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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 258

After she said that, both in behavior and thinking, I have deviated from the expectations of my seniors. How should I face Senior Xiao Muzhen at this time? This is no longer possible with my reason. It’s a matter of judgment.

The initiator of this incident was also slowly walking into the classroom, frowning as he listened to Isshiki's report to her.

"How was the situation just discussed?" I looked at Biqigu beside me.

"Obviously you have been out before the discussion, how do you know there will be a discussion?"

"There is no need to stimulate me with this aspect of things. You can just know what happened just now. If you don't want to, you can stop and try."

"Well, that's too much trouble." Biqigu shook his head slightly, and then began to explain the previous situation in an eye-catching manner.

"This kind of thing, no one can actually discuss what results. Almost everyone is supporting Hayasaka-senpai's point of view-expecting these absent-minded people to come up with a more suitable slogan in a short period of time, it is a bit difficult, at most That is to say something vague about unity and hard work—it’s hard for them to be able to say such a slogan."

"Don't want to refute it?"

"If they were adopted, then I would definitely destroy them all."

"A bad character, senior than Qigu."

"But, I didn't adopt it, did it? The result of the discussion was determined from the beginning. All the shoddy and temporary slogans can only show the suitability of the slogans of Mr. Hayasaka-what's wrong, is it Yukinoshita? Isn’t that what you think? Although you’re satisfied with the slogan, it would be a bit simple to determine it arbitrarily, so this symbolic brainstorming method was used to finally prove the rationality of the slogan? If it wasn’t for that guy who was with you yesterday If you are awkward, I might even think that his slogan was written by Yukoshita! After all, it's like knowing that Sugiura classmates will come to participate in advance."

"Unfortunately, your judgment is wrong, or part of it is correct-that is, Hayasaka-senpai's slogan is indeed predetermined, but the person who instructed him to do this is not Yukinoshita- Precisely because it is not under Xuexia, the Minister will not pass this slogan."

"So, why did you go out just now?"

"I didn't say anything. Senior Biqigu can doubt, but doubt requires evidence."

"I don't want to report you either," Biqigu turned his head and once again hid his expression in the shadows.

But, immediately, his voice came over floatingly: "So, Yubihama, your approach is to help Yukinoshita, right?"

"Otherwise? If it wasn't for help, I wouldn't be guilty of communicating so many things with Senior Xuexia."


"but what?"

"No, it's nothing."

"It's really bad, senior than Qigu."

"It's just that I hope that person can also realize that you are just helping her." Biqigu's somewhat vague words reached my ears.

Of course, the right half of what he said was right-Xuexia should realize that I was just helping her. If she didn't realize this, her independence would disappear.

However, the other part of the meaning was misunderstood by Biqigu.If Xuexia didn't realize that I was just helping her, it could only show that her ability has not reached the level that she can solve the problem independently-then, let me control her, what can't it?

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At least from the current point of view, Xuexia should be in the stage where she can make independent judgments. At least, from the tone and style of her speech, she is still as sharp as ever.

"I have just discussed the results of the discussion with Isshiki. Frankly speaking, I am very disappointed."

"I don't want to deny the slogan of Hayasaka-senpai. In fact, it is a slogan that I think is good. However, the problem is that everyone as the executive committee sees a slogan that can be used at all At that time, did you give up your right to continue thinking? Everyone is satisfied with the current simple order and stagnates, instead of trying their best to think? The environment of this executive committee is not me Hope to shape."

——Although it is indeed very sharp, but I have a somewhat awkward feeling. The speaking style of these remarks is not like the indifferent and effective style of blood under the snow, but more like mine. Encouraging and provocative writing style.

However, around this time, provocative and encouraging words may be more effective!

"So, I'm not satisfied. I don't want everyone to give up their thinking when they see a slogan that is fairly satisfactory-I hope everyone has a kind of'my slogan must be selected' Fighting spirit-of course, I also admit that temporarily letting student Sugiura introduce the situation, which disrupted everyone's thinking about the slogan. Therefore, I will give you one day. At the committee tomorrow, we will discuss the slogan again-to At that time, I hoped to have a better result instead of the lifeless discussion like today."

However, I have to say that Yukoshita’s style is not suitable for this kind of mocking and agitation dialogue, especially when she says these words, her face still has a serious but not excited expression. , Which also made the reaction of other students in the next classroom not fierce.

"Well, what Yukoshita said is reasonable. Everyone actively participates in the seminar, is it the right way? The core of the cultural festival is that everyone should participate. Otherwise, Yukoshita takes care of everything alone. Isn't it all right?" Realizing the dull atmosphere, the city tour leader came out to make a round.

However, this seems to have aroused greater dissatisfaction among others.

"Actually, Xuexia had to solve all the problems alone. We don't have any problems, right?" In the corner, I didn't know who it was, and a somewhat abrupt sentence came out.

"Yes, actually, just leave it to Yukoshita—if Yukoshita can’t work, then add the help of Yukoshita yesterday—well, Yukia, I think it’s not impossible?"

"We have to think about things on the premise that everyone has reached a conclusion. This is really difficult for some strong people? After all, our other tasks are also very busy!"

The sudden outbreak of protests caught people off guard.

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Chapter 31: The Unexpected End of the Battle

Protests are not surprising, but protests against Yukoshita are an incredible thing—especially when the chairman who has been absent for a day returns the next day and once again establishes his own indisputable authority. under.

Not to mention Xuexia’s own stunned frown, even the executive committee members who questioned, after uttering their rebuttals, looked around carefully, worried about their loss-of course, in other responses When their numbers began to grow, the hesitant expression on their faces slowly disappeared, although it was replaced by a kind of rejoicing.

"I don't think this way of giving up one's responsibilities is desirable." On the whole, Yukinoshita remained calm, but her quiet glance at me questioned me: Didn’t you control the situation yesterday?

"Xuexia is in trouble." Biqigu commented simply beside me.

I quickly realized this-the problem now is not that I didn't control the situation the day before, but that Yukinoshita himself had changed.Although she maintained self-confidence in general, a moment of hesitation or a moment of uncertainty in the sentence revealed the possibility that she is relatively weak now-the executive committee may not know what happened to Xuexia What's the problem, but the chairman's indisputability seems not as strong as before, and they can feel this.

Thus, there was temptation--and this temptation, if it had not ushered in a more favorable suppression, would have incurred more violent resistance.

Or just use a completely open method to solve the problem, like the president of the city, or use a completely high-pressure method to solve the problem, just like the previous snow.Those who try to find a reconciliation between the two will eventually fail. They will inevitably slide in any direction, and it is more likely that they cannot grasp this balance and cause the scene to completely lose control.

Therefore, Minister, the current approach should not be to accuse me of what I did yesterday, but to use the authority you have now to control them. The point is not to let the scene get out of control!

However, after expressing the denial of the doubts in the audience, Xuexia did not seem to think about what to say next. Although her expression remained as calm as ever, she only relied on this indifferent face. It is impossible to extinguish the flame of protest.

"Everyone is not giving up your responsibilities!" The first speaker was the very active Mr. Hayasaka in the past two days, the former executive chairman classmate who awakened from the beginning of the dream. He has faintly become the core figure of the opposition group. The next classmate, you just said that my slogan is not bad. Since it is a good slogan, it is possible for everyone to agree on it, right? Xuexia student, you made it for everyone without authorization.' The judgment of not thinking seriously' is also a big blow to everyone's enthusiasm!"

"Um, Yuukishita-san, I think everyone is actually thinking about cultural festivals, right?" Yuukishita's side, Sagami Nan, who has been in a state of being almost ignored by me, also interrupted at this time. Said, “Deciding on the slogan quickly and moving on to the next agenda is also very helpful to catch up with Xuexia’s timetable. In the final analysis, everyone is thinking about cultural festivals. Xuexia can’t do anything. It is said that everyone is despising the cultural festival. Everyone has been working very hard-including yesterday when Xuexia was absent."

However, it is also a loss for Sagami students to be able to say this!Obviously, the person who didn't work hard was herself.

However, these remarks seemed to arouse the general agreement of everyone, even Xuexia himself, now aware that the situation is out of control.

"If you just think about it, it shouldn't matter, right? You don't need to discuss this issue today. You can go back and think about it a little bit according to what Xuexia said, and then discuss it in a relatively short time tomorrow, okay? "However, President Shiro's harmony at this time seems meaningless. With the current mentality of the people, tomorrow's discussion is probably ended with the collective approval of the slogan of Senior Hayasaka.

This was done just to give Chairman Xuexia a step down a step, who suddenly caused everyone to counterattack.

Yukino at the front, biting his lip, said nothing.

Biqigu's stool next to me moved a little.

——However, I’m sorry, Senior Biqigu, this matter seems to be my responsibility!