My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 255

Chapter 28: The Supported Leader

"However, whether the so-called head sheep can always make the right decision, and the victim that was eliminated in the end, whether it can accept his destiny of being eliminated, is it not necessarily? This is the most cruel The law of survival may apply to the society of the animal kingdom, but it does not apply to the society of humans?" Biqigu raised his head fiercely. Although there was no fierceness in his eyes, his momentary The action proved his dissatisfaction.

"So, Senior Biqigu, in your opinion, what rules are applicable to human society? Or do you believe that the human world is full of light, hope, and even mutual understanding ?"

The rotten fisheyes want to open, but in the end they can do nothing.I know this very well.

Any way of analyzing the world has its own premises and assumptions, and certain premises and assumptions can also deduce a view that suits its logic itself.

If Biqigu believes that the world is hypocritical, full of deception and concealment-as his words reflect, then his set of solutions to the problem is powerless-there is always someone to sacrifice, this No problem, but the question is whether this person’s sacrifice is worth it.In a world full of distrust between people, if a person is prepared to solve the problem at the expense of himself, the problem will never be solved, because the people he tries to awaken by feeding the tiger are all There is no awakening-if you realize this and continue to implement your own practice.Then this person is not trying to solve the problem, but just completely hypocritical self-satisfaction.

Only by letting those who should be sacrificed the most can make the unconscious masses realize what they have lost in a world without a sense of crisis, and the only way to ensure that those who should be sacrificed the most sacrifices, The only uncontroversial idea is to let the person as the leader decide their life and death.

Of course, most things do not need to rise to the point of life and death, but those who need to be contaminated with mud should not be done by a person who actively pays and does not ask for anything in return.

The sister's reliance on others is more sacrificed than Qigu believes that someone has to sacrifice, and Xuexia's emphasis on one person solving all problems, these three points are interlinked.One person appears and leads everyone to solve all problems. Everyone depends on that person, trusting that person's judgment, and letting that person decide who will sacrifice. In this way, a most efficient and complete society is formed.

Biqigu still tries to refute me, but he is not good at words, and he is fully aware that his assumptions about the world are more consistent with my conclusions-unless he believes in the light of the world.Yukoshita looked at us at a loss-it was really at a loss. It seemed that she was already at a loss when she handed over the decision on this issue to me and Biqigu.However, she can undoubtedly realize the meaning behind this conversation between Biqigu and I.

"Although I don't fully understand, what Xiaohe and Xiaoqi mean, can't cooperate? Even if you just rely on us, isn't it? Such a conclusion, is it strange?" My sister gritted her teeth and asked dissatisfiedly. "It’s strange, isn’t it? I know that Xiaohe’s judgments are always very accurate. I know that I can’t refute Xiaohe’s views. But, based on common sense, it’s strange, right? It is solved by unity and cooperation. It is not a big deal to rely on others. It is clear that these seemingly simple truths, why do you have to use such a complicated set of logic to prove it?"

"Sister Yui, it's just because logic can't make mistakes, but intuition can make mistakes. Logic can get the best solution, and intuition, just like Peter the Great drew the shortest point between two points on the map. It’s the same as the straight line, it will make you make mistakes."

"So, I don't understand these things!"

However, it is precisely because I don't understand, that's why I like my sister!People who are bound by logic are actually very painful!

"What about Xiaoxue, what exactly does Xiaoxue think? The key issue is not Xiaohe and small enterprises' views, but Xiaoxue's own thoughts?"

However, Xuexia just said nothing.

When she handed over the decision to others for the first time, the outcome was already doomed.That proud, always correct, what she was trying to maintain, and what I helped her to maintain, belonged to Xuexia Xueno's philosophy, has collapsed.Maybe at other times she can reshape this image in front of others-but once it collapses, it is difficult to reshape it.What's more, this is actually the second collapse of Xuexia Xuena.

There was a strange silence in the room-I even hoped that even someone like Yukoshita Yangna could come and stir the atmosphere, but since the owner of this room appeared, the owner's sister has disappeared.

The room in winter should be warmer than the outdoors, but I can feel the temperature around me dropping sharply.

"Uh, Yubihama, if, what I mean is just if," Yukoshita tilted his head to my side and asked with a voice like a mosquito, "The situation you said, if If a leader finds that he can no longer bear the tremendous pressure of leadership, what should he do?"

"According to the same rules, be eliminated, and then, the person who is more suitable for leadership will take the position-but the question is, is that leader really unable to lead?" I looked directly at Yukoshita, "Or, she Was it just affected and shaken by other people's words?"

"If you waver, you don't deserve to be a leader? The leaders of the collective must be firm, correct, and highly confident in their own judgment."

"It is impossible for everyone to maintain self-confidence forever, but as long as you can handle this kind of inconfidence before being exposed to the flock, that's fine."

It is true that as a leader, I can do better than Xuexia - but I am still willing to give Xuexia Xueno a chance, an opportunity that is not so rational in terms of results, but can still be maintained. .This is also continuing to fulfill my promise to Yukino Yukoshita-if possible, I will still carefully maintain the self-confidence in the fragmented Yukoshita.

Xuexia lowered his head again.In the end, whether to choose the firm self to continue, or to use her weakness to numb herself gradually, this choice should be made by her.

The air fell into silence again, and this time, no one seemed to be able to interrupt the silence anymore.

Sister Yui's inadvertent shiver made everyone suddenly react.

"Well, ah, it seems, I forgot the tea—"

"—No need, Xiaoxue, anyway, we are here to visit you—"

"——I still remember your sister and brother’s tastes are somewhat different? But the temporary black tea at home may not be as well prepared in the club classroom——"

"——Xiaoxue, I didn't mean that."

"Well, so everyone should drink tea!" Xuexia put the black tea in front of everyone stiffly and pleadingly, and then took a sip.

In my impression, there seemed to be a saying that when the police interrogated prisoners, they would not let them drink water, because once they drank the water, everything they wanted to say would be swallowed into their stomachs with the water.

I think that today, here, I may not get Xuexia's answer.

The sensation of sipping tea lightly made the body that had just been chilly warmer.However, the atmosphere of silence has not changed—even people like Biqigu just stare at the tea cup seriously, as if to study the lines here, and are unwilling to refute me or Yukoshita.

A long time later.

"Um, I think we should also leave, there are still some homework to be completed, so--ah, about the homework, I don't know the situation in Xiaoxue's class, so there is no way--"

"—It’s okay, it’s okay."

"Well, Xiaoxue, I think Xiaohe just meant it is not so exaggerated. I may not be able to do it, but don't you think Xiaohe did not maintain the committee well when you were away, so I probably—"


My sister opened her mouth, but in the end she said nothing.

And for a moment, I seemed to feel the brief but meaningful glimpse that Xuexia casted at me.

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When we went out, we met Yukino Yukoshita again. He didn't appear when he should appear most, but he appeared when he was not in the mood to talk to her. The accuracy of this person's grasp of time was surprisingly disgusting. .

But, like when we first met, she didn't say much.Even what he said was a bit too normal.

"Hey, did you leave like this? It's rare for my sister to go out and buy snacks for everyone? Shall we leave after eating?"

——Just like a real sister who cares about her sister, of course she does seem to care about her sister, but not in this sense.

"Ah, for Dim Sum, it may only be the next time." My sister reluctantly shook her head and said.

"Well, if it's me—"

"——Small business!"

"Well, I don't need it anymore."

"I mean the same as my sister."

"Ahhhhhhh, this is really a pity, then look at the opportunities in the future? But everyone should find Xue Nao to play more!"

If it weren't because we are more or less people who understand her nature, then maybe we will be moved by her words?

But the three of them were just laughing dry, and hurriedly left.

Yukia Yono realized this too. She didn't stop us, but when I passed her, she said softly, "Little brother Kazuya, the situation of Yukino-chan, made an appointment with us, It seems a little different!"

"There is nothing different."

"That's good, I don't want Little Brother Heye to let me down. After all, my sister has spent a lot of thoughts on your sister, Xuenao, and other people's affairs!"

Yui sister, Yukinoshita, this is what I know-but what does everyone else mean?

But when I was about to turn my head to ask, Yukoshita Yono had already left.