My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 257

Probably because the performance of the junior high school girls was so wonderful, the members of the executive committee who did not have much enthusiasm for the slogans themselves fell into a state of silence.If you don't have the prerequisites of Qingquan Middle School, you can just say a slogan casually, and then have some self-righteous play with people you know, but you will also deliberately reluctantly get over the problem.However, with this premise and this steady speech, anyone who wants to have an idea has to weigh his own speech.

Therefore, almost everyone kept the same actions, lowered their heads, seriously holding their pens, and drew something on the paper-reflecting that they were serious, but refused to think.

"Well, that." Seeing everyone's embarrassment, the City Council grew out to make a round of it. "Or if you don't consider the cooperation of Qingquan Middle School, do you have any other ideas? One opinion will come up next. Then you can discuss a more appropriate opinion if you are not sure, right?"

However, the silence created at the beginning continues

After a long time, the voice of a somewhat familiar boy rang.

That was the third-year senior Hayasaka that I was impressed the day before-the so-called former chairperson classmate had been very restful before, but the activity in these two days made people feel that he had changed. A person.

"Four seasons cycle, hope from white to color. How about this slogan?"

"Senior Hayasaka, please explain."

"Everyone can understand the cycle of four seasons, isn't it? This refers to the endurance of time. In addition, white actually means blank. Before the cooperation with Qingquan Middle School, Zong Wu Gao did not stay the same? This can be explained in a sense. Afterwards, dyeing into color naturally refers to the changes brought by the fresh blood of Qingquan Middle School to Zong Wu Gao, which is understandable. And the goal of our cultural festival is not to build a colorful Is it a cultural festival? This fits well with this slogan!" Hayasaka Senshi fluently expressed his views.

I have to say that this slogan is indeed very persuasive-it is as vague as the slogan of Kiyizumi Middle School, but clearly expresses itself, coupled with the self-confidence and appeal of Mrs. Hayasaka when he said these words. The executive committee members who are struggling to find the slogan seem to have found a straw.

"A good slogan!"

"It's about to die at the beginning, so don't discuss it?"

"I don't think Sugiura-san would have any opinions, right?"

Such discussions suddenly rang out in the classroom.

It looks beautiful-but this is really a coincidence.

This slogan fits a little too much with a certain song, and this song is also a song carefully prepared by the Light Music Club.

"White-album", although it is essentially a winter love song, there is no such thing as dyeing white in color—it dyes white to the color of pure white snow.However, these differences cannot conceal the essence of "white-album" and this slogan.

If this slogan is passed, then the performance of the Light Music Club is not just a question of passing or failing—it is a question of having to put it on the finale.

The executive committee members who are not aware of Jue Li may not realize it, and Biqigu, who is not aware of the lyrics of "white-album" may not realize it-but Xuexia and I can react quickly.

Calmly used all his possible means to make the situation develop in the direction he wanted-that person has successfully become the savior. Presumably, Hayasaka-senpai is very grateful and grateful for this advice. , And didn't expect to become the target of that guy to achieve his goal, right?

"Chairman, I have something to go out." I stood up and said loudly.

"Uh, uh—you don't need to ask me for instructions, Yuihama-san can do it yourself."

Xuexia raised her eyebrows, but she should understand what I mean-doubts that are inconvenient to express in person, at this time need to be resolved through secret negotiation.

Well, I should be able to take this opportunity to bring the scarf back with Xuexia.


Chapter Thirty: Discussion

Xuexia didn't make me wait too long. After I walked back and forth in the classroom and the stairs farthest from the classroom, she had walked out of the executive committee classroom with some caution.

"Without notifying me, have you disclosed any information there?"

"I disclosed some, but it was not with Kitahara-senior. Of course, I am not sure if the guy I disclosed the information will tell Kitahara about these things. Her mind is easy to guess, but her behavior is elusive. ."

"It's not Xiaomushu? That's the winter horse and yarn? In such a short period of time, all the members of the light music club can get on the line, Yuihama, your ability in this aspect is going to catch up in a sense Your sister." Xuexia's expression is a bit elusive, it looks like she is complimenting, but she seems a little dissatisfied.

"It's just taking precautions when doing things," So, ignoring this woman's expression is the best choice, "So, what's your opinion on this matter?"

"I now ask Isshiki to bring other people to discuss the possibility of other slogans. If there are no other slogans, then this suitable slogan recognized by many people is still very likely to be selected—"

"—No, no, no, Minister, Chairman Xuexia, you made a mistake." I interrupted Xuexia, "There are only two possibilities for this slogan to be selected, 100% and 0. It Whether you can pass in the end depends on your attitude. No matter how you are, Senior Kitahara tries to influence you and persecute you, but as long as you are still the chairman, you have room for complete denial."

"However, if the pressure on the other executive members is too great—"

"——When you proposed the work plan system, other executive committee members put more pressure on you? At that time, what was your solution for the minister?"

Xuexia pursed his lips and said nothing.

"So, the question is, Minister, are you willing to allow these important decisions of the Executive Committee to be influenced by the predecessors of Kitahara? Are you willing to become another puppet controlled by Kitahara Haruki, or a leader with your own judgment-I I think this question does not need to hesitate, but your current behavior is like telling me that you are hesitating. If this is Yukino’s current mental state, I suggest you go home and lie down for another day. , Come back after adjusting your mood!"

"You mean, let me veto this proposal?"

"It's not that I suggested that you veto the proposal, but the question of whether or not you accept the proposal, I think, you asked me to assist you yesterday, which is probably what you meant? When you are hesitant, I need Remind you not to forget your heart."

"But, in fact, that slogan is not unacceptable, because it is indeed more consistent with the theme of the cultural festival——"

"—That's your judgment, isn't it?"

"But, Yubihama, you don't like that slogan, do you? A slogan from Haruki Kitahara."

"Maybe? But it's not necessarily. The most direct consequence of that slogan is to make the light music club the focus of the cultural festival. For me, it would not be unacceptable for me to give Senior Xiao Muzhen the results she should have. of."

"Yuhihama, you are really cunning!" Yukoshita shook his head helplessly.

"My role is to tell you all the time, Yukoshita Yukino, you are the chairman of the executive committee, and you have the ability to grasp the overall situation-nothing more."

Xuexia fell into silence again.

In the classroom of the executive committee not far away, there were scattered voices that looked like discussions, but were not reluctant to respond.Compared with the silence in the corridor, this seemed a bit noisy.

The kind of chill that I experienced at Xuexia's home the day before did not appear here-after all, the current Xuexia, at least from the point of view, is not lost.

"Go back! You go back first, and I will show up later." Finally, she shook her head and said.

It should be determined.

"By the way, Minister, one more thing—"

"whats the matter"

"Uh, although I am not willing to mention the previous things, but the day before yesterday, if you remember the scarf--"

"Oh, are you talking about the scarf of senior Xiao Muzhen?" Xuexia nodded, showing an expression of understanding.

"Well, that scarf—"

"——About this point, I think you don’t have to worry about Yubihama. I returned it to Senior Xiao Mushu today. I went to her classroom and handed it to her personally. Don’t worry about me losing it!"

Yukinoshita narrated this fact plainly, without raising his head, but without evading it, as if he was talking about an insignificant thing.

"Ah, that's it! That's it! I don't need this intermediate process anymore." And looking at Xuexia, who seemed to think this matter was not a big deal, I couldn't react too violently.

--------------------------------------split line---------- --------------------------

However, it is impossible to be unresponsive anyway, right?If it hadn't been for Xuexia's indifferent look from beginning to end, and if it hadn't been for the knowledge that Minister Xuexia would occasionally drop the connection in these places, I would almost think that Xuexia had done it on purpose.

To make matters worse, I can't predict the reaction of Senior Xiao Muzhen after receiving this scarf from Xuexia.