My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 253

"Well, as Kazuya said before, this is not considered as passing the assessment, because the final judgment should be made by Xuexia-sen. However, the executive committee will take into account that if Xuexia-sen comes back later , The preparation process of the light music club will be affected, so the meaning of accepting your plan is to let you prepare according to your current rhythm as far as possible without affecting the normal preparation of the cultural festival performance."

Isshiki expressing her opinions calmly and calmly-until then, I suddenly realized a fact that I had realized for a long time but forgotten recently, Yishiyu, she is not the kind of person who only relies on acting like a baby and looking for others. An ambitious but incompetent girl who helps, she is also a person who has ideas and even wants to realize her own ideas.

Until Kitahara Haruki left, Yishi didn't divert her gaze--she was deliberately avoiding my surprise.But, in fact, I can't blame her.

From the very beginning, I said that I was just a staff advisor-I was bound by the identity I gave myself.

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Isshiki's approach is not a betrayal. She didn't actually deny my judgment. She just made a choice that was conducive to enhancing her influence with her own selfishness.I should have realized this a long time ago. The goal of the executive committee chairman of Yihuyeyu competition is the student council president, although I have promised her to help her run for the student council - but if she completely puts her hope of being elected on me , That is stupid behavior.Therefore, she can use the absence of Xuexia to expand her own influence as much as possible.

Although she cannot solve the problem of the executive committee's work motivation on her own, she still has a certain say in some other minor issues.

However, this still cannot change the slight betrayed dissatisfaction in my heart.Whether it is helping Isshiki or Xuexiata, although I have the confidence to level the group of guys, anyway, I am the focus of everyone's firepower.When other people helped you fight bloody battles, you did something for your own benefit that made your partner dissatisfied. I really can't imagine that this is something that a rational person would always do.

Obviously, Isshiki knew this, so the atmosphere between me and her suddenly fell into a very strange situation.

I can only say that there are strange things in the world, and some are too endless.The two who had been close comrades in arms for a long time suddenly had a gap.

However, Isshiki and I still have to maintain the image of a "close and seamless" collaborator to maintain our authority-Isshiki is my greatest support, and I am also the biggest support for Isshiki to lead the executive committee.Being so clear about this, the two of us didn't expose the rift in front of others, but, I know, this is not a long-term solution.

As the executive members finished their work one by one, when we bid farewell and left, slowly, only me and Yi Huishu were left in the classroom.Although it was agreed that I would visit Xuexia after school, neither my sister nor Biqigu meant to urge me, which made me feel more or less relieved.

The classroom where I was the only one with Isshiki seemed to have such a scene not long ago.At that time, I found that I was exhausted and couldn't surpass the color feather of Yukoshita Yukino. In front of me, I chose to compromise.

I still remember that this girl seemed to hug me tenderly.However, the atmosphere in the classroom is completely different now.

Even the same heroine can't use the usual coquettish and cute means to ask for my forgiveness.

"Sorry, Heya." After a long time, Yishi said softly.

"It's just a rational choice, there is nothing to blame."

"So, aren't you angry?"

"If you don't want to be angry, do you believe it?"

"That's true." She smiled awkwardly.

"I just don't understand. If it's a Sagami role, I can understand it completely, and I won't even be angry. However, I originally thought that you should be better than Sagami. Of course, you are still better than Sagami. It's more powerful, but—"

"--It's just not enough to be powerful, right?"

"Only this level is really not enough."

"Really? Is that so? Actually, I think it's almost the same, right?"

"Already almost?"

"Hey, Kazuya, so, do you remember the last time we were alone?" Suddenly, Isshiki asked.

"The same classroom, at the same time, the scene is too familiar, even if you can't remember it, it will be forcibly recalled."

"If you say that I am now in a similar state to me at the time, Heya, would you believe it?"

"You mean, you are also exhausted? But do you still look very refreshed now?"

"It's just that I'm a little worried about waiting blindly," Isshiki shook his head and said, "Don't you think that from the beginning, I put all my hopes on you. Does this seem ridiculous? Because of the harmony For the help, I found that I couldn’t walk at my own pace at all. The road you pointed out to me was the right one, and it seemed to be right, but it was really uncomfortable!”

"To achieve the goal, discomfort must also be accepted."

"However, if you fail to reach the goal, you won’t even have the sense of accomplishment of chasing the goal? According to Heya's approach, I will only have the last goal left. If I lose even the last fig leaf of the goal. If you fail, don’t you think that, from the election of the executive committee to the end, everything I have failed?"

"But, without my help, you have no chance of failure."

"Yeah, I know. Without Heya's help, I wouldn't even have the opportunity to confront Senior Yukoshita now--but, Heya, don't you think it is because you are too right to appear Is it scary?"

Because it is correct, it is terrible.

Because it cannot be argued, it feels uncomfortable.

I didn’t think it was right or wrong for the best solution reached by rational thinking and the easiest solution for perceptual decision.However, for two consecutive days, two people gave me answers contrary to my judgment.

For me, am I denying emotion itself, or denying the proposition that emotion cannot be deconstructed by reason?

"But ah, Kazuya," Before I thought about the answer to this question, Isshiki's voice rang again, "Even at this point, I still feel that your choice is correct, and I still hope you Help-this kind of reason is ridiculous even to me!"

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Regarding today’s plot, I said that there was a foreshadowing before, but in fact, it is considered to be there. After all, I still pay attention to the various flags that can be recycled when writing, but I think it is actually somewhat abrupt.In addition, I haven't written the feeling that I want for a long time, so, well, give up on yourself.

Regarding this paragraph, it is related to the follow-up thinking after reading the OVA before.Although you can yell at one-color stocks to buy, buy and buy when you watched the 10.5 volume, when Caiyu appeared on the stage, he always had the feeling of "Caiyu sauce victory".The reason why Isshiki was able to catch up by a large margin in the original work is because of her image of "exhaustive measures" at least in front of Xue Tuan.

However, just like the original OVA paragraph, if the image of Isshiki can't hold on, then how her image will collapse, I think it is difficult to imagine, Ishiki in OVA can still be forced in front of the snow group. Be strong, but if she can stop pretending, what will her performance be like?

I have given a judgment of mine here, which is not necessarily correct, it is just my personal understanding.She will also contradictory, leaving a little leeway for herself to do things that seem to be just for a short time, especially here. In fact, the pressure that Isshiki faces is not only the separation of goals and practices, but also a lot of things. Vaguely emotional, I have been molesting, I have been making myself emotional, even when it comes to collapse, I must leave myself a little room.I think this is the attraction of a character like Caiyu, and it is also a very heartbreaking place for her. She can't vent as much as she can when she collapses. I think this kind of rationality sometimes disgusts herself, right?


Chapter 27: Sheep chased by tigers

Because of sensibility, I chose to disobey for a moment, and because of my reason, I tried to seize the most secure opportunity before.This is Isshiki's choice, and it is also the choice of many normal people.

But, sure enough, this dualistic attitude will only make people fall into a quagmire in the end.And if I must make a choice, I know that I have no other options.

"I think if in the next plan, all your choices are the best solution after your rational thinking, I can continue to help you, but if you do unexpected behavior like today, I will be completely You can also choose to stop."

——So, I can only continue to move forward from a certain place. The hesitation that other people bring to me must be excluded as much as possible from my way of thinking.

"This is not what I want to see." Yishi lowered his head and said sadly.

"But this is the best solution for you, you have always known."

"I know this, but that's not what I meant—"

"So, what do you want to express?"

"Heya," she raised her head, helplessly but replied with a wry smile, "I mean, in my estimation, your situation shouldn't be like this."

So, what should be my situation — I once wanted to ask this question, but I knew her expected answer to this question.You can deal with problems in a softer and more harmonious way, take care of other people’s feelings, and take care of your own feelings.

This certainly seems to be a very beautiful thing, and it will only pull me further and further away from the "right" link.

"If I follow the path you are looking forward to, do you think the work this afternoon will go smoothly?"

Isshiki did not answer, she also knew the answer to this question.

"So, Yi Hueiyu, please give up your remaining fluke of feelings and impulses at this time, challenge the decision-making of impossible tasks, and don't allow any impulse."