My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 259

"I'm sorry, Chairman, I have some opinions about Hayasaka-senpai's slogan." I stretched out my left hand and stood up on the table in front of Higiya.

——Since in your hearts, Yubihama and Yukoshita Yukina have "coincidentally", then I can keep this image to the end.

"Yuhihama-san, please don't deliberately find faults!" Sagami Minami, who had just gained a lot of sympathy through that remark, seemed to have regained confidence and said aloud.

Of course, it is enough to ignore such people who cannot accurately evaluate their behavior.

"Isn't Hayasaka-senpai's slogan a bit too cryptic? The cycle of the four seasons, white and color hopes, etc., although everyone can understand after explaining it, it is impossible for us to explain the meaning of this slogan to every classmate, right? Even if we can make sure that the students of Zou Wu Gao understand the hidden meanings, it is not only the students of Zou Wu Gao who come to participate in the cultural festival, but also students from other schools and members of the community. It is necessary for them to understand these slogans. Meaning, is it a little difficult?"

"But, if you say that, isn't Qingquan's slogan the same? If you don't explain it, no one will know what the'brand new future' refers to."

"However, the word'new future' itself is a very broad word that can be given infinite meaning, isn't it? That is to say, even if someone does not understand the cooperation with Sou Wu Gao, this does not prevent them from giving' The'New Future' gives them their own definition-since a slogan has been released, it has nothing to do with the concept that our executive committee wants to give it. Of course, it cannot be said to be completely irrelevant, but it is also very important to give other students their own interpretation. ."

"Of course, the slogan of Hayasaka-senpai does not mean that there is no other interpretation space-any slogan has infinite interpretation methods at the operational level. Generally speaking, everyone's interpretation of the slogan is to give themselves abstract slogans. The'concretization process' of understanding. However, when a slogan is a concrete slogan, we need one more step-to understand the abstract meaning of the concrete slogan-and students need to think about'white' and'color The abstract meaning of'hope', and then further thinking about the potential meaning represented by its abstract meaning, the attractiveness of the slogan to people will decrease. Why in general, the slogan will adopt the abstract words of hope and cooperation, just for Omit this process of abstracting the concrete slogan. And Hayasaka-senpai, don't you think your slogan is actually adding a burden to others to interpret it?"

"No one stipulates that everyone should understand the meaning of the slogan?" Hayasaka-senpai retorted unwillingly.

"Of course no one stipulates this-but if you don't try to make others understand, what is the meaning of your slogan?"

"Then rely on indoctrination to make everyone understand!"

"Doesn't this return to the original question? This kind of indoctrination also stifles the creativity of the slogan! And, one more thing, I don't know if Hayasaka-senpai have you considered, come to Sobu Taka's cultural festival The students who visited included not only those from Qingquan Middle School, but also other students who treated Zong Wu Gao as a voluntary school. If you let them understand the meaning of your slogan, would you give these students a kind of "Zong Wu Gao vs Qingquan" Middle school students have a hint of preferential treatment? You are drawing a line between other broader sources of outstanding students and Qingquan Middle School! And the slogan on Qingquan Middle School, when students understand the future, can of course be understood as' The future of cooperation with Zou Wu Gao', but because of the diversity of understanding, they understand it as other futures that have nothing to do with Zou Wu Gao. Why not? Concrete slogans that refer to certain targets, and There is a certain difference in abstract slogans referring to objects, probably here!"

I looked at Hayasaka's senior relatives-I believe, he doesn't know how to reply to me now, and even, I believe, he probably didn't understand what I meant.Because the expressions of the vast majority of executive committee members present are the same as I imagined, and they don't know how to respond.

Of course, it doesn’t matter whether they will refute or not. They don’t understand, and it’s more convenient for me to say my next words: "So, since I think there is a serious problem with Hayasaka-senpai’s slogan, so, Yuukishita-classmate , My personal suggestion is that it’s better for everyone to think about the slogan-I’m against the idea that you just thought “this slogan is not bad”. Compared with those cliché slogans, this slogan seems full of new ideas, in fact This kind of novelty cannot bring satisfactory results to cultural sacrifices."

Xuexia also looked at me in a daze.

Please, other people can't understand, but you should at least understand what I mean?If you can't understand me, you should understand my purpose, Mr. Yukoshita!


"Ah, um, yes, what Yuhihama said is right," Yukoshita nodded as if waking up from a dream, and said, "I'm sorry, but no such fatal flaw was found in the slogan of Hayasaka-senpai just now. Yuihama found out, so I can only dismiss it! I still hope everyone can give some other suggestions."

I sat down and looked at Hayasaka-senpai who undisguisedly dissatisfied me—of course, I had already offended him, or I didn’t mind his attitude towards me anymore. This was not the point.

The point is Xuexia. Although I helped Xuexia reach my goal-Xuexia himself did not make good use of this opportunity.

When she voluntarily admitted that "she ignored the problem", the image of the perfect chairperson in everyone's mind was bankrupt.

If other people had already realized Xuexia's lack of self-confidence before, then the words of Xuexiaxia had already given them another hint-Xuexia Xueno, she made a mistake.

Yukino, who has never made a mistake, made a mistake.

This means that the possibility of the legitimacy of the opposition to her has increased-since Yukoshita can accept Yubihama's rebuttal, then Yukoshita should naturally consider our objection.Although our opposition failed this time, it was not a failure caused by Yukoshita, but a failure caused by Hihama in another way.

Once this correctness disappears, the unique authority that belongs to Xuexia as the chairman of the executive committee, how much is left is a question mark.

I looked at Xuexia again, but she just gave me a slight nod.

She did not realize the crisis she was facing.

I realized the ease of being supported, and then slowly indulged in it.

Compared to when she first met half a year ago, the sharpness of Xuexia's body has disappeared-but what followed was the disappearance of her accurate judgment of herself, without her own awareness, She has become more and more a person who cannot realize her rationality.

I think part of the agreement made by Mr. Hiratsuka a long time ago can be over, because an opponent actively chose to surrender!

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Try to prevent yourself from becoming a semi-weekly partying (dying struggle).Another minute of silent mourning for Yukino, Yubihama Demon Lord is not as gentle as the great teacher-his gentleness is all left to the older sister (Xuno: I can be regarded as an older sister according to age!)


Chapter Thirty-Two: The Collapsed Idol

"In most cases, trying to expose other people's laziness directly and nakedly is indeed a good way-but it doesn't apply at the time just now." When I sat down, I told my body. Biqigu, who stared at me tightly, said, "Senior Biqigu is very good at observing and discovering problems, but with all due respect, your way of solving problems is as bad as ever!"

"Please don't pretend that you understand what I am going to do."

"Please don't assume that I have debunked the facts but are not convinced. Calm down and think. Do you really think that this kind of exposing stimulation is of any use to this group of passable committee members? They have already Exhausted enough, the methods that were useful yesterday do not mean that they are useful today. They have reached a point where they cannot respond to effective stimulus. Just like the shortcomings of the planned economic system at the end, no matter how the government increases economic stimulus, it is just It’s hard to return, so instead of stimulating, it’s better to use compulsory means to drain their final surplus value."

"When did you become this kind of communist?"

"No, Senior Biqigu, I just used that system to explain my behavior as a ruthless exploiter."

"Since you use this system, you also know that the result is inefficiency?"

"Inefficiency is always better than no progress. It is better to have low GDP growth than zero GDP growth. Fortunately, unlike economic growth, we do not need to consider the price of overdraft development. We only need to complete the cultural sacrifice. It’s okay to control the group of people below. At the point of collapse, it is necessary to sacrifice one or two useless guys-for example, Sagami classmates, and finally complete the task of cultural sacrifice. This is the most important thing."

"There is no world in which no one will be harmed--" Biqigu murmured.

"Of course, I also want to try my best to create a world where no one will be harmed-but when necessary, hasn’t that sacrifice been selected? The one who jumps the most is the most in the group. Factors of instability should sacrifice themselves in order to obey the interests of the collective!"

"Yuhihama, are you interested in choosing world history as an elective course?"

"I think it will."

"You will look a lot like Stalin."

"So, does Senior Biqigu think he is Trotsky or Bukharin?"

"I'm not that kind of idiot," Biqigu shook his head, "Since you want to solve the problem, just do it your own way."

"Wise judgment."

"But, how did you think about the two people in front?" Biqigu glanced at the two executive committee chairs and continued to ask.

"So, I'm just like Stalin in the way of solving problems. I don't have his crazy worship of absolute power and absolute status. If I lose power, then I will gladly accept it-however, the problem It seems that I have no chance to lose this kind of power!"

The face is flushed, the expression is relaxed under the snow, and the face is pale, without saying a word. The mood of the two people may be completely different now, but the actual situation of the two people should be exactly the same. Right?

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Today’s committee ended slightly earlier than usual—giving everyone time to go back and think about the slogan.Of course, this small discount cannot conceal the complicated atmosphere in the entire committee.On the one hand, everyone felt the loosening of the chairman's unshakable authority; on the other hand, they could only follow the opposite authority by inertia.

As I walked in the direction under the snow, the rare leader of the city paused slightly beside me.

"If you really have so many ideas, isn't it okay to run for chairman from the beginning?"

With a sad, helpless tone, she said so.

I did not answer this question.

This is of course not because there is no answer to her question, but I don't think she will believe my answer.

——From the beginning, I have no expectations for the power of the chairman and the benefits that the chairman can bring to me.All I did was to correct the mistakes of others.

This is a fact that no one will accept, so no one will believe it, so there is no point in explaining or not explaining.