My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 261

Just like the other girl in this classroom is the same as the other girl who just left the classroom.

"Moreover, Isshiki and I have something to say, so—"

"Really?" Yukoshita took a serious look at me, then turned around, and his tone of voice became less soft. "If you go back too late at night, I think I will help you and Yui. Explain it."

"Of course it is the best, Senior Xuexia."

I hope you understand what I mean, Yukoshita-senpai!

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Discussing the mode of being alone in a small space, the number of times I have been together with Yi Shi Yu has definitely ranked top in recent times-of course, the problem is that every time I get along with Yi Shi, the atmosphere seems a little bit awkward.

And this time, especially so-because Isshiki's mental state is very different from the previous two.

"If I told you that I didn't think about it, would you give me more time?" Isshiki obviously understood what I meant by staying, and kept her head down, she asked so crisply.

"Of course I don't have any opinions. I have never had any opinions from beginning to end, but the question is, do you have any choice now?"

"Yeah, there is no choice." Yishi smiled self-deprecatingly, "Unexpectedly, even Senior Xuexia will become like this!"

"Yukixia, she is probably stronger than you have seen, right?"

"It seems that even if I didn't ask you for help at the time, facing the current situation, I should have a chance?"

"If you have to make assumptions, I think you are right."

"So, why didn't you tell me then?"


"——Heya!" Just when I was about to speak, Yishi looked up, showing a pleading look, and interrupted me, "Please don't, give me an answer that makes me dissatisfied, okay?"

It was a sudden freezing expression.The water vapor suddenly condensed into ice crystals, and the colorful part of a color plume quickly degraded, and then, dyed gray.She looked at me pleadingly like someone who had fallen into the water catching the last straw.

"There is no unsatisfactory answer. I am not an omniscient and omnipotent person. I can't predict that Xuexia will collapse so quickly. According to her personality, she should be able to hold on for a longer period of time, even until the end of the cultural festival. But I don’t know which link here is wrong."

"I think, I know the reason." Isshiki glanced at me quickly and whispered.

Fortunately, my answer still achieved the purpose of soothing. When she raised her head again, she was obviously relieved.

"Yes! I also think that if He can also predict what is happening now, it would be terrible."

"What everyone can do is to do the most ideal thing that best meets their requirements based on what is known to happen. I have been doing this all the time, and you should be the same?"

"My words are a little different!"

"Student Isshiki, this answer will disappoint me!"

"Actually, I don’t know if I am like Kazuma said. Maybe Kazuma takes me too seriously. If Kazana thinks I can get such a high evaluation from you, let’s be honest. , I am very happy!"

"In my character pedigree, Isshiki's rating is very high, so, Isshiki, don't let me down!"

"So, at least for now, Kazuya, drop me one level from your evaluation form, right?" As if finally understanding his own thoughts, Yishi raised his head, for the first time today, looking directly at her with her eyes I.

Different from the past banter and unpredictability, there is only firmness and determination to give up in the brown pupils.

"A long time ago, I was thinking about a question, and what is the rationality that I also said? Of course, you would say a lot of things that make people feel very convoluted to explain-but To sum it up, it’s something to maximize your own interests, right? According to this method to infer my previous practices, it’s no wonder that I will feel that I am a very sensible girl. Because I have indeed been using Various ways, let all the things around me develop in the direction I most look forward to."

"But, to achieve the result I most anticipate-is the price to be paid for the loss of my right to choose? I know, of course I know that you have paved a way for me, and of course I know what you call now The patience of humiliation is to make my future elections more convenient-I believe you are thinking for me. To be honest, I am very happy, really happy. Especially when you made sure that you did not expect it now. I was really satisfied when I was in the situation of Yukoshita-sen. Because, I know, and you have been using your way to help me wholeheartedly. Although our cooperation started with a lot of mutual use. However, Heye is really a good partner! Once the contract is established, it will resolutely execute it to the end, without worrying about your side’s active betrayal."

"But, to be reasonable, you are actually a very bad partner! You like to have the dominance too much, maybe this is the result of your logical derivation, but in my opinion, you are trying to control all the time. Everyone’s words and deeds, let everyone’s words and deeds develop in your direction."

"I'm not trying to control everyone, I'm just looking for the most efficient way to solve the problem."

"In other words, everyone's rationality is maximized, I know what that means." Isshiki nodded, showing a soft smile.

"But, is everyone pursuing this kind of rational maximization? Everyone has different goals, and everyone tries to achieve them in different ways. Maybe someone is willing to pay a greater price for their goals. , In exchange for a smaller price on the other hand, isn’t it?"

"So, I evaluated the comprehensive minimization of various costs on the basis of—"

"——So, different costs are different for everyone! To go to the same place, some people are willing to spend more time and less money on the train, and some people are willing to spend more More money, less time to fly. Of course, you can calculate the cost ratio of time and money—for example, how much money the person makes in an hour, but this is nothing to the person’s perception. It's meaningless, hey. Not everyone is pursuing the maximization of efficiency. In this world, there are always some idiots!"

"If you admit that you are that kind of fool!"

"Yeah, so, Kazuya, I admit, I'm that kind of fool!"

I saw tears overflowing from the eyes of Ishiki, and then, slowly falling down to the file in front of her.

"I originally thought I was not that kind of stupid, I originally thought I could bear it, I originally thought I could do better, but, obviously, my evaluation of myself is a bit too high!" When he turned his head and turned his head back, the rare tears had disappeared.

"If I follow Heya's arrangement, I just have to perform the task obediently, and then wait for Heya to send me to the position of student president, and then Heya will retreat. This seems ironic, but I am not at all. I don’t hesitate to believe that you can do this, whether it’s helping me succeed or leaving at the end, I think you can do it. But I don’t want to see me like this, and this kind of harmony, like this now Neither of us is in the state I want to see."

"I don't want to make me an ineffective vassal. I am not the kind of girl who only likes power and the pleasure brought by power. I want to borrow some external power, but this does not mean that I want to completely keep myself out of the matter. I don’t like this kind of harmony. At the beginning, I was concerned about the harmony. Because of some other reasons, I suppressed my nature. I don’t like that kind of harmony. However, the current harmony is not what I want you to change. I don’t like your repressing your own nature, and I don’t like you forcing others to repress your own nature—and what you’ve been doing recently is the same. Think of people as pure data. Calculate the maximization of the utility of each person. If you do not regard each individual as a living individual with feelings, but treat everyone as a machine that strictly pursues the optimal solution, then you are not denying the most human beings. A beautiful thing?"

Yishi was angry, panting, dissatisfied, staring wide-eyed, just looked at me like this, and said so imposingly.

I like this kind of look, at least, she hasn't made such a confident speech in a long time.

However, such a color is unacceptable to me.

"Are you trying to question me?" I asked, looking at her condescendingly.

"Does doubting your words change you?" Yishi looked at me without fear.

"There will be no change, of course, there will be no change."

"I know this too."

"So, why question me? Knowing that you can't convince me?"

"Then why did He order me?"

"Because I believe that is the best choice for you!"

"Then, me too."

"I don't rule out treating human emotions as a variable, but if you rely too much on the judgments made by emotions, you will fail—"

"——Even if it was a failure, it was my own failure!" Isshiki turned her head and responded to me with her last words.

"From now on, I will use my own way to work hard, I will use my own way to fight for everything I want, although the road is difficult, but I don't want to be a puppet in your hands, that's it. "

"You will find that you have no other way to choose. You admitted this from the beginning, right?"

"However, the road was discovered by people. I haven't tried it. Who knows?"

"Isshiki, I will be your enemy."