My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 251

"Is it really?"

"Sister who still doubts her younger brother's ability to this day is a disqualification!"

——Basically, the situation is in my grasp. Even if there is an accident, it is not a good thing to affect my sister's mood at such a moment that does not affect the overall situation.

"I'm relieved of Xiaohe's ability--"

"——Speaking of which, old sister," I interrupted Yui’s iconic "looks relieved but worried" answer, and changed the subject, "You are here, probably not to ask you. Is it about the work situation of your brother? Is there anything else? Is it a problem in the class, or is it?"

"Oh, I'm actually here to find Xiaohe!" Easily, my sister was ran away by me. In other words, this is her trust in me. I am very happy.

"Come for me?"

"Well, I actually went to the first music room first, but I didn't see Xiaohe there. Senior Xiaomu said that Xiaohe never came here today. Senior looks a little troubled, well, it seems to be smaller and normal. No more trouble than the past-Xiaohe, have you had any problems with Senior Xiao Mutong these days?"

"I think should not be?"

If there is, it is probably the scarf that seniors left me. It was a big mistake to give it to Xuexia yesterday on a whim.From a utilitarian point of view, anyway, the minister did not come to school today, which means that yesterday’s scarf was not of much use to her. Instead, there are too many other problems.

"Yeah, but I feel that the seniors seem to want to ask me something when they see me! But because there are other members of the light music club present, I can’t ask them. I have no problem with Senior Omushu recently— — Uh, there seem to be some problems? So did the seniors just have a question and wanted to ask me personally? That’s a bit bad, because I was patronizing Xiaohe, so I neglected this. Well, even though there is a competitor’s side, But after all, it’s a senior, so this..."

My sister seemed to be a little messy because of some weird things she was thinking about. This is a situation that often occurs when she thinks too much.

My response to this was - stretched out my hands and pulled her soft face vigorously.Well, although it has been a long time since I used this trick on Yui sister, the effect still looks pretty good?Especially the face of my sister now seems to be softer than before.Is the skin better in high school than in junior high school?This is also a kind of reverse growth, Yui sister is still very young!

"Woo, Xiaohe—"

"Don't keep thinking about it and stop pinching you."

"Yeah." The sister who nodded without tears was like a puppy, so Sabre should stand and compare with her at this time.

"It's been a long time for Xiaohe to talk to me like this! I thought you've gotten rid of this bad habit." While gently tapping the face that became a little red from my pulling, my sister muttered dissatisfiedly. .

"Anyway, that's because Yui elder sister has rarely given me this kind of opportunity recently."

"It is forbidden for Xiaohe to do such actions to me in the future! Forbidden!"

"Well, but this is very effective for breaking my sister's entanglement!"

"But I am Xiaohe's older sister. This kind of action is what the elders do to the younger ones, do you understand?"

"Well, so back to the topic just now, let's not think about what is going on with Senior Xiao Muzhen looking for you. You just said that you came to me, right?"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Yui sister nodded heavily when she woke up and moved.

She seemed to have forgotten this matter.

"So? Is there anything to do with me?"

"Well, I was thinking, after school, everyone in our ministry, do you need to visit Xiaoxue?"

"Oh, why? Sister Yui thinks Minister is the kind of person who needs to care so much?"

"It's not that Xiaoxue needs people's care in particular, but that everyone needs to be concerned when he is sick, right? Even if Xiaohe is so arrogant towards me like you, he is very good when he is sick. Let my sister take care of you, don't you?" My sister shook her head a little dissatisfied, and shook the dumpling on the back of her head, correcting me and said.

"But, I think, compared to me, Xuexia doesn't seem to need this kind of emotional comfort?"

"What everyone needs, especially girls, are not heartless boys like you! Moreover, Xiaoxue actually doesn't have any friends in the class, right? She's sick at home, and no one visits, this would seem like Is Xiaoxue's interpersonal relationship poor? The family will worry too, right?"

"Correct your three points. First, Xuexia’s family will never worry about her because of these useless “interpersonal relationships”. I think you can see this from her mother’s attitude towards her. ; Second, whether Xuexia himself cares about the "interpersonal relationship" of the classmates is also a question mark; third, most importantly, Xuexia seems to live alone."

"Uh, how did Xiaohe know that Xiaoxue lived alone."

"Because-well, because she mentioned it before, sister forgot."

"Nonsense, I will never forget the only thing about Xiaoxue."

"If this is the case, how I hope you change that'Xiaoxue' to'Xiaohe'."

"I haven't forgotten about Xiaohe!"

"At this time, making up seems particularly lacking in persuasiveness?"

"All in all, I still think that Xiaoxue should care about the interpersonal relationship in the ministry."

"...That's right." I hesitated a little and gave such a response.

Of course, at least in the Ministry of Service, Yukoshita should have a lot more emotions than others, whether it was against Miura on the tennis court issue at the beginning, or after being met by Yui sister again and again. Too many shopping, shopping and even karaoke that she thinks should be of little significance. Even the refreshments that often "discriminate" me have started to supply stably before.

"Yeah, right? Even if Xiaohe said that Xiaoxue doesn't care about other people's opinions, it's better to care about her in the club, isn't it?" My sister made a summary speech.

At this time, I don't think I need to refute.What's more, going to Xuexia’s house is in a sense in line with my thoughts. I can take this opportunity to bring back the scarf of Xiao Muzhen from the minister. After all, even if the senior can understand the situation at the time, leave a girl Lending one's own scarf to another girl or something is quite scumbag.

"I have no opinion, but I strongly suggest that sister you don't directly tell Xuexia the reason for visiting Xuexia, otherwise even you, Xuexia will not show mercy."

"Of course not, Xiaohe shouldn't always think that I am a fool. I definitely can't give Xiaoxue the impression that we are sympathetic to her when we visit her, right?"

"Of course this is essentially no different from sympathy."

"Well, then I will email Xiaoxue and tell her that we will see her later—"

"——Wait, old lady, don’t ask Biqigu’s opinion, is it really okay?"

"Small companies will definitely agree." My sister replied naturally, "The only thing I worry about is Xiaohe, because Xiaohe is always unwilling to compromise because of some of his strange ideas. For small companies, Even if you don't want to, you will usually reluctantly agree in the end."


It seems that I have no chance to refute this.

"Then I will talk to Biqigu when I return to the classroom later."

"No need for this. I just sent an email to the small business to confirm."

"……So fast."

"And the small business also replied'no problem'!"

"The reply is so fast."

"Sa, then it's Xiaoxue next—Should I ask Xiaoxue where her home is? But Xiaoxue doesn't seem to be very good at recognizing the way. I was worried that she would point the wrong way to us, so I went to Hiratsuka. Would it be better for the teacher to ask the address of Xiaoxue's house?"

"Sister, don't worry about this. I will lead the way. I still know the general direction of Xuexia's house."

"Uh, Xiaohe knows?"

"Well, let's be regarded as—"

I was stunned, and looked down at my sister, I found that she was looking at me with a suspicious and somewhat dissatisfied look.