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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 247

To a certain extent, I feel that if there is a problem under the snow, I will be partly responsible. If it is not because I opted out halfway, I would completely change the power structure under the committee’s original snow under the snow under the snow with two heads. She might not accumulate so much pressure if she ruled for Xuexia's head.

Moreover, I definitely don't want the preparations for the cultural festival to be suspended.Maybe many people in this school, including the executive committee, don’t care about cultural festivals so much, but some people will care about cultural festivals after all—whether it’s for Yui sisters, or for the sake of Mrs. Ogisao, or for Isshiki, in short, for all of them. People I know who worked hard for this activity, I also have an obligation to continue it.

If even one's own heart is violated, what kind of "freedom" can it be called?

So, I think, at least this time, I did it according to my heart.Therefore, Senior Xiao Muzhen, your previous evaluation of me is invalid.

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Long-lost anger appeared in the executive committee's classroom-but in a sense, it was not a good one.In the past, under the snow, I sat down to finish the work properly, talking and asking for instructions as quietly as possible, lest the atmosphere that interfered with other people had disappeared.Instead, a small group of lazily grouped members who knew each other sat together, each chatting happily.In the front position of the classroom, Sagami Minami, who hadn't been seen for a long time, was sitting there, with a relaxed look on his face, as if he had found the meaning of his existence here again.

Regarding the power vacancies left by the chairman after his illness, some people are simply happy for the "freedom" they have gained, but they have never lack of trying to use this power vacuum and feel that they can replace it. Disciple!

This feeling reminds me of the time when I first joined the football club in our country-most of the club members were scattered and habitually acting on the wind. The Minister is a simple speculator. If you are lucky, The county qualifiers are assigned to a weaker group, so that the group will qualify and then some club funds will be mixed. If the team is not lucky enough to qualify, then the club will continue to pass and pass.Pretending to be youthful and doing things that he didn't even know.

The collective after losing the leader has always been like this-but it is precisely because of this that it will more easily lead to a new kind of leader worship.This kind of leader worship is not necessarily the worship of a specific leader, but a specific system, a specific sense of spiritual superiority, and a terrible sense of self-righteous mission.Of course, no matter what you worship, you only need someone to guide you, then the numb will be hooked.

"Then, I will organize today's committee." Isshiki cleared his throat, knocked on the table, and started today's committee meeting. "Everyone obviously already knows, Chairman Yukinoshita, because of physical reasons, I didn’t come to school today. However, I think the work schedule left by Yusushita to everyone is still very detailed. I believe that as long as everyone continues to follow the current schedule, we can complete our cultural festival. So, even though There is no Senior Xuexia, but we still have to cheer together!"

"Yoshiki is right. Xuexia's illness is actually not very serious. She will be able to go back to school soon. So, before she returns to school, we should not delay our progress too much, okay?" The person next to Isshi, who was currently using the seat of Xuexia, also stood up and said with a smile.

Obviously, Isshiki prepared more than me. The good relationship with the president allows her to find the student president to help her solve the problem of leadership.

As the president said, if everyone can barely keep running and not delay too much progress before returning to Xuexia, I don't need to intervene too high-profile.

"The wish is beautiful, but it's over here." However, Biqigu, who was beside me, gave me a negative answer.

Of course, in various senses, I haven’t seen Biqigu for a long time. He has been working on the executive committee obediently, doing his painless and stress-free chores. jobs.When I reappeared on the executive committee today and naturally sat next to him, he just slightly squinted his eyes and nodded to me.It's like an eminent monk who has seen something through.


"It's very simple. Those people are already used to coercive force. If the coercive force when Yukoshita was there disappears, it will only rely on Isshiki's simple request that has no real meaning, and the chairman of the city. Such a negotiating tone will not allow them to work as rigorously as before. In short, after the end of the high pressure, they will cherish the freedom they have now very much."

"But they should know that this kind of freedom is false? If they can't finish their work now, they will encounter greater obstacles when they return under the snow."

"So these people are just like monkeys in the midst of the world?" Biqigu said disdainfully, "They will not consider the problem from the long-term perspective of the future at all, but will do everything possible to grasp their immediate interests. Isn't it true of most people?"

I am willing to believe in the human heart, but the human heart has let me down again and again.

Although the executive committee members worked quietly for a while, perhaps due to the pressure of the chairman of the city, Biqigu's judgment was not wrong, and soon some people began to try to challenge authority.

"Chairman, I haven't been back to the class to help these days. I don't have a lot of schedule today. If I can make up tomorrow, can I go back to the class to observe the situation today?" 'S girl stood up first and made a grand request to Isshiki.

"I think, isn't there another executive committee member in senior's class in charge?"

"But he can only be in charge of the boys' side, and I told me before that girls would not listen to him, and none of the other girls in the class can organize activities, so--"


"—It’s just one day. It’s actually okay, isn’t it? Isshiki classmates, you see, I have been absent from committee meetings for a long time before, and the progress hasn’t fallen too much, hasn’t it?" It was Sagami who interrupted Isshiki. Nan, although very innocent, she still smiled triumphantly, as if she could gain something by echoing the opinion of that senior sister.

"In that case, it's only today, right?" Isshiki is not a ruthless character like Yukoshita after all, and she also doesn't have enough authority. As President Chengyou seems to think that there is no big problem with such a discussion. , She still compromised.

However, the domino effect is produced in this way.

Whether it was Isshiki or the president of the city, they obviously ignored the terrible dominoes that were continuously pushed.

"Well, the executive committee chairman, it occurred to me that there is a backlog of work in my class and I have no time to deal with it! Can I just give me one day to deal with class affairs? It only takes one day."

"The classmates in the class are a little angry because the executive committee always doesn't help the class. I think I should go back and explain to everyone. It only takes a day."

"Today another executive member in the class took time off, so I will be responsible for coordinating the work in the class on his behalf, so if I can—"

When one request after another, the atmosphere in the classroom of the executive committee is no longer simply controllable.

"However, after Yukoshita came back, they all suffered a lot!" Hachitani Hachiman, who was watching all of this, shook his head and said as if a little bit of joy, "Yes, Yubihama, these people , Still don’t know the horror of that woman?"

"What you mean is like, if Minister Xuexia would not retaliate, then you would be one of them too?"

"That won't be possible, but if Isshiki wants to introduce a plan for everyone to go back and solve the problem, I don't mind taking a day of laziness-the premise is that the guy will not retaliate against us."

"Senior Biqigu, are you so afraid of revenge from Xuexia?"

"What are you thinking? Yubihama, aren't you afraid?"

"It is one thing to be afraid or not to be afraid. However, if I have to say it, I am not afraid, because if this phenomenon continues, even if Minister Yukoshita returns, he will not be able to control the situation."

"what do you mean?"

"Yes, Senior Biqigu. The masses of scattered sand need an object of worship after all. If the previous object was Yukino who gave them high pressure, then after this power has a vacuum, if They find that they don’t have a new power to worship, and what they worship is not the original power. They worship an idea. Yes, you know what you just mentioned. They think they are already The idea of'freedom' that I got."

"And if they really want to worship this idea, then the first thing they have to do is to destroy the power they have succumbed before."

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Chapter 22: Stop

In conclusion, I should be a liberal. When a liberal sees other people actively seeking freedom, what it should do is not to stop it, but to encourage it.

The question is whether the freedom pursued by others is true freedom—as I have argued countless times before, the answer is no.

Maybe in other situations we can't see the situation clearly, but this time, I think anyone who has a clear understanding of the current situation knows what is the best choice.Xuexia's schedule is in line with her usual style and is perfect, but it also requires a high degree of meticulous operation, that is to say, the requirements of people are harsh to the details, and finally perfect.

For example, this is the same as the passing control system in a football game. No matter how you criticize the problem of this system, philosophically speaking, it is always safest to control the ball under your own feet.Of course, just like the high requirements of the pass control system for players, a strict planning schedule also has high requirements for the executive committee.

Therefore, mistakes and deviations are inevitable. As a coach or performer, you must avoid such mistakes and deviations as much as possible, or remedy them as much as possible in the case of mistakes and deviations-but this is not the same as the player actively jumping out of this The framework of the system does not matter, that is to say, the executive committee cannot leave the plan without authorization, because once they leave, even if they really naively think that they can only take a day off, it will lead to the final loss.

With such a simple truth, would the best in these classes not know it?My answer is: they really don't know.In the past, I made mistakes in judgment. The biggest problem is that I misestimated the intellectual level of the masses-the masses are just a group of gangsters after all, indulging in the short-term interests in front of them, and ignoring the higher-level collective interests. Humans so-called ridicule. The monkeys are all in the morning, but the vast majority of people are just advanced monkeys.

If it is an error, it needs to be stopped.

This is the obligation of a self-correcting person who has repented, and at the same time, it is also an obligation that needs to be undertaken as the successor of Xuexia Xueno.

Biqigu can be a non-interventionist. He thinks he has seen everything and laughs at everything, but as long as he is ultimately unwilling to take the step of solving the problem, he is still just a small person who can't make waves in the incident. .

However, in this group, heroes are needed, and a Chrisma-like figure is needed to wake them up. At the beginning of the 20th century, a large number of Social Democrats finally fell to some unpleasant totalitarianism. Not because they were bought and betrayed by hostile forces, but because they saw through the reality of the group of hooligans and held the idea that "rather than let the masses go on doing nothing, let a hero save the masses." They betrayed for their ideals.

Of course, I don’t agree with their approach. I don’t think there is a person who can solve the shortcomings of the entire human race like Superman-however, in a certain field, we need the existence of Superman.

Before, in the executive committee, this superman existed. Xuexia was actually such a superman. Now, I know that I am this superman.

Although, whether it is Yui sister or Xiaomu Shou-sen, seeing me like this, will it not be happy?However, in this situation, everything is irreversible!

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When Isseki was a little embarrassed to agree to the third executive who was about to ask for leave, I greeted him and stopped the seemingly frivolous senior.