My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 262

"Yes, I know that Kazuo will also be my opponent, the most stubborn opponent! I really don't want to do it!" I heard a tremor in Isshiki's voice, but she continued firmly.

"So, from now on, Kazuya, the contract has been terminated-anyway, the help I was able to provide you when the contract was established, now Senior Xuexia can give you? Then you don't need to be tied to it. My car is in. You don’t have to try to help me solve the problem, and I won’t ask you for help anymore!"

Facing the sunset in the evening, she walked out of the classroom uniformly, although she didn't want to admit it, but when the sun fell on the girl, the gray on her body had completely faded.

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Chapter 34: Human Heart

After a while in the classroom, he opened the door, left the classroom, and prepared to go home as if there were no problems.I was even a little surprised at the calmness I kept at this time, or it was because I realized this possible result early, or the result was not as bad as I thought, or because maybe I was looking forward to it. This result.

Just as the same color said to me: Now that the contract has been cancelled, I don't have to worry about her feelings.The biggest obstacle that prevented me from further achieving my purpose has disappeared.This seems to be a thankful thing.

But, just as there is no joy of victory after countless wars, I don't have any ecstasy of victory. All I have is a seemingly liberated emptiness.

When he walked out of the school gate, the sun barely persisted in the corner of the sky, dyeing the evening sky a coquettish red.In fact, maybe many times, if you look at the problem more simply, if you look at this kind of subconsciously secretly added by oneself in the dark fights, it may not be a good thing.

Cooperation, use, betrayal, cooperation, and betrayal again, the life of a normal high school student should not involve such dark things-perhaps most people don't think too much, but once someone chooses to use conspiracy To manipulate a group, there will always be smart people in this group trying to respond with the same means.Therefore, solving a conspiracy requires countless conspiracies to respond, which finally led to this result.

And who was the first to use this conspiracy?Maybe it's me, maybe it's senior Kitahara, maybe it's Isshiki, but now all of this has no meaning.Everyone can only struggle in this increasingly complex vortex, and everyone can only reach the peak of this conspiracy step by step until the only winner appears.

Isshiki can choose to sever relationship with me and get out, but, I know, I can't stop.Whether it is for inner principles, or because of the environment, or even because of the current state under the snow.

It is just a luxury to want to wave away like her. Those who stay here can only desperately attack in the direction of the only winner, even if they pay the price of bruising.

Looking at the direction of the school gate from a distance, I meant to see the somewhat familiar and characteristic black single ponytail.Sugiura Koharu, wrapped in a light blue scarf, carrying his schoolbag, lowered his head slightly, and said something to the person opposite.

When I got closer and saw the figure of the person opposite her, I couldn't help but stop.

Although there was only one day I didn’t meet, it seemed like a century had passed. I saw Senior Xiao Muzhen again. Two days ago, I was surrounded by me, and immediately I lent the pink scarf to Xuexia. , Is gently resting on her shoulders.

It was a little late when I stopped. When the senior raised his head, he could see me accurately.She lowered her head and said something to Xiaochun. Then, the secretary of the student union of Qingquan Middle School turned her head, looked in my direction, showed a complicated expression, shook her head, and walked away quickly.

Senior Xiao Muzhen nodded to me slightly, and then slowly walked towards the tram station. I quickly followed her rhythm and walked side by side with her.

Of course, I really want to know what the senior said to Xiaochun.However, I am very clear about Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai's character, as long as she is unwilling, you will never know what you want to know from her.

However, she obviously wanted to say something to me, so I just quietly slowed down and kept the angle in line with her pace, waiting for the other party to break the silence.

"It is a very creative move to ask Xuexia classmates to return my scarf! Are you worried that you will return the scarf to cause commotion?"

"Huh? Ah-"

"——Student Xuexia said that to me, what's wrong, is there any problem?"

"Ah, um, this, there is no problem." I lowered my head, and the guy Xuexia was kind in this respect, but now that you have given such an explanation, you should tell me in advance!

"So, Kazuya, do you think I should believe Xuexia's explanation?" However, the next flirty question thrown by Senior Xiaomuzhen caught me off guard.

"Uh, this, if seniors don't want to believe it, then I can't force you to convince you?"

"It turned out to be fifty-fifty, but now I can see your answer! And you are too bad at lying in front of me, so you will try to avoid lying to me. So, when you When answering questions in an ambiguous way, it basically means that at that moment, you have some questions that you don’t want to answer directly."

At this time, the only person who can still grasp my thoughts so keenly is Senior Xiao Muzhen.

"Admit it? Actually, if I can, I don't want to care too much about it. But I still want to know, why? Classmate Xuexia is trying to cover up for you, but her cover is not very clever. In other words, Kazuya, are you also trying to hide for Yuukishita?"

"That's unnecessary." In front of such a senior Xiao Muzhen, all I can do is to entertain him. "Xuexia was sick at the time, so I thought about giving her an extra layer of protection. Yes, there is only this scarf."

"Sick student Xuexia has priority over my scarf, is that right?"

"I can't say that, but after all, there is a patient over there, even if it's not Xuexia- uh, this assumption seems to be wrong."

"Because I know Yuukishita, I think it doesn't matter if I lend my scarf to Yuxiaxia?"

"Probably so, but there were really no other ideas at the time. After all, the relationship with Xuexia was pretty good. She raised questions about the scarf at the time, but—"

"--But I was rejected by you," Senior Xiao Muzhen interrupted me, looked at me with a playful expression, and said, "I have a thorough understanding of my behavior and a thorough admission! However, Heya, as I said just now, the more thoroughly you acknowledge your behavior, the more you will defend Xuexia-classmate, right?"

From the corner of my eye, I secretly looked at Senior's expression, trying to grasp her true thoughts, but I found nothing.

"However, I accept your explanation." Shaking the long hair behind his head, letting the double ponytail rest on his shoulders in a more compliant posture, the senior said softly, "At least, you Admit it, don't you?"

"It seems there is no other way to do it."

"You can hide it. Whether I can't tell it, you can try to hide it-I actually don't see your problem as easily as you think."

"Sorry, but in front of seniors, it's really hard to lie!"

"Well, you who are good at persuading others with your own fallacies in various ways, but you are not good at lying. This is really ridiculous!" Senior blinked playfully, but then, her expression , Became serious again.

"Then, the next question, Yubihama Kazuya, who has talked about a relationship, do you think you understand the feelings of girls?"

"This question is a bit too sharp--"

"Please answer'yes' or'no'."

"Uh, if you have to say something, don't you understand it?" I replied awkwardly as I watched seniors staring at my beautiful eyes seriously.

"Right? I think so too, Yubihama Kazuya, although you have all the potential to be a boy popular with girls as long as you are willing to-but in terms of understanding girls' thinking, it is really bad! "

"Isn’t talking about the scarf just now? If you are really angry about the scarf, Senior, then I apologize to you now—"

"——So, Kazuma, you really understand the girl's thoughts, it's really bad!" Senior Xiao Muzhen smiled and shook his head, "Do you really think I am still caressing about the scarf? Is the Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai you know such a person?"

"If not, what other reasons can it be?"

"I just chatted with Sugiura for a while. To be precise, it was not that I talked to her for a while, but she saw me who was about to leave, and then took me to chat for a while-she wanted to be in school at first Waiting for you at the door. Of course you also know that in the end she felt that it didn’t make sense to tell you something."

"So, what is Xiaochun going to say to Senior?"

"Sorry, that's the secret between girls!"

"Well, isn't it the same as a dumb in the end? It's really unacceptable."

"So, Kazuya, guess what? This is just an opportunity to exercise your understanding of girls. If you guess it right, I will tell you an extra secret, which I have never told anyone before. , But it is also very important, the secret that Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai has only recently decided-but it must be completely guessed correctly."

Only then did I realize that my seniors and I had already walked away from the tram station. We were just walking aimlessly in a specific direction. Inadvertently, we seemed to have arrived near the school. How many people appeared by the river.

Senior Xiao Muzhen didn't speak, and I was thinking in silence.The sound of the river flowing in late autumn and early winter is obviously not as pleasant as summer, some muddy, and some more terrifying.

I remembered my judgment on Sugiura Koharu.

"Because of Xuexia? She should be aware of Xuexia's problem now."

"Go on, I want the complete answer."