My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 248

"The third grade's enthusiasm for participating in cultural festivals is not very high. If I don't go back now, the situation in that class is probably going to collapse. Therefore, Isshiki students, there is only one day. It only takes one day!"

"Senior Hayasaka, I respect everyone's ideas very much, but at least the tasks of the previous seniors who asked for leave are almost completed. On your side, it looks like—"

"——It’s okay. Although the progress seems to be a little behind, I guessed it. If you work a little harder, you can definitely get back. But the situation in the third grade is really bad. You can ask. President Xichengyu, she must know the situation, right? By the way, do you know Chunxi? Kitahara Haruki, who has been to the executive committee room before, was not so busy when he was helping to plan the cultural festival before."

This Hayasaka-senpai seems to know him as well as Kitahara-senpai, and a large number of other executive committee members are behind him. It can be seen that this person even has a certain appeal among the executive committee members. It is probably for this reason that Isshi is very good. Trying hard to argue with each other.

"--But, senior Hayasaka, I want you to pay attention to this. The plan for the cultural festival this time was given by the original chairman Yukoshita, not senior Kitahara. So, what everyone should do, Isn't it done according to the plan of the current Xuexia seniors instead of taking a short run at this time?"

"This classmate, I remember you were in the first grade—"

"——Yuhihama Kazuya, hello, meeting for the first time, Hayasaka-senpai."

"Oh, I know you, Chunxi also mentioned you, in the matter of Xiaomushu-but this is not important, but, first-year student Yubihama, don’t you think that when I talk to the executive chairman, you Is it impolite to talk without permission?"

"Chairman Isshiki and I are good friends. I think Isshiki is more reasonable in this matter, but it is clear that Mr. Hayasaka, you are oppressing us as a predecessor. If the executive committee is full of this kind of predecessors to juniors If the hierarchical order is not logically correct or not, then I am deeply worried about the future of this school!"

Hayasaka-senpai was stunned. The feeling he gave me was somewhat similar to Iizuka-senpai. The same was a bit frivolous, and a bit casual when doing their own things, but the same, in some strange places, they did. Will unexpectedly follow the rules.

Facts have proved that my judgment is correct. When I showed that "the predecessor who used his power to suppress others is a bit disgusting", his immediate reaction was to give up his greatest advantage.

To be honest, this made my control over these people much easier in the future. If the other party really rises to the level of unreasonable "I am a senior, you can't disrespect me", then this problem will be difficult to solve.Fortunately, although the other party is a fool, he is a fool who is willing to reason.

"If you are willing to stand up for Isshiki, then I can tell you what I mean again." Hayasaka-senpai glanced at Isshiki amusedly, seeming to see me as such The coveted role of the flower protector, of course, at this time, the classmate Isshiki who is good at performing on the spot also gave me a pitiful look for help, which made my eyes open. Image-This guy, the most annoying thing is that he will increase his seemingly useless advantage in such a place in a clever way.

"Of course it's okay. I think if Hayasaka-senpai's request is reasonable, Isshiki-kun will not stop you, will it?"

"The third grade class is generally not keen on cultural festivals. I think Yuihama is understandable? After all, the third grade students generally face the pressure to enter the exam! Although the deviation value of Sou Wu Gao is good enough, But after all, we don’t have any affiliated universities. Everyone must go all out to enter their ideal school. It is reasonable. Even if it is to unite everyone to participate in the cultural festival, I have tried my best. However, before the Minister Yukoshita assigned After the assignment, I have never communicated with the classmates. When I went back yesterday, I found that the atmosphere in the class was very bad. I felt that if I did not go back, the scene in the class would be impossible to clean up."

"Well, but what about the tasks left by Senior Yukoshita?"

"So, didn't you tell me? I have already calculated it. As long as I work harder, I can make it up one day tomorrow-if it doesn't work, I will work harder for another day. So it doesn't matter if I ask for leave?"

If this kind of fluent rhetoric is really the truth of Hayasaka-senpai, then it does not seem to have much room for rebuttal-but the problem is that we all know that Hayasaka-san, his rhetoric is just a refusal. That's it.

Therefore, lies are easy to break through after all.

"The first question." When I came to Isse's side, I gave a small note by the way, and gave her the above tasks with the kind of tacit understanding that we usually use to chat in class. In this regard, I have been doing the work of sorting out the materials of the student union for a long time. I still have absolute self-confidence.

"Well, is Hayasaka Senshi-senpai? It looks like Senpai was the executive chairman of the cultural festival last year! I think you must be very good at work?" I said while taking over the materials handed over to me.

Although I don't know the situation, I believe that Xuexia must have expected the possible resistance of her executive committee-and it is impossible for her not to be prepared to respond.And now Isshiki has a thick pile of cultural festival-related documents, and what is turned out is the information of the cultural festival executive committee compiled by Yukoshita.

Minister Yukoshita, your inheritance, let's requisition it for the time being!

"Well, it's like this, but does it have anything to do with today's things?"

"That's the case. I personally have some doubts. As the executive chairman of the previous year, Hayasaka-senpai cannot handle the relationship with the classmates in his class. Of course, this is just a suspicion. I have also heard rumors. It is said that the executive chairman of last year is actually the senior Haruki Kitahara."

There were some subtle expressions on Hayasaka-senpai's face.

"Last year's situation was more complicated, but what we were considering was this year's affairs. The situation in this year's class was not very stable. This is also true."

"Well, this is the next question. As far as I know, the third year class B where Hayasaka-senpai is, the project in the cultural festival is the haunted house. According to the narrative of the senior, if everyone is not enthusiastic, I think it is the best The way is to hold a small painting exhibition in the class-well, I have seen that there are special admissions for art in the senior class. I don’t know why the haunted house is a show that requires a lot of manpower and material resources. ?"

"The situation here is quite special. I have determined the plan of the haunted house, so it is because I have determined that everyone seems to be a little less motivated, so I said--"

"——This brings me back to the problem I had before, Hayasaka-senpai, if you can push the entire project through with everyone’s pressure from the beginning, and win this project among many competitors, this should at least explain Your leadership among your classmates is pretty good. So, let me now believe that all the classmates in your class are not motivated. I will be very embarrassed!"

In fact, in essence, lies are especially easy to be debunked. Even if it is one color, as long as you make a personal inspection suggestion, you can debunk the other party's lie-but Hayasaka-senpai also took advantage of this because of the lack. Another executive committee chairperson, who needs to stay in the classroom and sit in his seat, cannot take the initiative to inspect the situation of the class according to everyone's request. This makes the risk of fraud being detected almost non-existent.

However, sometimes, as long as it logically directly denies the rationality of the other party's requirements as it is now, there is no need to mobilize people to conduct field investigations, and this kind of far-fetched reason will naturally be self-defeating.

"On the other hand, if Mr. Hayasaka has no opinion, if you want to ask for leave today, I hope you can take the initiative to draw up a new schedule and arrange the tasks that Mr. Yukinoshita will arrange for you more reasonably to the next few days. In the agenda-if you just rely on a simple "Tomorrow I can make up", I think few people will be convinced?"

The game is over, from the beginning to the end, there is no serious word.

However, Hayasaka's seniors can only return to their position in despair.


"If other executive members still want to ask for leave, please come to me to explain the reason, and then let the chairman judge whether the reason for asking for leave is reasonable, can it?" I smiled and looked at everyone and asked.

Naturally, no one wants to come up.

The crowds who rushed up when they discovered the opportunity, and the crowds who scattered when they discovered that the opportunity was actually a hot potato are actually the same.

Of course, it is not enough to stop them from leaving, because most of the people's faces are filled with dissatisfaction that the unexpected person interrupted their plans.Therefore, the next thing to do is to arouse their emotion of active work.

---------------------------------PS---------------- -----------------

The first 1k words are silly again, and I would be very relieved to think I was talking nonsense.Of course, I wanted to make peace a little more radical here. "Some kind of unpleasant totalitarianism" refers to Mussolini and fascism. I think everyone can see it, but this writing seems to give people a kind of me. The impression of supporting fascism or something is very bad. Not only is it completely contrary to my own opinion, it may also cause unnecessary trouble for the book, so it is still slightly recycled.

However, the more people who believe in the power of the masses, the easier it is to go to the opposite extreme of worshiping heroes, because the more they pay attention to the masses, the more they will realize the ignorance of the masses (very well, this is Hegel). We see Looking at history, this is nothing new.So in this sense our great mentor is still very great (Well, stop, I think this is because the recent history of socialist thought has been stunned by 23333)

In fact, here, the feeling is already blackened?However, I didn’t seem to write that kind of black air, but a kind of Long Aotian's extreme pretense feeling rushed (Wangtian), so in essence, I see Long Taotian in the net article as if it were Mussolini ( laugh).


Chapter 23: Goals that can never be reached

Under normal circumstances, the way to stimulate people's fighting spirit is objective remuneration, just like the company will try to pay higher wages to increase the motivation of employees, this is often the most effective way people can think of to improve efficiency.

However, this method has two main limitations. One is that the increase in rewards is not unlimited. When the reward reaches a certain critical value, the increase in rewards for fighting spirit will decrease, and eventually, it will be reduced to an increased reward. To improve the degree of mismatch obtained.The second is that remuneration is actually a thing that lacks universality. In the work unit, the increase in wages is universal, but in the work of the executive committee, everyone has different needs, so they are motivated to improve efficiency. The way is also different.

The other way is high pressure. Of course, this high pressure is not the oppression of power, but it makes people believe that if we do not work according to the existing antipathy, we will not be able to complete our tasks. When planting, as long as there are a few people around to drive and form a sense of tension, even those who lack the sense of tension will involuntarily work hard.The most typical example of this method is the review before the exam. You can prepare for the exam two weeks in advance. However, if everyone starts to prepare one month in advance, it will give people a kind of "if you don’t work hard like everyone else The illusion of failure.This is actually the practice of the executive committee led by Xuexia.

A prerequisite for this approach is to make everyone believe that they have an insurmountable goal that they must deal with. In the case of an exam, this depends on the compulsiveness of the exam, and for Xuexia’s leadership For the executive committee, this goal stems from the irrefutable authority of the executive chairman.Because the chairperson demonstrated the correctness of her machine-like precision operation and the correctness of all judgments, this will make everyone have an illusion that "Yukishita is right", and thus involuntarily obey she was.

However, it is precisely because this goal depends on Yukoshita himself, when Yukoshita's sophisticated machine has problems, people will begin to doubt the authority of the chairman-when people begin to question this. At that time, even if Xuexia came back in time, it would take a long time to quell this wave of riots. What's more, it is the authoritative person who is facing this turmoil now that there is a huge gap between Isshiki and me.

Therefore, to rekindle fighting spirit, we need to take other measures.

The lower authority than Xuexia is, to some extent, our advantage.

Therefore, this new method is not a strange method, but the most typical and also the most effective-the radical method.

And the core of this method lies in me.

As a result of democratic elections, although Isshiki's ability as chairman is not as strong as Xuexia, its basic authority will not be questioned by others in a short time.However, from the very beginning, Yubihama Kazuya, who has described himself as a spokesperson with different colors, is different. The first-year student Yubihama Kazuya who lacks connections, popularity, and legitimacy uses himself and the committee members. There is nothing more ironic than the "special relationship" between the two leaders.

Although this committee is full of people who are indifferent to cultural sacrifices-but this is limited to indifference to things that are not directly related to them. When this small character turned out to interfere with their actions and they find that they cannot be When contending with the opponent on their own requirements, the first thing they will question is the legitimacy of the opponent.

——It's like pulling down this "illegal" character to change their situation.

Of course, it’s not enough to treat me as a gun target, because letting other people focus their firepower on me does not change the fact that they are unwilling to work. Therefore, we need a way to get their attention from me. The way to transfer to work.

And this is what I call "legality".