My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 263

"Well, because of the abnormal performance of her idol, her idol collapsed. So, I don't know what to do. I just came to me to try to ask me about the measures to solve the problem? "

"Is that the end?"

"Uh, it should, that's it."

"So, Heya," Senior Xiao Muzhen sighed and said, "Sure enough, you are really bad at thinking about girls and you don't understand it!"

"This, is it wrong?"

"Then, let's give you another chance! You got the correct answer this time, and you can also tell you the questions of the previous Suigura-san. What do you think, what is her thoughts about the current Yusushita-san?"

"Senior did you have contact with Yuukishita?"

"No, I just guessed it myself—"

"—Just guessing."

"Girls are always better able to understand girls' thoughts, even girls with completely different personalities, this time, you treat it as if you and I have the same judgments about Yuukixia's thoughts."

"Xuexiashe, isn't it because some situations have begun to deny herself and lack self-confidence in herself, so she needs the help of others to get rid of the difficulties?"

"Does this end this time?"


The wind by the river blew the hair that Senior had just trimmed away again, and even disturbed the bangs on her forehead.

Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai's expression was well hidden.

"If you don't understand, in the end, you can only see who works hard to let you know."

I heard a sentence with a somewhat unclear meaning.

"Sa, then let's go! I remember Heye's direction of your house should be to go to the other side and take the tram faster?"

I followed Senior Xiao Muzhen blankly.

I seem to know something, and I don't seem to know anything.

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So I always want to superfluously explain these plots and so on, so as not to cause misunderstandings. Although the harmony is also very slow, he just got one of the most important qualities of Xuecai-frankness, but the character of Xuecai belongs to always The character who wants to give the other party a little room for comprehension, although there is also a side that bravely pierces the window paper, but she will not zoom in until the last moment, eh, then it will probably be clear?


Chapter Thirty-Five: Under the Snow with Abrupt Painting Style

The final slogan of the cultural festival was set as "Burn it, from brand new to brand new cultural festival". It is a very popular and easy to understand slogan. In terms of effort and actual quality, this slogan itself may not be as good as the Hayasaka-senpai. The one—in fact, this is just an idea that my sister accidentally put forward during dinner, and then I slogan it.

However, in fact, what everyone cares about is not what kind of slogan will be adopted in the end. For some sensitive executive committees, the open and secret struggle the day before has itself proved the current executive committee. Potential power struggle.

At least the current result is a victory for the executive chairman.

Yubihama Kazuya, after Yukoshita Yukino's absence took her job well on the day when Yukino was absent, his cultural festival slogan was finally adopted, and only the dullest people would not be able to feel Yukoshita The tacit understanding that I formed.

Those who were trying to grab the power of the class fell into silence, maybe they just gave up, maybe they tried to wait for the next chance.However, at least for the next period of time, the preparations for the cultural festival can be restored to the calm situation when Xuexia first took office.

Of course, a certain sheep who once led the protest banner became a sacrifice in the end.Former executive committee chairman Hayasaka is a senior, and during this time he also needs to be busy with his own class affairs, and he has no thought to spend too much time on the power distribution of the executive committee.

As long as the party in power has smashed the opposition, it is very simple to retaliate. For various reasons, the application for the project of the Hayasaka-senpai class has been delayed, and they naturally understand the face of their seizure of power. Of course, maybe he didn’t realize that he was just a pawn that was pulled out for testing, but when the pawn lost its meaning, no one else could know how tragic his result was.

What I was slightly curious about was the one-color reaction after parting ways with me-she obviously did not vote for the side of the predecessor Kitahara, for her dissatisfied with my domination, it is obviously impossible for her to be another person's puppet.Therefore, her performance now is as obedient as before, and Xuexia still doesn't even know the fact that she and I parted ways.And if there is no special situation, I don't think it is necessary to explain this to her. After all, for the current Miss Xuexia, she needs to think about these things.

The work is proceeding in an orderly manner. If all goes well, the dawn of the cultural festival will come in a week.

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"Speaking of it, some time ago, the senior Dongma and Sasha from the Light Music Club seemed to be sick." The routine meeting ended and other people left early, routinely accompanied Xuexia to organize the files. At that time, she said so.

I don’t know when I became an assistant to the chairperson’s archives that was originally in charge of Xuexia, but it seems that because the efficiency of this is pretty good, Xuexia also acquiesced in my behavior, so, Basically during this period, I went back together with Xuexia-if I wanted to talk about some work issues, I would send her home-basically talked about work issues on the road.

Excluding Yui sister’s complaint that "Koto has spent more time with Koyuki recently than with me", two people who solve problems in a rational way work together, and the efficiency is doubled. When the chairman of the committee completed his own task and even helped others solve some troubles, the executive committee’s protests were gradually decreasing.This makes me feel that my initial cooperation with Isshiki is really meaningless. Solving problems in a more efficient way is my original intention now.

Of course, all of this was done when I tried to shield the intelligence of Senior Xiaomuzhu in all ways. After that day, although Senior and I did not fall into the previous cold war state, but because the intersection of various aspects is really limited, we contacted Rarely.Of course, the contact can of course become more frequent if you like.But as long as the work is still cumbersome, there is no way to contact.

——As for whether it is because it is cumbersome and unable to contact, or because I don't want to contact, it makes the work complicated, I don't know.

Therefore, when Yukoshita took the initiative to bring up news about people related to seniors, I couldn't help but feel a sense of a world away.

"When is the matter, shouldn't we take this opportunity to express some doubts about the light music players? Excessive practice intensity caused the player to get sick or something."

"Mainly because my situation was more complicated at the time." Yuukishita's face blushed and replied.

"Please don't use such ambiguous words as the answer, it's easy to make me think."

"Before you came to visit the sick," Xuexia cleanly ignored my complaints, "It seems that I heard my sister mention Dongma Kazuya's illness, and there was a lot of trouble in the third grade."

"Does your sister have a God's perspective and can know everything-we should give her the position of chairman of the executive committee, right?"

Xuexia lowered his head and said nothing.

Only then did I realize that I seemed to have stepped on the minefield of each other-this sister relationship is really troublesome!

"Ah, sorry, in fact, we are also working very well now, so, ahem, Dongma and Sa are sick, then?"

"The other is probably Senior Kitahara taking care of her, so the activities of the Light Music Club were actually suspended for the past few days."

"It looks like I just reminded Kitahara-senior that he should pay attention to Dongma Kazusha's body-but this is really a coincidence! Of course, it is true that I went to Dongma Kazusha's house to take care of Dongma Kazusha. It’s like Kitahara Haruno, isn’t it? This kind of unsolicited and unreasonable practice—"

"——I don't think you, who came to my house uninvited as well, don't seem to have the right to say this." Xuexia held his arms around his chest, and responded slightly dissatisfied.

"This is not the same. It was my sister's suggestion, and it has nothing to do with me. It's only then that I realized that my sister and Kitahara-seniors are surprisingly similar to those who are nosy with other people!"

"I will tell your sister." Yukinoshita pursed his lips and smiled.

"Forgive me-but you can actually try it, as long as you can use the elder sister's sad tone of'Xiaoxue and Xiaohe have been together these days, you have almost forgotten me'."

"She really said that?"

"I haven't said that, but things like "Xiaohe snatched Xiaoxue" are not too much to say. I guess it's not surprising that it turns out like this in front of you."

"For this, she doesn't have to worry about it. I don't see anything that attracts me more than your sister."

"I always feel that it is a bit rude to say this to someone who has been helping you, Senior Xuexia!" I touched my chin and said to the ruthless Xuexia.

"It's already pretty good. Among the boys, you can barely be regarded as a more reliable person. After all, it is too difficult to reach your sister's level." Xuexia supported the table and stretched out. She stretched her slender waist in front of me without any concealment.

"Should I accept this half-praise and half-depreciative evaluation?"