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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 249

Now, the source of the legitimacy of my position is Isshiki's support-this kind of personal relationship is the most questionable point.Therefore, in order to shape my legitimacy and at the same time make people feel that this legitimacy is unstable, what I need to rely on is Yukino who is not in the snow at school now.

Although there is a little bit of use to the Minister, it is to maintain the results of the Minister, isn't it?

In the executive committee, there will be people who don’t like Xuexia, people who like Xuexia, people who respect Xuexia, and people who can’t understand her style, but there is no doubt that , There is no one in the executive committee who questioned Xuexia's ability.Yukoshita’s authority as the chairperson is based on her super personal ability—or even if Yukoshita is not the chairperson, for example, letting that Sagami Minami be the chairperson and letting Yukoshita just become her Xuexia is the one who ultimately possesses the legitimacy of his deputy.

Therefore, Yubihama also helped Yi Hikaru establish legitimacy for himself, as long as he reached the level of Yukino under Yukino.

Whether I can replace Xuexia, to be honest, I can't guarantee - but even if I can replace Xuexia, I can't show the appearance of replacing Xuexia.

As long as I show a level at which I tried very hard to replace the snow, but was powerless, the questioning of my legitimacy will not stop-but someone who can really question my legitimacy , And must be someone who can perform better than me.

Therefore, in the work of the executive committee, I just need to be always better than others-a distance that seems to be able to make up for, but can never catch up.

In order to question me, they need to question my legitimacy. In order to question my legitimacy, they must prove that their performance can be better than me-and in this constant cycle, when they realize that they are only being When my rhythm is running, the ending is already doomed.

It's like tying a fleshy bone with a sling to the dog's body and hanging in front of the dog's eyes to force it to run constantly. Although it seems to be within reach, it will never be reached.

I used to use this method to fool people very much. When I was in the second year of junior high school, when the third-year members of the football club began to rely on the old and sold the old because of the "unexpected" good results the previous year, I tried to challenge my authority. Painted them such a wonderful fleshy bone, and then they honestly followed the route I had set for them, and kept advancing with self-righteousness.

To be honest, it was extremely boring-but so effective.

This is because the masses are such a group of ignorant people who can be called upon by others as long as they grasp it well.

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"Before everyone starts to work, I want to introduce yourself to everyone who is suspicious of my identity." In a grieving atmosphere, I started my speech, "I don't know how many people know me-- I tend to know me not many people. One year in Group F, Yuihama Kazuya, the biggest thing since entering school should be playing a football match with the second-year Hayama-senpai? But maybe people who don’t understand this gossip Still haven't heard of me."

I paused, took a look at the expression of disdain in the eyes of most people, and continued: "Of course, I don’t mind if you haven’t heard of me. I hope you all know that committee Xuexia Before I left, I was the last person to see her."

Even Ishiki who supported me, and the president of the city, who was observing the situation in the classroom silently, changed a little color-this kind of situation like the ancient Chinese emperor Tuogu was obviously unexpected. Outside.

However, I would not sit under the setting of "Tuogu" under the real snow. With Minister's stubborn character, if I forged such a weak state, I think she has reason to explode after coming back. Reasons.

"Of course, Chairman Yukoshita did not tell me anything. I was a member of her club before, so we just met and walked for a while. However, at that time, I had already discovered the state of Yukoshita-senpai. It's not right."

Along with my narration, the faces of the executive committee members were like playing games, ranging from disgust to shock to renewed disdain.

"So, I had an idea at the time. If Yukoshita-senpai cannot support it now, how should the work of the executive committee proceed? Who will replace the chairman to complete the job she belongs to?"

"Well, indeed, it was probably due to the sense of responsibility of the minister's staff. I considered this situation. I think I can try and replace her function-although I didn't think it was possible at the time. However, now, after Chairman Xuexia’s problem was exposed, and after getting permission from classmates of Ise, I feel that I want to try and replace Senior Xuexia."

The committee classroom suddenly became quiet, and then there was a voice of discussion, and this voice was getting louder and louder, not only the executive committee who was dissatisfied with me before, but many who did their work seriously and had a good impression of Xuexia The committee members also frowned. Perhaps the latter distrusted me even higher than the former.

After all, who wants to believe that a first-year student who has not made any waves after six months of enrollment can replace the perfect second-year genius Yukino Yukino?

"To replace Chairman Yukinoshita or something, is that guy joking?"

"Do you really think that with the support of another executive chairman, you can do whatever you want?"

"If you are really so capable, why didn't you run for executive committee chairman in the first place? It's probably because you don't have confidence in yourself, so you use Yukoshita to fish in troubled water when you have problems?"

"Maybe, what he said he met with classmate Xuexia, or met yesterday, is it false?"

Of course, what is somewhat unexpected is that objectively, my "arrogant" declaration has added a lot of impression points to Xuexia. After all, what is lost is always good, especially when it replaces that. When the candidate for the omnipotent chairman is such a small person who knows no height, people will miss those who they have lost more and more.

Well, Minister, if you can control these people more easily after you come back, I think you have to make a note in my credit book!

"Well, I understand the doubts and worries of the predecessors-of course, I hope that these worries are only directed at me. If you can understand that this is caused by Isshiki's excessive trust in me. I will be very troubled if I am dissatisfied with Isshiki’s classmates.” I turned my head and smiled at Isshiki—she didn’t seem to expect that I would do this at all. She was a little dazed for a while. In the end, it seemed to be with a normal person. The shy girl blushed.

It was also an unexpected gain to see the expression of Yi Hueiyu!

"So, for my position, I am open to competition. If anyone thinks they can do their work better and more efficiently than me, then I believe Isshiki students will be happy to use more capable People replace me—after all, everyone’s goal is not the preparation of the cultural festival, is it?"

"——Then, how do we prove that we can do better than you?" Finally, after a long silence, someone uttered a voice, but the senior Mr. Hayasaka who was just so angry at this time spoke, how much To my surprise, "After all, our work content is different, right?"

"It's very simple. I just took a look at your progress. In the schedule that Chairman Xuexia gave you, there are the lowest and highest indicators for completing tasks. Similarly, in her own schedule, there are also the lowest indicators of 60. % And the highest index 100%. As the predecessors judged, uh, everyone cannot always meet the requirements of the highest index. Then, I declare that as long as any one of you here exceeds me in the index of completing the task, then It is judged as your victory. On the contrary, if you can never surpass me, then I hope everyone will admit that I am qualified to replace Senior Xuexia."

Of course, I know that in the beginning, no one will try their best and want to achieve the greatest success with the least cost, and this is what I want. If other people don’t choose to do their best without starting, then , I don’t have to do my best, I just need to be subtlely ahead of them by "one point"-as for how to judge this "point", Yihueiyu as the executive chairman will help me.

"Hey, Kazuya, you said, am I also within the scope of this competition?" Yishi raised his hand and asked with a smile.

"Uh, of course, if Isshiki-san wants to—"

Hey, this guy, what are you messing up at this time!

"Then it's okay, I also have a chance!" Yishi nodded, and said something that made me a little confused.

However, this is not something I need to pay attention to for the time being, because the eyes of other people make me more interested.

Everyone stared at me with their eyes on the prey.

But, everyone, who is the prey? Maybe!

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Chapter Twenty Four: Heroes and Our Lady

The vast majority of people are a bunch of guys who pretend to be clever but are actually extremely stupid-this is a point of view that has been continuously strengthened in my heart since this time.Just give them a hint, and they will act like the puppets under me.

Just like the members of the executive committee who are slowly increasing their horsepower work-most people forget the kind of ease they originally wanted, just to embarrass a student they don’t like, they start Persevere in taking on the responsibilities that you refused to take.

Of course, among these people, there will be a few sober people after all, such as the guy who was so sober before, and now perhaps more sober, with rotten eyes.

When I left the classroom, Biqigu caught up with me—rarely, he took the initiative.

"Yuhihama, don't you think that you are doing this a bit too much?" He carefully considered the sentence, and finally, he said to me.

"This is not the style of Higiya-senpai! If you say this kind of speech is not sharp enough, if you let Hiratsuka-sensei or your Komachi sister hear it, they don't know how touched it will be! Well, from Higiya Hachiman's progress, Do you have sympathy for others again, the changes that the Ministry of Service has brought to you, or to say—"

"——You know, Yubihama, I'm not joking."

"I told you this very long time ago. Senior Biqigu, you are not suitable to act as a messenger of justice. You'd better implement your set of misconceptions to the end, instead of attacking from a right angle. I. Have you not absorbed the lesson you learned in the forest school three months ago? Or because you are in front of the younger generation, you naturally have a sense of responsibility as a senior, so you have something that you don’t even think you can explain. Impulse?"

From beginning to end, I have never been able to say that I like Higiya Hachiman.However, there is no doubt that I respect Hachitani Hachiman. Both of us are people who firmly believe in our own judgments. We are both people with our own principles. For those who have our own clear explanations for the world, I It has always been respected and admired, and may be different in its interpretation of the understanding of the world, but such people are at least those who are thinking about themselves.

Even in the forest school, even if I made a completely different choice from Biqigu, I still respect him. At least, Biqigu at that time was an angular, willing to risk being not understood by society. People who want to implement their own ideas.

However, Biqigu, who questioned my behavior excessively, is a Biqigu who has lost its edges and corners-a person who can harm himself without hesitation in order to achieve his goal, will worry about others being injured. For me, Can't understand.

"People who are aware of the cruelty of this world will suffer less damage when they are injured. Therefore, if someone must sacrifice, they should choose those who are psychologically prepared. Don't you think so? , Yubihama?" However, Higiya Hachiman was not as silent as last time, he just continued with his own words.

"So, those who are unaware of the cruelty of the world will always have to be protected by those who are aware of the cruelty of the world? Those stupid, who think they know the secrets of the world but are tricked by others Those who have to go round and round will have to be guarded by those who are aware of the cruelty of the world?"

"From the perspective of minimizing overall damage, this is helpless."

"Senior Biqigu, why haven't I found out before that you are such a Virgin? According to your logic, Jeanne should be dedicated to the stupid Frenchman, right?"