My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 243

Although he didn't want to admit it, what Kitahara said was quite reasonable.If it weren't for him to put forward this rebuttal, maybe I would calmly accept it, but, I don't know why, recently my tolerance for Haru Kitahara has become somewhat low.And when he showed doubts about my sister, his emotions were out of my control.

"About Yubihama-student, I have also contacted her. One thing is certain is that she is indeed a very kind girl, so Kitahara-san, you don’t have to worry about Yuihama-student having other thoughts on this matter." Senior said again.

While saying these words, she blinked at me gently again.

This was indeed a good relief. From the beginning of today, the attitude of the predecessors seemed to be in the "unconditional belief in Yubihama". This surprised me and was also a little curious.

I don't understand, what is the purpose of Senior Xiao Muzhen, so firmly agreeing to change the song.

"Since Xiao Mushou said the same thing," Haruhi Kitahara paused. Obviously, the third-party conversations with senior Xiao Mushou were more convincing for him. "Of course, it's okay not to doubt Yuihama, but, It would be best if I could talk to her again-don’t know if it’s okay now?"

Senior Kitahara's eyes fell on me.

"I'm sorry, I don't think it's possible anymore, Yui sister has made arrangements after school these days."

"Really? That's still a bit troublesome!" Senior Kitahara stretched out his finger and tapped the void in front of his eyes. "Although I am willing to change the song during the insurance period if I can, but at this time, it is really somewhat It’s difficult. Xiao Muzheng, you don’t mind if you are the lead singer, but with my guitar level, even if I prepare a new song temporarily—"

Senior Kitahara asked tentatively while looking at Touma Kazuza with some trouble.

"It takes a lot of effort to prepare the current song, right?" Dongma and Sa coldly glanced at Beiyuan.

"So--" Senior Kitahara said with a wry smile, "Although I know it's probably because of me, it's the truth. Of course, if you consider changing the song and changing the weapon, then... Ok!"

Another opinion of Haruki Kitahara also declared bankruptcy under the freezing light of Dongma.

"So, what's Minister's opinion?" I looked at Minister Takeya Iizuka who hadn't posted anything before.

Well, even at this important moment in the fate of the relationship society, Minister Iizuka seems to be left alone.

"As for me, of course everything is fine! After all, preparing the soundtrack is really not that troublesome, but Chunxi also said that if he can't fix those problems, everything can't be started from scratch, right? And, personally , I still don’t hope that the light music enthusiasts will make a big mess at this time. If you have to give an opinion, I still don’t agree to change the song-after all, we don’t know what Heye your sister thinks, right? ?"

Although I had expected it before, the fact that Iizuka was on the side of his good friend still made me feel a little unhappy.

Obviously, they are still doubting their sister.

However, the most important issue now lies with Haru Kitahara—and in fact, it is Touma Kazuya that determines the efficiency of Senior Kitahara.

"Senior Dongma, I would take the liberty to ask you a question. If you try your best, regardless of the cost of time--for example, even let Senior Kitahara stay overnight in your house--"

"——Hey, Hey, Heya, saying these things is really——"

"--I'm just giving an example, for example, if you work hard to this level," Of course, I ignored Kitahara's interruption--I mean I am creating conditions for you, okay?"If you work hard to this level, can you let Kitahara practice a new song during this period of time. After all, the guitar solo part of "sound-of-destiny" is very difficult. Even if Kitahara practises a song completely The new song, the time it takes may not be really harder than the solo practice of this song, right?"

Touma and Sae glanced at me in confusion, and then at Haru Kitahara. Finally, gritted her teeth, she said, "It's still a bit difficult for that guy's level?"


"Are you questioning the judgment of a professional? Yubihama?"

I certainly do not question the judgment of a professional-provided that this judgment is really made by the professional through their own professional standards.

Dongma and Sa are lying. I am not surprised that Dongma and Sa are lying-the question is, why is she lying?Because she lied this time because she was rejecting something that would benefit her more.

More time alone with Haru Kitahara—she just refused.

"If you want me to stare at Beiyuan all the time, there may be a little chance - but I am also very busy, and I have my own things to do." It seems that I am also aware of what I just said. It's really unreasonable, Dongma and Sa hurriedly explained.

However, this can only make her words even weaker.

However, at this level, the results of this discussion will come out.From my standpoint, I am not qualified to forcefully demand the light music club. I can become a disruptor or a guide, but after all, I am a pure supervisor without any power.

"So, as expected, there is still no way!" Senior Xiao Muzhen stood up and said as if he had made a concluding statement, "So, it can only be carried out according to the original plan? Explain the matter to your sister again, is this okay?"

His position was denied, but Senior Xiao Muzhen did not show any disappointment.

"Yes, yes, at this time, stability is the right way! Even if the Yuihama-student knew that other people would sing "sound-of-destiny" at the cultural festival, but with Xiao Mu Shu and Dong Ma, We are not weaker than anyone else, are we?" Minister Iizuka also took the time to clap his hands and said with a boost of morale.

"At cultural festivals, there will always be many accidents, Iizuka-san, don't be careless!"

"Xiao Muzhen, you are too humble, sometimes it is better to be more confident."

"If you're too arrogant, you will be too arrogant. That's not good."

"I know Xiao Muzhen why you are so popular among boys and girls. Your attitude is so good."

In the end, somewhat inexplicably, this meeting became the minister's touting meeting for seniors-but, Minister Iizuka, do you really think that someone like Ogishao-sen will give you a chance?

---------------------------------------split line--------- -------------------------------

Because of the rare simultaneous appearance of the four members of the light music club, at the suggestion of Haruki Kitahara, the light music club conducted the first group practice in a long time. It is said that the senior Kitahara who practiced at Dongma’s house has already dealt with this matter. Looking forward to it for a long time.

The repertoire of group practice includes the first half of "white-album" and "sound-of-destiny". It can be seen that the predecessors of Kitahara have improved rapidly during this period.However, this is indeed understandable that he is not willing to give up and practice the new song. After all, for him, now he only needs to conquer the solo part of the second song, and he can be done. At this time, he wants to. Changing the song, unless he is a holy talent is possible.

The long-lost singing and piano ensemble sounded again in the first music room.

Compared with when I first came to this classroom, the guitar sound is obviously not jerky, and there is no need to force myself to match the rhythm of the guitar with singing and piano.

However, this time the problem is the piano.

I believe that for a song like "white-album", even if Dongma Hesha only devotes 60% of his attention, it is enough to hold up an excellent song. However, the current Dongma Hesha obviously even invests 60% It's not enough, because even a layman like me can hear the piano sound that can't keep up with the rhythm of the other two people many times.

In the end, even Dongma and Sa, who has always been arrogant, had to wave his hands, and said with some embarrassment: "Sorry, there have been several mistakes just now."

"No problem, right? Dongma? Isn't your body uncomfortable today?"

"It's nothing." Taking a closer look, Dongma and Sa's face are indeed a little red, but considering that Beiyuan's face is almost touching her face, there is nothing incomprehensible that her face is red.

"But your face is very red!" Just as countless dull harem heroes would do, Kitahara Haruki almost didn't hesitate to put her forehead on Dongma Kazuya's forehead.

——Then Dongma Kazuya kicked it away mercilessly.

Well, this is also the usual reaction of a tsundere heroine.

Please, you two dull people quickly hand over to that group for punishment, right?

"Kitahara, there is no need to practice after school today."

"Eh, why?"

"Punish your performance today."

"But, my performance-hey, Dongma, would it be better for you to explain?"

"I was really distracted just now, this time I won't." Touma Kazuya ignored Kitahara Haruki and sat back in front of his piano, "Let's do it again, this time there will be no problem."

Looking from a distance, it seems that Dongma Hesha's face is not as red as before.

Is the abnormal expression just now because of nervousness and shyness?