My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 254

Next, I did not wait for her answer and left the classroom first. I will give time to think about it. I need to know whether she is more determined to achieve her goal or was driven by those illusory so-called emotional impulses. The kidnapping is more irrational.

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My sister and Biqigu are waiting for me at the entrance of the school building-the weather has turned cold, and no one wants to endure the cold wind at the entrance of the school.And it seems that they have indeed been waiting for me for a long time.From Biqigu’s bored eyes, and Yui sister’s embarrassed expression that she didn’t even know what topic to bring up, we could know how much salvation my appearance was for them.

But in fact, my presence had no effect on the overall atmosphere. The cold atmosphere lasted until everyone got on the tram. It seemed that because the Ministry of Service had no group activities for too long, everyone did not know what to say. .Except for my sister's occasional questions like "How about Komachi's review exams" or "Ohwa's work in the afternoon is going well", the atmosphere is a bit strange.

Sure enough, it was because the person to be visited was Xuexia who seemed to have no problems like perpetual motion machines, so everyone didn't know how to deal with it, right?

Although I sent the Minister back home a few days ago, I have never entered the other party’s room. However, even when I came to the door of such a luxurious apartment for the second time, I still wanted to feel that this girl’s life has changed In a sense, it is not on the same level as us ordinary people.

After confirming the room number, I went upstairs and knocked on the door, but the person who opened the door had to make me frown.

"My dearest sister is sick. As an older sister, I should naturally care about the situation!" Yukoshita Yonoi, who is a rare family clothes, appeared in front of us, "Well, there is still someone who cares about Koyuki, sister. I am very pleased with this!"

Her eyes scanned the three of us unscrupulously. When she saw Yui sister, her sister gave her a confused and reluctant smile-it was impossible to imagine that her sister would be the lead singer of this person's band. ; Facing the other party’s attention, Biqigu habitually lowered his eyes, evading the other party’s scrutiny in a seemingly embarrassing state-although I believe that seeing through this is a side dish for Yukoshita Yang One disc, but she is obviously the kind of person who doesn't pay much attention to people who are not interested in herself for the time being.

And when the other person looked at me with a weird smile, I knew that some misunderstood problems could not be escaped.

"So, the previous brother and brother still completed the task very well!"

"I think that can't be considered a task, right?"

"So, because it was not a task, it was even better than I expected?"

"I don't understand what Yukoshita-senpai meant."

"Well, I mean, I just knew that Brother Kazuya turned out to be the kind of person who can wear pink scarves!"

I can feel the trembling of my eyebrows. I don’t know where the minister in this room is. If you know your sister will come, please pay attention to some sensitive issues. !If the guy who is afraid of the world not chaos knows the origin of the scarf, the future consequences will be even more unpredictable.

The sister who didn't understand the situation looked at me with some doubts, but I knew that the best way at this time was to remain silent.In other words, speaking as little as possible, and not falling into the traps and provocations of the other party's words can make the situation more complicated and less likely.

And my silence was indeed the renunciation of Yukoshita Yono, in other words, she might have heard the sound of her sister walking over, so she gave up to further study this issue.

"Ah, I feel that Koyuki is going to be angry with me. The greetings to Yukino's friends will stop here, right?" The moment when Yukino appeared holding the door, it was like The two exchanged the same appearance. Yukoshita Yono blinked and walked to the other side of the room, "After all, it's rude to interrupt the rare gathering time!"

This is the consistent style of Yukoshita Yono, which appeared without warning and disappeared cleanly.

Obviously, it's not just that our group is not good at dealing with that person. When Yukinoshita himself looked at the back of his sister's departure, he could only apologize with a wry smile: "Sorry, my sister is a little messy."

Mr. Yukoshita who said this was wearing a somewhat loose white knit. The left half of the neckline was a little drooping, revealing one of her white shoulders, but she didn’t know that it was her relatively shabby style at home. Dressed up from time to time, I still put on my pajamas.The black untreated hair was scattered behind her back, on the shoulders, and even in front of her forehead. Perhaps because of some anxiety, the strands of black hair on her forehead were simply tied up with an orange hair ring. Will not cover her face.I am used to seeing Xuexia, who is well-dressed in school, and seeing this casual look surprised me.

However, one thing is certain, that is, as long as it is a beautiful girl, even casual dressing will make people feel amazing.

"Actually, you don't need to come here." While leading us through the corridor, we came to the sofa in the living room to sit down, and at the same time carefully put aside a few Mr. Pan dolls that looked like the "Mr. Panda Pan". Xuexia said this sentence that always makes people feel a little too aggressive.

"But Xiaoxue is sick, isn't it?"

"Well, it was actually just a day off, and I was a little tired, but it didn't affect it."

"But, in the final analysis, if you are tired, does it mean something is wrong?"

"If I don't take the lead in doing more, then other people will not be able to complete the task. As the executive chairman, only by setting an example can you gain the trust of others." Yukoshita was silent for a while, and said, "So, although a little tired Yes, but if I don’t do it, no one will do it. For example, I’m thinking that today’s executive committee should be a mess, right?"

Xuexia's head turned to Biqigu, and asked about the only person present in the executive committee who she still knew.

"Ah, this, it's okay, it's okay." Biqigu responded with his routine, vague words.

"If it's okay, it would be worse. So, Yubihama, look, cough--" Yukoshita coughed, waved his hand, and said, "The result is so cruel."

"About this matter, Senior Xuexia, I think you think too much. It means "okay" just now than Senior Qigu. It really means "no problem"."


"At least, the situation so far is under control."

"Really, I don't think Isshiki can deal with the present-ah!" Xuexia nodded suddenly.

"Probably that's the case." Biqigu also proved it in due course.

"So, Xiaoxue, do you understand?" My sister continued to add aggressively, "Even if Xiaoxue is gone, Xiaohe is still working hard to help Xiaoxue solve the current problem, and I was thinking, if Xiaoxue is alone When people work hard, let the rest of us help you more, then the current situation won't happen, right?"

"Well, at that time, your brother was in a light music club, and Biqigu was doing chores. It seemed that there was no room for more involvement. In fact, everyone only needed to complete their duties. My The problem is that I didn’t complete the things in my duties—"

"——That’s because there are too many things in your duties, isn’t it?"

"But it seems that Yubihama has done well?"

"It's just a day, I can barely work hard."

"So, look, Yubihama, isn't my task too cumbersome?" Yukoshita smiled reluctantly, and said softly to her sister, "Of course, even if it's a day, thank you very much."

To my surprise, Yukino Yukoshita said thankful words to me smoothly.

"The Minister's thanks, I always feel like there is fraud in it—"

"--But Yubihama, you still helped me a lot, and there were a lot of things before, so it doesn't matter to say a word of thanks in unison."

So, this seems to be Yukoshita's sincere words, which seems a bit surprising.

However, Xuexia's next sentence immediately made me realize the significance of her previous remarks.

"--But, next, let me take care of everything. It's fine. I will go to school and work tomorrow. Of course, I will moderately consider reducing the workload, but since I have already undertaken It’s the worst choice to leave the chairman’s duties halfway!"

"So, how much, can Xiaoxue still rely on other people?" My sister asked anxiously. This should be the core issue she brought us here.

"So—" Xuexia shook his head, and finally did not give an answer immediately.

"What do you think?" She asked with a sigh.

How should we choose when faced with the task, this huge monster that wants to swallow people.

In fact, I discussed this issue with Biqigu, just a few hours ago.

It is of course impossible to work together to solve the problem-my sister's fantasy really only exists in ideals.However, after denying this answer, the approach taken is still different.

"There is always someone who wants—"

"——There is always someone who will be presented as a sacrifice to the monster’s sacrificial stand, Senior Biqigu, do you want to say that?” I interrupted Biqigu.

Higiya Hachiman's body trembled, and for a moment he even looked at me with dissatisfaction.

"There is always someone who will be presented to the ceremonial stand as a sacrifice. As a result, this is not wrong-but methodologically speaking, it is wrong." I looked at Biqigu and then at Xuexia , Said, "The mistake is that we cannot because we know that there is always a person to be presented to the sacrificial stand, then choose the person to be sacrificed first-because no matter how to choose, whether it is a vote or an election , Or active self-sacrifice, this is not a choice to maximize the effect."

"Actually, this story is similar to the story of the tiger and the flock. The tiger definitely wants to eat the sheep. However, what the flock has to do is definitely not to discuss with the tiger, and give it a sheep every day to satisfy each other. It’s about the cruel competition for survival. The sheep that was eaten by the tiger is naturally the most suitable for sacrifice. On the other hand, it is more important that the tiger attacked the flock. When camping, the leader of the sheep must always lead the sheep as the core of the flock, no matter what way it is."

"Therefore, the active dedication of a sheep will not lead to the awakening of the flock, but only under the leadership of the great leader of the sheep will the flock find a way for it to move on."