but at the same time helpless in this situation can only stare at each other helplessly.

Then, in such staring eyes, the tram seemed to have reached the terminal.

"So, that, I'm curious, Minister, where exactly do you live?" I asked as I got off the car.

"Uh, this—" However, Xuexia showed an embarrassed expression.

"what happened?"

"I just found out that I seem to have taken the wrong tram."


"Don't look at me with the look of seeing a ghost, can you?"

"Does the minister think it's cute to add a stray girl attribute to himself? No way, no, no, high cold girl with the stray girl attribute usually has a contrast, but the problem is that high cold for a long time will only give people a confused girl attribute. Kind of a strong sense of disobedience. But I remember Minister, you seem to be crazy about—"

"——Sorry, but this is purely a mistake, and I don’t want to add that kind of inexplicable attribute to myself. Besides, please don’t slander yourself without permission."


"——So, Yubihama-student, don't you think the key now is that we should hurry back? After all, it is not a good thing to let the family wait too long for dinner, right?"

"Whose reason do you think this happened?"

"Well, so I'm sorry."

"You should show it when you say sorry—ahhhhhh, Minister, what did you just say?"


"Uh, Minister?"

"Yuhihama, it's time to get in the car."

I'm sure I heard Yukino Yukoshita say sorry, but she never seemed willing to admit it to me a second time.

From various circumstances, I think that Minister Xuexia today seems to have a short circuit in his mind.

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Chapter Seventeen: Interrogation

If I expect to meet someone else on the way back to Yuukishita to form a new triangle relationship, then I, who have never believed in gods, would seriously consider finding a shrine to exorcise evil spirits from me.Fortunately, this frenzied thing did not happen.After returning to the departure station with Xuexia almost without saying a word, she and I said goodbye.

By the way, I think this is an important reason for judging Xuexiaxuenai as Lu Chi, because she seems to have never considered using other ways to go home than returning home.

Of course, according to the usual practice, the abnormal snow under the snow cannot last too long. When she said goodbye to me, I could no longer feel that this person seemed to have treated me too humbly not long ago.The look was as if I owed her an apology.

When I went home, I finished the meal with the suspicion of "Heya came back today, isn't it a bit late today? Didn't I go on a date with a certain girl?"I patiently coaxed Sabre away from my sister, and then pointed to the core of the problem. For Yuihama Yui, I think I have too many things to interrogate.

Amidst the grumbles of the older sister "Xiaohe, it is impolite to enter the girls' room casually", and his parents again cast a surprised but unstoppable look of "What happened to Heya today?" In the middle, I dragged my sister into her room.

Of course, it is the first time that I feel the convenience brought by the stocking policy of the Hihama family, because my forced *** did not cause any other reaction from the parents who witnessed it. They probably still think this It's the normal way for a pair of sisters and brothers who have already entered puberty to connect with each other-although it seems that the problem of understanding is even greater.

In short, put the weak sister on the bed and sit upright, and then start the interrogation.

I haven't entered my sister's room for a long time. I should say that I haven't been since I entered high school.Although I am not the kind of person who is afraid to enter the girls' room, I intuitively feel that I should show some basic respect to my sister, so if it is not necessary, I will not enter my sister's room.

Therefore, after entering this room, I still have to observe its structure.The pink tone is similar to my sister's previous style. The pink bed and the pink desk make people feel that the mental age of the owner of this room should be a few years younger than the actual age.As a student, there are just a few books scattered on the desk, and more of the little boxes of weird cosmetics. If the guy from Biqigu was here—he seemed to have been forgotten by me for a long time—definitely. It's time to complain about this desk full of high school girls' style.In other respects, there is nothing too outrageous. I was expecting one or two huge dolls to appear on the bed, but I realized that it actually matched my sister's style.

Of course, what made me notice the most was that a few pieces of white paper scattered on the bed, from a distance, you can vaguely see that the words written on them should be lyrics or the like.

It seems that no matter what reason I chose to cooperate with Yukoshita Yono, my sister's idea of ​​going on stage to sing is indeed real.

Seeing the lyrics paper along my line of sight, my sister's face was also blushing. After my gaze stayed on that for a long time, she probably understood what was wrong with her today.

"You can actually go to Xiaohe's room to talk about this matter?" Although the whole body can move around freely, it is probably because I was too impressed by the fact that I just wrapped her whole body and dragged her into the room. My sister just sat on her own bed in her room very restrained, and asked embarrassedly.