My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 242

——Ah, this seems to be forgotten.It seems that no matter who you are questioning, there is a common convention that you have to go to the other person's space to question to appear more oppressive, so I habitually choose my sister's room!

"Ahem, if you didn't find those lyrics papers in your sister's room, what should you do if you deny it?"

"How is it possible to deny it? Anyway, these things have been confirmed, why should I be shameless?"

——I'm speechless again.Obviously it was the questioning party, but now he is repeatedly refuted by the questioning party-and the other party is my sister who is not so good at debating. This frustration is really embarrassing.

"Okay, in short, don't care about these details. Just ask the questions straightforwardly. Sister, why do you want to join Yukoshita Yono's band? Don't you know that that guy is a devil who eats people and doesn't spit out bones? ?"

"Is there such an exaggeration? I admit that Senior Yono is very difficult to deal with-but is she really as evil as you say?"

"It's true, otherwise, you can confirm the accuracy of this question to Xuexia himself."

"This doesn't count, because Xiaoxue has some minor problems with her sister. You can tell at a glance that asking Xiaoxue is not objective."

I don't know why, I feel that today's sister has nothing special, but what she said is more difficult to refute than usual!

"Uh, this question is a bit off topic, so let's get back to the subject, please explain why you chose to cooperate with Yukoshita Yono's senior. I believe that even if you have nothing to worry about that senior, you will not take the initiative to find it. She, then asked to join her band, right?"

"That's it!" My sister laughed "hehe"."In fact, this incident is really coincidental. Although I also considered singing, in the end I still couldn't be sure, because at this time, no matter who I went to, I couldn't join anymore? But, after school At that time, I just saw Yono-senpai who was waiting for Koyuki at the entrance of the school! Yono-san seemed to be worried that his band could not enter the performance list of the school festival. Although I don’t know why Koyuki wouldn’t let her. My sister entered the list, but Senior Yang Nao said that if it is a student of Sou Wu Gao as the lead singer, it should be passed by Xiaoxue. She also consulted my opinion, although it was a bit sloppy, but I thought about it, this This opportunity was fleeting, so I agreed to it in the end. That's roughly the case."

"So, old sister, are you really making some big temporary intentions? You guy, you are only good at seizing opportunities at this time! It was the same when you applied for Zong Wu Gao, almost knowing the one of Zong Wu Gao. On the second day of the weird school festival award, you signed up. This kind of keen response, should I trouble you to think about it?"

However, the sister just smiled embarrassedly.

However, the words of my sister proved part of the truthfulness of what Yukoshita Yono said. My sister's behavior was only a temporary intention. However, this kind of accident happened to hit Yukoshita Yono's muzzle. The possibility of this is beyond my estimation.

"Then, the next question, what is the reason why my sister wants to sing? Isn't she really helping the senior Yukinoshita?" I looked at my sister and asked the next question, and this question is that. The question I want to know the most.As for how Xuexia Yangna will trouble her sister, this is a conflict within their family, and I am not interested in mixing it up.

"This, if Xiaohe, you should be able to guess it too?"

"It is precisely because I can guess that I feel very angry and unbelievable. This is not because I am on the side of Senior Xiao Mutong so I have a preference for Senior Xiao Muzhen, but from an objective perspective, it is incomprehensible."

"Yeah, I know, I know, Xiaohe should still be on my side at this time, is that right?"

"So, it has nothing to do with who is biased, sister, do you understand the meaning of your actions?"

"Huh, what's the point?"

"Maybe my elder sister just thinks that singing and performing is the same way as the predecessor Xiaomushu to gain popularity by performing on stage. However, from the audience's perspective, performing at the school festival, especially similar performances before and after the school festival, It will definitely come for comparison. Therefore, the result is that the winner takes all, the better-performing party will get all the support votes of the singers, and the party that does not perform satisfactorily, even one The basic ticket warehouse at the beginning may be lost. Otherwise, everyone now almost knows that Senior Xiao Muzhen will participate in the light music club's performance, why didn't that Liu Yuanpeng consider using the same way to win popularity?" The face seemed to be completely incomprehensible, and I couldn’t help being a little angry. No matter how I laugh at Yuihama Yui as an idiot, but she has hardly made a wrong judgment on important things. !

"You know this kind of thing!" My sister squinted her eyes slightly and said, "Thank you Xiaohe for worrying, but I know this kind of thing!"

"If you know--"

"—If I know, why would I do this? Xiaohe don’t you think that this question is no different from the other question you had at the beginning? After all, I knew from the beginning that I would definitely lose to Senior Xiao Muzhen, after all From the beginning, I knew that the gap between me and my predecessors was too big, so why did you still participate in the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao? I think Xiaohe's attitude when you asked the question just now is the same as the current one, right? "

"This is not the same. Even if the Miss Chief Wu Gao's election is lost, my sister will still be my sister. There will not be too many results, and no one will compare you with your predecessors. However, such singing will definitely make you Standing on the cusp of a storm that compares directly with the predecessors."

"In other words, does Xiaohe think it is impossible for me to win the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao?" My sister stood up and asked me seriously.

"not like this."

"--But the chance is too small, so I want me to prepare for the final defeat early? Would you like to say something like this?"

I lowered my head. Today's Yui sister is a bit too sharp.

"I know, I really know that everyone is supporting me, everyone is supporting me, but everyone thinks that my chance is not big," my sister smiled reluctantly and said, "After all, the opponent is What about Senior Xiao Muzhen, the opponent is the two-game leader Xiao Muzhen Senior! Who would think I had no chance? However, since standing on that stage, Xiaohe, do you think anyone really wants to give up?"

Standing on that stage, Xiaohe, do you think anyone really wants to give up?

My sister's words made me hesitate.

Yes, no one wants to concede defeat. Even the light-hearted "just take this election as an opportunity to accumulate popularity" is preparing carefully and never let go of any opportunity. Even Xiao Muzhen, who is considered by everyone to be very likely to win the three consecutive hegemonies, is taking this election seriously and working hard for his smooth election.Then, Yuihama Yui is the same, working hard, and unwilling to miss any chance.

"So, if you don't want to admit defeat, you must work hard. As long as there is hope, you must work hard. This is the case in the election of Miss Zong Wu Gao, and the same is true in singing, right? Although maybe I really do not sing as well as Xiao Mu Shu. , But Yang Nao’s band is a band after all, isn’t it? Although I know that there are talented pianists in the Light Music Club, she is only one person after all. She can’t be responsible for all the instruments. If I work harder If this is the case, maybe this can be my opportunity too, right?"

I looked at my sister’s firm gaze and wanted to refute, however, I found that I did not have any sufficient reason to refute.

"Moreover, Senior Yang Nai may have a secret weapon!"

"It's here, what is this secret weapon?"

"I will never divulge this, even if it is Xiaohe, the secret weapon is a secret weapon, and this secret weapon may not be usable!" However, this time, my sister shook her head peacefully. The same as a rattle.

"That's right," I suddenly remembered another unusual behavior of my sister, "this, is it related to your previous talk about not letting seniors sing "sound–of-destiny"?"

"No comment!"

However, there is no comment. At this time, it is actually the best answer.

The two are related, and if there is a relationship, I can only think of the most terrifying possibility.

But is this a joke?Even Yukoshita Yono, if it can do this kind of thing, it's going to hang up, right?

"So, Xiaohe, do you have anything else to ask?"

"Well! If my sister doesn't want to say, then there is nothing else."

In the end, I still pressed my bold speculation to the bottom of my heart.

After all, this is just a high school academy festival. It shouldn't be such an exaggeration, right?

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But it’s so exaggerated (laughs)


Chapter Eighteen: Unexpected Results

The interrogation of Yui sister did not yield any substantive results. My sister, who has always been a bit big in this regard, did not say a word on the core information. The only valuable information that can be obtained is that she has to talk to each other after school every day. Yukoshita's band rehearsed together.As for the location, the woman with great power can naturally solve it, and I didn't ask too much.

Therefore, regarding this matter, I have nothing to report with Xuexia - this is also the reason why I did not go to the committee classroom after school the next day, although because of an accident after school the day before, I and Xuexia The relationship between Xia Xia and Xia Xia seems to have eased, but this does not constitute the reason why I continue to communicate with Xue Xia Xia.

What's more, today’s Light Music Club has a more important event—at the suggestion of Mr. Xiao Muzhen, all members of the Light Music Club gathered again to formally discuss my sister’s suggestion to change songs.

"So, that's how it happened. The Yubihama classmate-well, Kazuki's sister, suggested that we change the song, at least the song "sound-of-destiny". I don't know what everyone thinks. What is it?" As the convener, Senior Xiao Muzhen first explained the situation, and then looked at others.

However, neither the two boys nor Dongma and Sa did not immediately express their opinions. Obviously, they seemed to be still digesting the intrusive news.

"As far as I am concerned, there is nothing wrong with changing the song. Yuihama-san's remarks are definitely not aimless, so if I want to change the song, I have no objection." Senior Xiao Mu Shu nodded at me, first expressing his own. view.

"That Yubihama student, is it credible?" At this time, Kitahara Haruki finally made his response.

However, it is a shameful act to suspect a person without authorization, Haruno Kitahara!

"Senior Kitahara, do you think my sister would make this suggestion because she deliberately wanted to find faults for light music lovers?"

"Of course not, Kazuya, but when we were faced with this situation, it was reasonable for us to be suspicious of this somewhat unproven information at the first time? What's more, your sister didn't say anything. The reasons for preventing us from adopting these two songs, such an attitude of only making one suggestion without mentioning any other reasons, is normal, right?"