My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 260

When I came next to Xuexia, she was talking to Xiaochun, watching quietly beside them.Yi Huishu's face still lacks the vitality it should have, and it seems that there is still no way to get rid of the previous dilemma.

Even if she met my eyes, she still dropped her eyelids very quickly.

There is not much time left for you!

Aware of my presence, Yukinoshita and Xiaochun seemed to subconsciously stop the conversation, but when they tried to ignore me and restart the conversation, they were a little embarrassed not knowing how to speak, and finally turned to me completely. Direction.

This is not the effect I expected, but it's fun.

Yukoshita nodded at me lightly, and Xiaochun also whispered "Yuhihama-senpai."

"Just now, the predecessor’s speech is still as sharp as ever! It reminds me of the previous speech at our questioning meeting. Although they said completely two things and explained the methods completely, they were quite convincing. The feeling seems to be the same." Xiaochun in formal occasions, blinking, said some compliment lines that should be in formal occasions.

"As long as Senior Xuexia doesn't feel overwhelming, it's fine."

"Although it was a little unexpected," Yukoshita frowned, but then her expression became stretched, "but the effect was good, so I accepted it."

"However, for the slogan, it is better for us to take the initiative to think of a preliminary plan. Otherwise, if there is no other competitor in today's situation, I cannot guarantee that we will convince the other party every time."

"Well, I know this."

"Does the predecessor mean that the chairman decides the slogan first? I think the slogan should be suggested by the group and decided by the group discussion—" Xiaochun stared at me and Xuexia with wide eyes.

"Of course it’s a collective discussion and a collective decision. It’s just that we also need to be just in case, don’t we? If tomorrow’s slogan is still a slogan that does not meet the standard, and the objections raised by me or the minister will not be able to convince the other party Is it the only option to compete with each other with our own slogan?"

"Moreover, as the slogan proposed by the chairman," Xuexia added, "it will naturally be more persuasive to others, and it will be more conducive for us to crack down on slogans that do not meet the standards."

"But, isn't it because of this that the chairman should put forward the slogan more cautiously to prevent his identity from affecting the judges of the committee members, right? Like nowadays, the chairman's power is openly used to gain benefits. It's really incomprehensible—"

"Secretary Sugura, this should be caused by your lack of understanding of the current executive committee of Sotake Taka. In the current executive committee, the strength of the opposition to the two chairpersons is not weak! Just like Mr. Hayasaka who put forward the slogan today And the senior Sagami who agree with him are forces dissatisfied with the chairman. There are many of these people. Of course, we can still suppress them. However, after they have gained their own voice through repeated proposals, We want to suppress them again, it is very difficult. This approach is just a necessary measure to prevent it before it happens. I hope you can understand it!"

"Well, that, although it is not as serious as Yubihama, I, as the chairperson, if the committee members lack obedience to my decision, the work of this committee will be difficult to proceed, so even if this approach is somewhat unreasonable , But we have to consider and judge in the long run."

"But, in the final analysis, the choice of a slogan should not be determined by the status of the committee member, shouldn’t it? Although I agree with Yoshihama-senpai’s criticism of Saasaka’s slogan today, according to your meaning, even if Yasaka-senpai proposed A slogan that is more up to the standard, do you have to oppose him?"

"Of course not. This requires democratic voting. If it is a slogan approved by democracy, of course we will not oppose it."

"--But today Hayasaka-senpai's slogan was passed democratically."

"However, Secretary Sugiura, this slogan does not meet the standard! Do you know what I mean? If it does not meet the standard, it will be rejected by one vote before a democratic vote."

"If it doesn't meet the standard, it is judged by Senior and Yuukishita, right?" Xiaochun bit her lip and asked dissatisfiedly.

"As the executive chairman of the committee, and as a superior chairman than other executive members, I think, Xiaochun, you will also believe that Xuexia must consider more than ordinary executive members, and it is easier to formulate reasonable standards. Right? This is no way. After all, this is not making laws. If everything has to be stated so that the committee members can pass the so-called standard, then the committee will spend every day in such meaningless preparations. Yes, we have to organically combine the authority of the chairman with the democracy of the committee. This is the most efficient way, isn't it?"

"But—" Xiaochun looked at Yukoshita angrily. Of course I knew that she was definitely not arguing for today's Hayasaka-senpai. She was questioning the legality of the committee's own procedures.

"Yuhihama said that there is no problem. In fact, in order to maintain the operation of the committee, I have always used my personal dictatorship before-considering that such a decision-making model is a bit expensive for me, so I will try to adopt democracy today. Therefore, when necessary, it is understandable that the chairman shall set some premises?"

"Senior Yukoshita, don't you have any opinions on Yukihama-sen's thoughts?" Xiaochun looked at Yukoshita incredulously, as if looking at a stranger.

"Well, the suggestions made by Yubihama recently are very constructive, and they are in line with my basic thinking. I don't think I need to deliberately deny Yubihama's proposal in order to oppose him, do I?"


——But Yukino Yukoshita just now, isn't it completely guided by Yubihama Kazuya?

I know what Xiaochun wants to say, of course, her question should be stuck here forever.This question, she would never be able to speak out.

Except for Xiaochun, I think many people present can realize this—Isshiki's face behind Xuexia has become paler, and the way I stir my fingers makes me feel a little distressed.

However, only Xuexia didn't realize it.

She seemed very satisfied with Xiaochun's state of nothing to say, and also very satisfied with the situation in which everything seemed to be in her grasp as always.

"Sorry, I shouldn't pay so much attention to Sou Takehaka's affairs-especially when Yuihama-senpai helped me solve some problems personally." Finally, Sugiura Koharu chose at the most critical time. stop.

Of course, this is also in my expectation.

"If Secretary Sugiura doesn't have time tomorrow, he can not use it to participate in our discussion meeting. We have already understood your idea very well. I think the slogan drawn tomorrow should not violate your attitude."

"Tomorrow, I also have time." Xiaochun murmured.

"Really? Then you will continue to welcome you to the meeting." Xuexia raised his eyebrows and responded.

"Then I'll go back today." Quickly grabbing his schoolbag, as if to escape from something, Sugiura Koharu quickly left the classroom.

I watched the back of her leaving, and I knew why she was angry just now.

Yukoshita Yukino, her target, is collapsing in the existence of this idol itself.

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On the relationship between the author’s recent book and the article written, Xiaochun is equal to Kautsky and He is equal to Lenin. No matter how clear you are, people always say "Anyway, you don’t follow the actual situation. "Talking nonsense" just discarded a bunch of your words (on the rogueness of Bolshevism logic)


Chapter 33: So far, the contract is terminated

"So, regarding our slogan, what's Yubihama's opinion?" After Xiaochun left, Yukoshita turned his head naturally and asked me a question.

"I have to consider my opinion in this room, isn't that good?"

"Ah," Yukoshita yelled softly, showing a slight embarrassment, but she quickly adjusted it, "Well, let us consider this aspect. Does Isshiki have any ideas? "

"Well, not yet, but I will think about it carefully after I go back." Yishi lowered his head, staring at the material in front of him, and whispered.

However, apparently, this low state of the other executive committee did not attract Xuexia’s attention. She simply nodded: “After confirming, check with me in advance. Keep the internal consistency first, there is no problem, Isshiki classmate?"

"no problem."

"Then, today's meeting is over, right?" Xuexia's face showed a long-lost smile—the kind of relaxed smile that is under his control, without pressure.Since taking charge of the executive committee, I have never seen her show such an expression.

Only in the past ministry activities, when Yukoshita had the winning ticket, she would show this expression.

"By the way, Yubihama, your sister asked me out this afternoon, saying it was relaxing or something--"

"--Minister, do you think it is appropriate for me to participate in activities between girls?"

"I just think you want to see your sister." Xuexia raised his eyebrows and said dissatisfiedly.

"I think Minister, you have to be careful that my sister will not bring your sister over. She has spent more time with your sister recently than with you."

At that moment, Xuexia's flushed face darkened slightly.

I know Xuexia's thoughts, but it is precisely because I know her thoughts that I need to use this kind of disappointment to keep her sober.

Although this is not exactly in line with what I expected-but, I think, if possible, I still hope that she can be saved through her own means.