My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 246

"If you walk with you, you will get on the wrong tram, so forget it!"

——But Minister, it doesn’t seem to be my fault, is it?Although, as a patient, I can be considerate of your moodiness, but it would be better for you to stick to your principles, wouldn’t it?Don't break the image of Miss Yukinoshita who is absolutely correct!

As if to prove that he was okay, Yukoshita quickly took two steps forward, stood firmly, and then looked back at me.Although her arrogant nature prevents her from saying "Look, I am absolutely fine", but the confidence on her face is undoubtedly a display of "It is fine to leave me alone".

I am not an overly good-looking male protagonist. Of course, I am not the kind of so-called EQ that is so low that the other person says nothing.For me, I still cannot define the position of Xuexia Xuena in my heart. I usually call her "Minister", but deep down, I think I can still regard her as a friend—of course not that. This kind of friend who has a very good relationship, she also betrayed me. However, given the good relationship between my sister and her, and I have some influence on a certain part of the minister’s personal planning, I think I can still reluctantly call her Works are friends.

Of course, since it is reluctant, it means that I will not interfere too much with the other party’s opinion. Since the other party has expressed a strong will to go back—whether this is true or not, this at least reflects Xuexia’s attitude towards himself. Judging, Xuexia may push herself to the limit, but she is not a person who will choose to be aggressive when she can't persist. Therefore, judging from this logic, I don't need to send her back.

However, it was precisely because I reluctantly regarded her as my friend, so leaving a patient who can be called my friend in this way made me feel somewhat embarrassed.

For this dilemma, my choice is to show some care for the other party.

He took off the scarf from his neck and handed it to Xuexia.

"Then put on a scarf to keep you warm."

However, Xuexia's expression seemed to be slightly hesitant.

I understand what she meant.

"Don't worry, the scarf belongs to the predecessor Xiao Muyan. If you are obsessed with cleanliness, there is almost no body temperature on it. You can understand that the senior Xiao Muyan lent you her scarf, so that's okay?"

"That's it. I was wondering before that you would wear a scarf at this time. Something doesn't fit your style."

"I hope that my style in your heart is not the kind of stupid big man who doesn't adjust his dress according to the season."

"Of course not. Although you are a problematic teenager in every way, I still think highly of you!" Xuexia said while taking the scarf I handed over.

——So don't accept the charity of the problem teenager, a little bit reluctant.

"Senior Xiao Muzhen, there is no problem, right?" A question that didn't fit the style of Xuexia.

"What does the minister care about?"

"After all, considering that if this scarf is a special gift given to you by Mr. Xiao Muzhen, it would be more or less inconvenient for me to follow it-I will be very troubled if you use this to threaten me in the future."

"So didn't you tell me? This scarf was just lent to me by senior. Although it is a bit wrong to lend it to other people without her permission, if it is senior, you will definitely understand it? After all, I lent it. Someone who needs this scarf more, doesn't he?"

"That's understandable." Yukinoshita stared at the scarf carefully for a long time, then nodded.

"I always feel that there is a subtle sense of violation for the Minister to pay attention to these things for me."

"You can understand that I will help you pay attention to this matter for your sister. Is it acceptable?"

"No, no, it's not acceptable, because my sister will definitely not pay attention to these things, she must say something--"

"——Something must be said?"

"...Don't tell me?"

I feel that there is a subtle feeling that Xiaochun was concerned about similar things in the past, but if he said it, it is estimated that it is not just a question of the other party returning the scarf.


Of course, fortunately, Xuexia is not the kind of person who will ask the end in this regard.

"In that case, walk together for a while? At least it's okay to get to the station, right?"

"You shouldn't be waiting for me to refuse and then slander in your heart,'This woman is really troublesome'."

——So, the words of Xuexia just now, are you kidding?!!

Yukino Yukino who said such a cold joke?Probably an illusion, right?

I think it is indeed an illusion, because Yukoshita himself is continuing to move forward as if saying nothing.

As for the blush on the face, it was caused by fever.

I quickly followed.Judging from Xuexia's vigorous pace and current state, I think it is absolutely possible that she just said "just stumbled". Her state is much better than I thought.

——Although the fact quickly slapped me in the face.

The next day, I quickly got news from my crying sister: Xuexia Xuenao, the executive chairman, asked for leave due to illness.

Actually, it’s okay to ask for leave. I think Minister, you should at least return the scarf to me. Although it was easy to say the day before, it’s not so easy to explain this to Senior Xiao Muzhu!

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Chapter 21: The Chaotic Executive Committee

Of course, strictly speaking, my sister didn't tell me the fact that Yukoshita had asked for leave with a crying expression to her face.However, Yuihama Yui’s email did not contain any colorful expressions, no strange emojis, but only a simple message "Xiaowa, Koyuki did not come to school as if she had asked for leave today". How tangled is the mood at this time.

Although God knows where the sister who is in a different class from Xuexia learned the news.

Even if I did not consider the fact that the Minister brought back the scarf of the predecessor, there was no way to return it. This fact brought a series of uncertain reactions on my personal level, and the influence on the preparation level of the cultural festival she was responsible for. Will be bigger.

And after I told Isshiki about this, the other party's reaction was also positive.

"From a selfish point of view, it is really not the right time for Senior Xuexia to fall ill this time!" After I became an observer of the Light Music Club, I didn't talk to me for a long time, but just calmly stood in front of Xuexia Isshiki said so.

"Has the situation of the Executive Committee changed recently?"

"There hasn't been a big change, but as you know, the plan of Senior Xuexia is the best at using various methods to force everyone to explode to their maximum potential. Everyone is exhausted, and it will not make everyone unbearable and strike, but the pressure of work is still great—"

"--But relatively, she doesn't seem to control her work pressure?"

"I don't know about that," Isshiki rolled his eyes and said, "Everyone knows that Senior Yukoshita is under a lot of pressure, but for someone as good as Senior, it shouldn't be right for someone to take on additional things. If she If you can’t lead by example to take on additional tasks, the committee would have collapsed long ago.”

"Does the executive committee have so much work every year?"

"This estimate varies from person to person. If the chairman of the executive committee wants to do a better cultural sacrifice, there will be more work. If the chairman of the executive committee has a passing mentality, it will be different. In fact, it is the city council. The president has also complained. This seems to be the cultural sacrifice that has put the most pressure on the executive committee in the years since she entered the school. She was not so uncomfortable when Yang Nao was the chairman in her first year."

——Of course, as far as I am concerned, the two perfectionists of the Xuexia family will not have much difference in this respect, but one is the image of an indifferent iceberg, the other is the image of the warm sun. There will definitely be some deviations when dealing with the relationship between committee members.High-intensity work brings not only physical pressure, but also mental pressure. Although Xuexiaxuenai can estimate the mental pressure of the committee members under his name well to prevent them from falling apart , But she can only do this.When a person's work is under great pressure, it is self-evident whether it is the chairman's cold and business face that can bring comfort to people, or a smiled face that can bring comfort to people.

Of course, this is no longer the point. At the moment when the snow cannot be supported, what we must consider is the committee's follow-up issues.

"The reason why there is a problem with senior Yukoshita at this time is that it is impossible for everyone to continue to maintain this kind of high-intensity work without the absolute strength and prestige of seniors as support. ! If I were to organize it from the beginning, I might be able to come up with some other plans, but the current work schedule is all handled by Senior Xuexia. Even if I take over temporarily at this time, it will be difficult to handle. !"

While speaking these words, his eyes turned toward me asking for help.She never played a side ball when she needed support urgently.

"no problem."