My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 250

"I am not the kind of person who will contribute to things that have nothing to do with me. However, if it harms the interests of people or things that I think are important, it is most beneficial to sacrifice the person who has a clearer understanding of reality. of."

"Senior Biqigu, then do you think people in this world worship the Virgin or heroes more?"

This time, I did not wait for him to return and I continued.

"People only worship heroes, people never worship the Virgin Mary, people will question the Virgin Mary more, because the vast majority of people in the world, although they are extremely stupid, but they all have disappointments. Egoistic tendencies-even, they will question the Virgin's sacrifice of their own interests. Yes, Joan of Arc may be just a witch for her reputation! After Joan's death, many French people seem to really think so."

"And the so-called self-sacrifice of Senior Biqigu-in the final analysis, it is only a kind of self-satisfaction. You pretend that you have seen through the various ugliness in this world, and then you self-righteously decide a solution for these ugliness. In the final analysis, have you found out? Senior Biqigu has never consulted other people's opinions! It is as bad as me, blew up without referring to other people's opinions, and controlled other people without referring to other people's opinions. What is there? Is it different?"

"Of course, if you want to say that it is different, there must be some. Although I don’t have hope, I can assume that there is the lowest level of expectation in the heart of Senior Biqigu, expecting that his own self-explosion can be understood by some people. Then, some people can be saved, and finally, some people can wake up-but this is just an ethical expectation. Ignorant people will not become ignorant because of your salvation- Therefore, the correct way is for heroes to show them the way. Believing in the awakening of everyone's self-consciousness, this is the biggest mistake I have made before overcorrecting, and now, I no longer make such mistakes. "

Biqigu's head lowered. At this time, he was never a person with rich expressions. More often, when he said similar things, his face was just a gloomy expression.

"So, for the group of people who are targeting you, is your approach a heroic approach? Are you not leading them as a positive image?" After a long time, he gave me such a reply.

"Why do you care about the method of controlling people? I can use this method to make them act according to my wishes. As long as the conditions are ripe, of course I can use positive guidance to make them act according to my judgment. ."

"But, Yubihama, don't you think you are too arrogant?"

"However, Senior Biqigu, if you want to take any measures to change this situation at this time, wouldn't your approach be as arrogant as I am? I also think that we can save. Essentially, the two of us can They are all very arrogant people!"

"But, did you fail? In the same way?"

"It is precisely because I have failed, so I will not make the same mistake. To deny a set of ideas because of the wrong result is an overcorrection in itself. This is the same as an experiment. It is not necessarily an error in the steps of the experiment, but Because some limited conditions have not been met."

"It will be difficult for that guy Xuexia to come back."

"But if this problem is not solved right now, I think it will be more difficult for her to do it after she returns."

"I think, Yubihama, your sister might not like seeing you like this."

"Pulling the family out as an excuse to threaten, is this approach a bit inferior?"

Biqigu finally stopped talking.

"Of course, Senior Biqigu, the challenge I put forward is also applicable to you." I looked at Biqigu, smiling softly, and said.

"If you really want to save, if you really try to'awaken' the people inside through self-sacrifice, believe me, I will not hinder you. They will like your'save' even more. , I still like my'leader' more, don't you think, can we fight for a while?"

"I don't think, at least, I don't have to do this kind of thing for those people." Biqigu shook his head, turned and left.

Senior Biqigu, I am very happy that you didn't take over my radical technique-but does this mean that you have no confidence in your own victory?

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Apart from the unpleasant externalities, Higiya Hachiman is a gentle person.Therefore, we can also make an assumption that if someone is aware of his tenderness, that person should like him.

Maybe Yui sister has noticed this, right?After all, she is such a sensitive person in emotion!

So, what kind of existence is Yubihama Kazuo?Furthermore, from the outside of Hihama Kazuya's second disease, what kind of existence is inside?

The conclusion is, unfortunately, I am not gentle enough.

It is because she is not gentle enough, so sometimes, I feel sorry for Xiaochun, because she has endured my ingenuity for two years.

Of course, I think I have also tried gentleness.When I believe in the consciousness of other people, when I believe in human rationality, I feel that I am gentle-but reality does not give me this opportunity.

Therefore, I can only choose to become a Chrisma and treat everyone with a superior leadership attitude. Only in this way can I implement my current philosophy.

And this kind of me should be farther and farther away from the me that Senior Xiao Muzhen expected, right?

Sometimes, the choice of life is just the difference between two forks.

Yesterday afternoon, the words that Senior Xiao Muzhen said to the "sleeping" me almost shook the foundation of my thinking-if there hadn't been this accident under the snow, I felt that I would really be Moved by sincere tenderness.

However, destined, when I chose to replace Xuexia to perform her functions, I could no longer look back.If it is really like what the predecessors said: everyone knows what they want most.So, now I, who controls people's hearts, are undoubtedly standing on the opposite side of what the predecessors said.

If there is no such dialogue with Biqigu, maybe I just have a vague concept of my current practice, but not a clear grasp.However, after the conversation with Biqigu, I have become more aware of the gap between my thoughts and other people’s thoughts. If I hadn’t figured out what I’m going to do before, I have become more aware of the gap between my thoughts and the thoughts of others. Inconsistent excuses-now, under a logic that has been implemented from beginning to end, I have no retreat.

I can only believe that I am right, and then move on.

Either to success or to destruction.

However, what I know is that I can no longer accept the gentleness of Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai that I have expected, the gentleness that was once within reach.

Unless, let me destroy this me now.

"Uh, Xiaohe, what are you doing outside the classroom?"

The unique way of calling me and the smell of my sister that I couldn't be more familiar with brought me back to reality.

——Actually, not necessarily!

Yubihama Kazuya also left a room for himself until the last moment-family exceptionism.

If, I mean-if I can still long for a touch of tenderness, I believe that Yuihama Yui will respond to this feeling indefinitely.

Although I can't go back, if the game of life can be deleted and restarted, I will probably still have a destination!

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In fact, I wanted to explain the current psychological state of the protagonist, but I don't want to explain it too bluntly. Let everyone feel the mental state of the protagonist who is confident and suspicious, rational and emotional at this time.In fact, on the whole, this chapter is the protagonist's complete blackening declaration (probably).

Originally, it was almost enough to write about blackening, but I always couldn't bear to let the protagonist be so black so thoroughly, so I left some room for him.Or to put it this way, while Heya made his way to the end, he quietly stretched out a thread on Yui's body-a thread that could finally allow him to obtain salvation.From this perspective, Yui's sister Maji Angel!


Chapter 25: Yuihama Yui cares about everyone

Of course, most of the time, it is not advisable to show the fragile side in front of my sister. I know my sister's kindness, but it doesn't mean that I can abuse her care for me.

Therefore, it is best to talk to my sister in the same tone as usual: "I am helping the minister solve some minor problems in the executive committee, and I just come out to get some fresh air."

"On the committee side, is it okay?" My sister glanced at the classroom. "What you just said to the small business is also about this, right?"

——Ah, I still saw it!

"Uh, I just guessed it, because I saw a person who looked like a small enterprise walked into the classroom, so I naturally wondered if Xiaohe and the small enterprise would say something..." My frowning expression, my sister explained seriously.

"Well, for the time being, right?"

"So, it's okay? Although I don't know the situation here very well, I feel that Xiaoxue may have done a lot of things over there, and from the attitude of small companies, if Xiaoxue is not there, the situation here will be very bad— "

"--Well, it's really bad."

"So? Is Xiao Caiyu in charge now? Do you need my help? Well, if I am not enough alone—"

"——Sister, you have to listen to what your brother said," I let the corner of my mouth pull a curve, "Although the situation is terrible, but didn’t I just say it? Your dear brother is helping The minister has solved this problem! And, judging from the results, I think it's pretty good."