My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 256

It seemed to echo the conversation between her and me just now. Soon, my phone rang.

That was an email from Yukino under Yukino.

However, it seems that neither sister nor Biqigu received her email.

Take out your phone carefully, and browse information without others noticing.

"My body is okay, I can go to school tomorrow, and you have worked hard today—"

——Up to this point, I can understand that she has made a choice. However, there is the second half of this passage:

"So, Yubihama, what do you think of your sister's last words?"

I almost finished reading this passage with a smile. After reading this passage, I understood Xuexia's choice.

A very cunning dualism view, another dualism, a cunning, ambiguous, but unsustainable dualism.

I am going to school-I will take on my own responsibilities.

Sister's words-but, I am not confident in myself, can you help me when necessary?

But in the final analysis, dualism is escape!

Do you avoid choice in this way?It looks superb, but this kind of thing needs human support, but you have to pretend and work hard to show the state of moving alone. Do you really like it?

Moreover, Minister Yukoshita, do you really think how long can self-deception be paralyzed?On the basis that all your forward theories are provided by me, if your forward course is also formulated and planned with my help, then what you call is correct, does it really have an element of self?

However, I seem to have no choice!

Because, I seem to have promised your sister to be responsible for your problem to the end!

Therefore, the name of the reply email is: "Do your best."

If you can, in the process, build up the confidence that you were shattered by your own hesitation and the pressure of others, little by little!

——Then I discovered something very embarrassing.

It seems that I forgot to bring back the scarf of Senior Xiao Muzhen.

However, looking at my sister and Biqigu, I still gave up the idea of ​​going back. If I go back to pick up the scarf at this time, I will be a little bit eager to cover it up.It’s okay to wait until Xuexia comes to school and ask her to bring her over, right?Before meeting Senior Xiao Muzhen, just solve this problem.

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Chapter 29: The Perfect Intervention

The preparation of the cultural festival is like a marathon. At the beginning, everyone used the forced or inspired ones more or less. Of course, some of them may be spontaneous fighting spirit, insisting hard and excitedly. In the last two days, when seeing the dawn of success, I will be excited about the upcoming celebration, and then continue to work hard.However, halfway is the most difficult time-tired of repeating continuous work, and unable to see the hope of success urgently, people will have a mentality of laziness.

In most cases, this will lead to a decrease in the quality of the festival, but it will not affect its own operations. Sometimes, some people who are too responsible will take the responsibility here and continue to move forward silently.However, no matter what kind of situation the cultural sacrifice of Zou Wu Gao will be in the future, there is a phenomenon that cannot be changed.

That is, the fatigue of the leader.

Not only did Yukoshita feel the pressure alone, but Isshiki who tried his best to follow behind her also felt pressure.

Yihuhuiyu did not give me the answer I was expecting-at least not today.Without the energetic voice of greeting when she enters the classroom every day, she is somewhat uncomfortable.

This somewhat sick look also attracted the attention of her small group-but Isshiki's unwillingness to give them even a coping smile made them realize that the girl they admired How bad is it now?

Drive away members of the Isshiki Guards in an indifferent manner such as "Yuhihama, what are you doing, why don't you be too busy to share some of the responsibilities?", "Do you have any kind of gentlemanly? It is uncomfortable to see Isshiki classmate I don't know how to care about her mother?" After such questions, I didn't take the initiative to speak to Yishi.

She still has time to choose.I left her the last kindness here.

However, when Xuexia returned to her heyday, she had no chance to choose-or be led by me like a mechanical puppet, or abandon her goal.

It is better to choose cooperation actively than to be forced to make a decision. I believe that Isshiki students will realize this.

And my main task now is to welcome Minister Yukoshita who returns to the executive committee.

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Yukoshita Yukino, who regained power after just a day's rest, would give everyone the illusion that their vacation was so fast.Although the executive committee members gathered in twos and threes, they did not dare to generate too many objections to Xuexia. They only quietly watched the appearance of Xuexia. Some people were curiously talking about the replacement of Xuexia. The people below are now in a quiet position.

Everyone is the same as in the past, waiting for Xuexia's deployment.However, the minister himself just kept staring at the document in front of him without saying a word.

This state is not ideal!

"Senior Xuexia?" At the reminder of Yishi's somewhat frowning brow, Xuexia raised his head as if waking up in a dream-quickly glanced at me.

"Well, according to the previous reservation, today's discussion is about the slogan of the cultural festival." Xuexia lifted up some spirits, "Well, let's start the discussion?"

"Student Xuexia?" Today, it is hard to tell that the minister of the city who is on the committee scene wryly smiled and patted Xuexia's shoulder.


Then she quickly understood the situation.

"Oh, before the discussion, because this cultural festival was jointly sponsored by the two schools, we also invited Sugiura Koharu from the Qingquan Middle School Student Union. Our title should have some echoes with the slogan theme of the Qingquan Middle School, so Sugiura will discuss it with everyone."

Unexpected situation-Xiaochun's appearance is definitely an unexpected situation.

Isshiki's eyes flickered away. If it were past, she would surely convey this information to me with a gloating expression - however, this time, I didn't know.

It wasn't until Xiaochun opened the door to enter and attracted the attention of the executive committee members that I realized the complexity of the situation.

Sugiura Koharu who imitated Yukoshita Yukino, and Yukoshita Yukino who lost her own style-the next discussion of this committee may develop in a somewhat unexpected direction!

After experiencing the scandal of the previous student union scandal, Xiaochun has completely lost the immature and strong pretense of when I and her reunited last semester-the first moment I spoke, a young and confident Yukino Yukino The impression of has already rushed.Compared to the deity who is still not very focused, she may not be worse than the predecessor she is the target.

"Hello everyone, I’m Sugiura Koharu, Secretary of the Student Union of Kiyizumi Middle School. I am honored to be able to participate in the discussion of your school’s cultural festival slogans with all the seniors. Of course, I have also applied for the high school, so next year’s In spring, many seniors in this room may become my real seniors, so I hope you can give me more advice."

Neither humble nor overbearing, no fear of predecessors because of being a junior.Although maintaining basic respect, she also has amazing self-confidence-it is precisely because of this self-confidence that many people can almost ignore some of the high-profile factors in her words.

"Well, Sugiura, please introduce the slogan of the student union of Qingquan Middle School?"

"Thank you Chairman Xuexia," Xiaochun nodded, the ponytail on the back of his head jumped, and he continued to scan the chairman, and said, "Considering that the cooperation with Zong Wu Gao is a brand new start for Qingquan Middle School. In addition, the student activities in Qingquan Middle School during the recent period are relatively rich. Therefore, our slogan is'the new future we create'-'the new future' refers to the cooperation with Zong Wu Gao, and'we The'created' means that this is a new combination that our students have won. Of course, the cultural sacrifice itself also belongs to the'new future we have created'."

——Of course, I can see that, in fact, there is more to this. This slogan has well included the previous students’ doubts about the Student Union.What we have created is not created by the student union, but insisted by the students themselves—that is, the student union has completely become the representative of public opinion, which means that the previous accident occurred within the student union The split of the country and the decline in trust in the student union have been resolved.After the settlement, I used this kind of slogan to unite the students under oneself, and it can be seen that the prestige of the Qingquan Middle School Student Union did not decline after the incident.

"So, from the perspective of Qingquan Middle School, we hope that the predecessors of Zong Wu Gao can respond to our slogan. This is our idea. Thank you."

Xiaochun sat down next to Xuexia, only at this time, her face still a little crimson proved that her spirit was a little nervous.However, when my eyes met her, her unabashedly fierce gaze at me proved that she was highly satisfied with her performance just now.

Indeed, I should also be satisfied with this-even me, there is no way to do better than her in this situation.

However, she overlooked one point-namely, the enthusiasm of the members of the executive committee of Zou Wu Gao.