My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 264

"This is your freedom, anyway, my evaluation has been made."

"Hey, let's accept it gratefully-so you still didn't tell me the reason why you mentioned this matter."

"Well, when I mentioned this incident, I mainly thought of the scene when I met Senior Xiao Muzhen that day."


"what happened?"

"It's just that Senpai really did a very dangerous thing-but you continue to say, it's nothing."

"Isn’t it troublesome to return the scarf to the original owner through your intermediary? Or that you guy wants to hide Xiaomu Shuxuecai’s scarf in private—no, after I’m surrounded—"

"—Okay, that's the end of this question, please don't treat me like a perverted dead house."

"As for Senior Xiao Muzhen, I didn't think she was in a good mood at the time-also considering that the two people in the Light Music Club seemed to be from Harunhira Kitahara. So if we pass some rational judgments, one of these people The possibility of emotional disputes cannot be ruled out. If we start from this point and question the rationality of the program—"

"——Stop, stop, please stop your delusion, Minister! With all due respect, you are not qualified enough to learn other girls' gossip! It is more appropriate for Yui sister to do this."

It seems that illness can change a person’s personality. In the recent Xuexia, although overall IQ can still be maintained at a high level, there will always be situations where this IQ suddenly goes offline-if not for her failure to show If there are any symptoms of fever, I will feel that her illness is still not cured.

"What's wrong, is my prediction unreasonable?"

"If there is no evidence, make random predictions. Even if I have been in contact with light music players for a long time, I stand in front of you and do not want to ask me about the situation. This is not in your style, Minister. And Minister, you have always been emotionally struggling. Isn't it?"

There was a complicated expression on Xuexia's face, which seemed to be a little frustrated, and also seemed to be a little unconvinced-in short, it did not look like Xuexia's expression.

"At least from what I have observed, this kind of triangle relationship cannot be formed-because Senior Xiao Muzhen didn't have this meaning for Senior Kitahara. I am still very confident of Senior's observation."

"So, how much does Yubihama know about Senior Ogisuke?"

I looked into Xuexia's eyes suddenly, her inattentive look seemed to prove that she was just asking this question somewhat casually.

"At least I can tell whether she likes someone or not." I shrugged, I replied.

"Well, at least this time, then believe you once? Senior Xiao Muzhen was elected as Miss Chief Wu Gao. It is the best effect for our cultural festival. Therefore, at least we must ensure that Senior Xiao Muzhen is the best in this period of time. In good condition, Yubihama, do you understand what I mean?"

"I can be sure that Minister, you are careless."

——So Yukoshita, you still shouldn't do such thankless things.

"Right, one more thing."


"Your name for me has changed too much-minister, chairman, senior, it would be better to unify."

"Student Xuexia, how much do you like to interfere with other people's bodies, do you still have to consider the issue of uniform names?"

"From now on, it will be enough to call Xuexia."

"Will you be rude if you don't add seniors?"

"Politeness or impoliteness is up to me. I think adding'senior' is impolite."

"Unreasonable will make your image crumble, Bu - well, Xuexia."

"Image is never a certain thing, Yubihama, you should know this better than me?" Yukoshita nodded with satisfaction.

However, Yukoshita Yukino, whose painting style has changed too much, is a little uncomfortable!

However, this is also because of what Yukoshita said just now. It is better for me to confirm the situation with Dongma Kazuya-it should also be time for strategic partners to exchange information.

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Well, how should I say, after reading "Your Name", I think it’s better to write more easily. Don’t be too depressing. It’s better to have a little fresh touch for the story or something (essentially a little fresh and otaku The truth from the author~)


Chapter 36: Winter Horse and Yarn Stuck

In all fairness, I think Dongma and Sa should thank me.At least in terms of the results, I created conditions for her and Haru Kitahara to have more opportunities for close contact.As for her own timid fellow who is unwilling to seize opportunities or something, this is not my problem.

Therefore, when I dialed the other party's phone and heard the other party's very rude response, I had reason to be angry.

——I can understand the terrible character of your guy, or maybe she has formed the habit of having to be awkward before talking to others, but showing this attitude towards someone who is helpful to herself, this Some are unnecessary, right?

When I expressed condolences to her as a companion who cared about her condition, Dongma and Sa replied: "Well, it's all right."

——Not even basic gratitude and courtesy, which is really bad.

Even Ms. Xuexia can soften the painting style. I think Dongma, you can also try to make some changes, right?I think the biggest problem that prevents you from being together with Haru Kitahara at the end is your terrible personality-it is better to find out the problem as soon as possible.

Of course, the reason why I did not hang up immediately after Dongma Hesha gave me this cold reply is because Dongma classmates will reveal some important information after her routine awkwardness: or something that bothers her. , Or something that bothers me.

And today there is no exception.

"I always feel that I don't understand Kitahara's thoughts a little bit." This is what Dongma Kasatsu on the other side of the phone said to me in a puzzled tone.

"Actually, I feel that compared to you before, you didn't know the thoughts of the predecessors of Kitahara at all. Now that you can understand some but can't fully understand, this is already a big improvement!"

"Yuhihama, are you listening to me seriously?"

"Of course there is."

"If we were face to face now—"

"——If we were face-to-face, you would kick me out. I know you want to say that, but is it a very difficult thing to find me back after kicking out without taking the exam? So I can tell you that I definitely understand what you mean, so let's go on!"

Dongma on the other end of the phone seemed to take a deep breath—I thought she must kick me out and back in her heart. Kick out and back again. Repeated countless times, but she still chose to continue talking to me.

This also made me believe in my inner judgment-Dongma and Sa, now at a loss.

"Then clarify this question directly? It has something to do with you, Yubihama, do you think Kitahara likes Xiao Mu Shu?"

"You know, I always like to use the most malicious attitude to discuss Senior Kitahara's problems, so if you want me to give you an answer, then the answer is undoubtedly'yes'."

"Well, I think so too." Dongma Kazuya's voice on the other side of the phone became a little low. "I also think it should be like this. That guy should also like a girl like Xiaomuzhu?"

——This is not necessarily true!

"So, since our judgments are the same, what is your problem? In fact, many of my previous actions were not based on the premise that Haruki Kitahara liked Senpai Ouki? Try my best to combine Senpai with Senior Kitahara separated. I don't think we need to repeat this long-established fact."

"I know what you mean, including the opportunity you gave me to take Kitahara to my home for solo training. I am also very satisfied."

"By the way, how did Senior Dongma train Senior Kitahara alone?"

"Well, let him repeat the practice, point out the mistakes, and make good music, time is necessary, especially for people with no talent like Kitahara."

"Well, I thought you could do something bolder—"