My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 244

However, even so, Dongma and Sa's performance today is enough to make people feel concerned.

From the first use of lying to avoid suggestions that are beneficial to oneself, to the distraction just now when playing the piano, to this kind of subtle state between being sick and not being sick.

So, why didn't the girls of these two days play cards according to common sense!

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Also, do you want to make Dongma sick (laughs)


Chapter 19: Some things are always irreversible

As a master-at least a master player in my eyes, Dongma Kazuya quickly adjusted his state and allowed the joint training to proceed quickly.

I sit by the window of the first music room, trying to observe all this from the perspective of a bystander.

After special training, Haruhiro Kitahara’s guitar, Touma and Sa’s genius piano performance level, coupled with Xiaomu Yuxina’s professional-level singing voice, are just such a casual first practice together, and the three have an accident. The harmonious effect of this made me amazed.One can imagine how dazzling this trio will be when on the stage, put on costumes and matched with lights.

It was so dazzling that I felt a little alienated.

Although I have always disliked Kitahara Haruhi, I have to admit his ability. Although he is the worst performer among the three, he is the most indispensable one, and only he can help Dongma Putting together two girls like Hesha and Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai who are diametrically opposed in terms of personality and habits.

This is not jealousy, but an inexplicable loss.

I think the Minister Iizuka opposite to me will feel the same sense of loss-the feeling that he obviously participated in everything, but he doesn't belong to it.Of course, because of his identification with the Light Music Club and the sincere gratification of his good friends, he may not care too much about his loss.However, looking at his occasional lost eyes, I know that he still has this kind of emotion inadvertently.

When the performance began, the world was just their audience except for the three performers.

This unexpected loss of consciousness lasted for a long time, until I even hadn't expected the end of the club activities.Of course, maybe because the warm sun coming in through the window in winter makes people feel a little too comfortable, so I'm still reluctant to stand up, right?

Of course, if there is something as warm as the sun in this world, maybe it is the concern of Senior Xiao Muzhen.

"Heya, what's the matter, don't you go?" Because my body blocked the sun, Senpai's face was hidden in the darkness. However, her beautiful long brown hair exudes beauty under the sunlight. The brilliance.

Xiao Mu Zhao Xue Cai, what does it mean to me?What does my obsession with Senior Xiao Muzhen mean?

"Heya, did you fall asleep? Listening to our performance, you will still fall asleep, how do you want to hit people?" The senior complained a little, and said with a little doting.

I don't know why, a complicated thought suddenly rose in my heart-what if I just pretend to sleep like this?

Perhaps this will be one of the most irrational decisions in my life, but it is difficult for me to resist the temptation brought by this decision.

"Hey, Kazuya, are you really asleep?" I felt a cold and slippery flash on my face. Is that the hand of Senior Xiao Muzhen?

"Heya, I am not the elder sister responsible for getting you up!"

Sorry, Senior Xiao Muyan, I usually wake up the old lady!

"It seems that I really fell asleep! This is really a bit harder."

So, what's next?Wake me up?

If this is the case, it does not meet my expectations, right?

So what is my expectation?

I heard the sound of moving a chair next to me. Senior Xiao Muzhen seemed to be sitting down. She didn't try to wake me up.She just kept on talking.

"Actually, I said that I was in a relationship with Ye in middle school. I really don’t believe it! You are like all smart people. On the other hand, you are a little bit ignorant! If you analyze it now, you and Xiaochun It makes sense to break up, not because you did something wrong, but because the way you think about things, can you not go to death like this?"

Hey, criticizing me at the beginning, senior, this is too much.

"Kazaya obviously can not be a younger brother, but he must play the role of a younger brother in front of me. This also troubles me! Although I am used to taking care of Xiaohong at home, it does not mean that I like being an older sister. Oh! Although the sister of Dangheye has a strong sense of accomplishment occasionally and was very happy at the beginning, I should really trouble you to think more about your own Yui sister, right?"

This is not what I expected. Even the predecessor Xiao Muzhen will be dissatisfied with my many volatile actions. The previous break, in a sense, is that the predecessors are unwilling to accommodate my performance, right?

"However, the problem is, if I no longer get along with and also like my sister and brother, how should I get along with and also? I always feel that there are not many friends who get along the way before! It should be more equal, right? In fact, you can do this with Harmony, a little bit more equal, and maybe more things will be changed."

So, why not say it?

"But if I can't tell, I'll be scared? After all, you are one of the few people who knows that side of Xiaomu Yuxuecai! If you were equal, would it be because of my tolerance for you? , You will also feel that the seniors who don’t feel like sisters are unreliable. So it’s very troublesome, isn’t it? On the one hand, you are trying hard to find a kind of change, on the other hand, you are looking for the previous balance in the change. In the final analysis, I am still scared!"

"Quarrel or something, this is like a normal friend's way of getting along, isn't it? Although such bad things have happened, but, Heya, you are different from them? I also know that you are different. Yes, because you are still not good at lying, from your eyes-well, now you can’t see it with your eyes closed, but, it’s just that at other times, from your eyes, I can see that you are talking to me. Desire. What, if you know this, why do you continue with you so lukewarm?"

"So it's the question I had at the beginning, isn't it? Kazuya, how did you get along with girls before? Girls, whether they are with male friends or female friends, they hope they understand themselves more or less, right? ? If all the words must be communicated directly, isn't there a lack of a sense of self-confidence?"

"As for why confidant feeling is important, if you can't understand this, then I don't believe it!"

——Actually, this is understandable, but——

"--But you just understand, but you don’t know what I mean. Actually, if you think about it, do I really want you to help Xiaochun? Well, of course it’s true. Yes, but I am definitely not talking about a senior educating a younger generation, or a person who has personal experience of sympathy for Xiaochun, or even from the perspective of a friend asking his friend to help his ex-girlfriend. The reason why I suggest you Help Xiaochun because, I know, you want to help Xiaochun—no matter how many negative reasons you find for yourself, you are and want to help Xiaochun."

"Positive theory? Is this kind of thing really so important? Human freedom, human unfreedom? You seem to like to talk about these things at ordinary times. From a philosophical point of view, I can't speak to you. I have said your words. In the future, I will not go to the Department of Economics, but to the Department of Philosophy. However, I know a very simple theorem-I believe that if a person violates his own heart, he will definitely not be'free. So, Kazuya, what I wanted to tell you at the time was that if you really want to help Xiaochun, then just help. Absolutely, don’t use any weird “rightism” to restrain yourself. what!"

I think my body has frozen.Pretending to be asleep is to let myself hear something that Senior Xiao Muzhen might not say to me, but I would never think that I never understood what Senior Xiao Muzhen wanted to say to me was so easy to say.

My theory of "freedom" is constantly being revised. My interference with others, my understanding and domination of others, all stand under my theory of "freedom"-however, seniors want to tell me The thing is, don’t care about this strange "rightism"?

Even if Senior Xiao Muzhen said these things to me, it was really difficult to accept!

"Of course, I know, you won't listen to me when I say these things to you. You seem to depend on me, but in the face of the things you decide, you haven't changed, have you? Well, yes Don’t you seem to be talking about your sister? The two children of Yubihama are surprisingly similar in this respect?"

"So, I didn't tell you my thoughts. I hope you will understand my thoughts by yourself - and I will also prove my thoughts to Kazunari. Classmate Yuihama Kazunari, Yukina may not be good at reasoning. ——Well, this seems to be something you hate, Kitahara-student who is good at? However, there is nothing lacking in practice in this aspect of Xiaomu Yu Xuecai!"

So, senior, what are you going to do?

"I can't tell you what to do, who knows if you are pretending to sleep?"

Ah hello, is this seen through?

"Of course, even if you are really sleeping, I can't tell you, because some things are just like wishes, but they are useless! But, do you know why I agreed to change the song?"


"Because, I think, I am ready."

Senior said something inexplicable.

After that, I felt something on my body, warm and soft.

"If you deliberately didn't ask you to get up, you wouldn't blame me? But, my scarf, but I will give it to you! Heye classmate who exercises regularly can not catch a cold? Probably not? Well, then, Maybe you can leave?"

Soon after, I heard the closing of the first music room.

I opened my eyes.