My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 252

"Xiaohe's ability to find Xiaoxue's house means that you have been to Xiaoxue's house, right?"

"Uh, how should I put it? But old sister, you can't be jealous for this, right? Your good friend didn't invite you to her house first, but asked your brother to go to her house first. Of course I didn't. I’ve been there, but some special circumstances happened a few days ago, and the explanation is also very complicated—"

"——I am not angry because Xiaoxue invited Xiaohe to her house first!"

"Well, it's best not to be angry because of this."

What are you angry about?

"It's just that Xiaohe didn't tell me this, I'm a little awkward."

"Because it was not necessary, I just sent Xuexia home, did nothing, and did not enter the door. In fact, I was scolded by Xuexia because there was nothing worth mentioning, so I forgot it at the time. Say."

"Sent Xiaoxue home and had a quarrel with Xiaoxue. These two things are worth mentioning, right?"

"If this is considered a matter, I am arguing with the minister every day in the Ministry of Service. Isn't it necessary?" I looked at the sister Yui who suddenly made her temper.

This is not Yui Hama's normal state.

"That's the case--"

"In fact, that's how it is!"

"so be it!"

In the end, this conversation ended in this somewhat strange way.

"Since Xiaohe knows the way to Xiaoxue's house, can we just notify Xiaoxue that we will visit her?" After that, the sister's mood was obviously disturbed, and the speed of sending emails did not change. It started so fast.

Although I am concerned about another problem: Since both Hebiqigu and Xuexia can solve the problem through email, why did you talk to me about this matter? My sister should specifically find me to talk in person?

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Chapter 26: Unexpected Disagreement

Many times, it would be better not to ask many questions, so I ignored my sister's strange place and went back to the classroom.

Then, I saw a familiar figure standing there unexpectedly but taken for granted.

Although I have been trying to avoid prejudice against Haruhi Kitahara and don't have to look at him with the usual tinted glasses, the appearance of Senior Kitahara at this time still has to make people slander that the timing of his appearance is really good.

He had been in contact with the student union members before, and now he seems to be having a very good chat with the two current student union members, President Isseki and Chengye, although I immediately noticed Hueyyu's boredom and help-seeking eyes when I walked into the classroom. .

Perhaps Isshiki's expression was relatively obvious, and Senior Kitahara was also visibly stunned, and then looked in my direction.Seeing me walking next to Isshiki, he showed a thoughtful expression.

"Just now, Isshiki said that he hopes to discuss this matter with others. I am still wondering who can exert such a big influence on the executive committee chairperson! So Kazuki, you really belong to the kind that you can fill up where there are loopholes. Is it a talent?" After I walked to the seat next to Isshiki and sat down, Kitahara Haruhi first said to me with a joking and somewhat helpless tone.

"To be fair, I'm just a messenger, and then I'm also a staff officer. The messenger habitually confirms where to go, and the staff seems to be tall, but in fact I don't have any decision-making power!"

"Even if it is a staff member, if the role is played properly, it can also play a big role!" Senior Kitahara gave me a sincere look.

——Are you talking about yourself as the "Chairman of Rizhi" two years ago?

Although his sincere expression almost made me feel guilty about doubting the integrity of this person-even if he did something bad subconsciously, as long as he believed that he was always helping others, Having that sense of mission, it does not seem to be a big deal.

"But since it's Kazuki, I think the problem should be solved better. You can guess why I came here, Kazuki?"

"It's not because I didn't come to'monitor' today, and your seniors feel uncomfortable, right?"

"Actually, this is also part of the reason. You didn't come here today. We assume that your evaluation of the light music club is over. If the result is not ideal, it will be difficult to do, right?"

"That said, but Kitahara-senpai doesn't seem to worry about my evaluation at all!"

"At least I should have some confidence in myself, right? If I show no self-confidence in front of everyone, then Kazuto will also be disappointed in us, right?"

Senior Kitahara still said politely.

Of course, what he said was correct.I have nothing to blame for the preparation of the light music club and the quality of the performance. After all, I have seen the perfect cooperation of the three people with my own eyes, and I am even a little envious of it.

"If there is no other meaning to harmony, then my understanding is that you are satisfied with our evaluation, is that true?"

"I can only say that I am looking forward to your performance at the cultural festival, but the final judgement of whether it is qualified or not, I think it is up to Senior Xuexia to judge."

"But, I just heard Isshiki say, Xuexia, took sick leave today, is that right?"

"It's stressful at work. Not everyone is an iron man like Senior Kitahara. By the way, you can pay a little attention to Senior Dongma's body and impose your abilities on others as a standard. This is a big taboo. !"

"Uh, thank you for your reminder, but I think it would be better for you to talk to Dongma directly with this sentence. This is also a way for the two of you to ease the relationship—"

"——If I said this, Senior Dongma’s reaction must be, "You guy, do you want to treat me like that?" I shrugged and said, "And, it’s up to you. Isn't it better to say these things?"

"I don't understand what you mean."

——No, you absolutely understand. It is not a good thing to understand that pretending to be confused.

"Well, all in all, in the absence of Senior Xuexia, I think it would be better for Senior to wait a little longer. Of course, I think after Xuexia comes back, she should give you an affirmative answer in just a matter of time. The problem."

"So, when will Xuexiajia be able to come back?"

"With that guy's character, it may be tomorrow, but if you are unlucky, it may not be a few days."

"Can't classmate Isshiki make a decision at this time?" Suddenly, Kitahara Chunxi turned her head and looked at Isshiki.

"my words--"

"——Student Isshiki can of course decide, but at that time, the plan to review the light music club was proposed by Senior Xuexia, after all, letting Isshiki student give permission in place of Xuexia. This does not seem to be a good idea. thing."

Before Ichishi spoke, I gave a reply first.I seem to see a face hesitantly hesitant to speak, but I believe that she will definitely understand that my judgment is the most reasonable.

"Yeah." And Yishi gave a satisfactory answer as I expected.

"So, during the period when Xuexia was taking leave, can Chairman Isshiki not make any decisions? According to you, all the motions in the Xuexia period require her permission. This period of time, The executive committee will not be paralyzed, right?"

"Of course not. In fact, for most of the work, Xuexia has set a schedule and achievement table. Isshiki only needs to judge according to the standard given by Xuexia. However, light music is also good. Xuexia did not leave a judgment criterion for the meeting. My opinion is only for reference, so I am embarrassed that the issue of the light music meeting must be delayed for some time."

——Although the significance of delaying for a period of time does not seem to be very significant, but Haruhiri Kitahara "coincidentally" chose to submit the application during the time when Xuexia was absent. This has to make me a little skeptical. Therefore, the safest way is to Leave it to Yukoshita to make a judgment.

"Well, if Heya you said so--"

Kitahara nodded looking disappointed.However, the accident happened at this time.

"——Senior Kitahara, in fact, you can leave the plan first." Suddenly, Yi Huei Yu said.

I looked at the girl next to me in amazement, her gaze was flat at Haru Kitahara, avoiding my sight completely.

"Uh, it would be great to stay here first. I can understand that the executive committee has temporarily approved our plan. Can we continue to prepare?"