My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 265


"Ah, nothing, when I didn't say anything," I could almost feel the murderous glance from the other end of the phone.

"In fact, when I coached Beiyuan at home, he sometimes seemed a little absent-minded—it should be said, sometimes absent-minded, sometimes eager for success, if it weren’t for these two points, his progress should be. It's faster, and it won't be enough to reluctantly practice and finish these two songs until now.

"What does being absent-minded mean?"

"He is paying attention to Xiao Muzhen's situation. Although he didn't say anything, I can feel that he is paying attention to Xiao Muzhen." Dongma and Sa replied sadly, "I think maybe it is because of you and Xiao Muzhen being together. Right? He has been testing me, asking me when I can practice together with Xiao Muzhen, but his level is obviously not up to the level that can be practiced together. He knows this very well, but he still asked."

Wow, love scene master Haruhiro Kitahara, what are you trying to do, showing this naked attention to another girl in front of a girl who loves you, your rating in my heart will drop one level? !

"Uh, I have deep sympathy." I think it is necessary for me to show humanistic care to the fragile Dongma-senpai who has endured all this. "But, all in all, the problem has not been solved. You always think that Beiyuan-senpai likes Xiaomushu-sen. So, what do you understand his psychology?"

"This--" Dongma and Sa fell into a rare hesitation.


"Well, Yubihama, if I ask this question, you are not allowed to express any emotions of contempt or ridicule, otherwise I will hang up the phone immediately, and I will not provide you with any news about Kitahara and Ogisuke in the future. I understand. ?"

"Not so serious, right?"

"It's so serious!"

"Uh, well, then agree."

"Well, the question is, Yubihama, what do you think Kitahara thinks about me?"


"Hey, can you give me a reaction?"

"Uh, so, what response do you want?"

——Actually, I was restraining my smile before. I understand what Dongma Kazuya just warned me. It is indeed a shameful thing to ask other people about this question.

"I know this is weird, and I also know that I can't compare to Xiao Muzhen in any aspect, but the situation in Beiyuan is also very misunderstood, isn't it? When you mentioned earlier, when he was sick, he came over..." Dongma's voice became lighter and lighter, and finally fell into silence.

"'He might like me.' It's better not to have some illusions."

"What does Yubihama mean?"

"Ah, I am not denying this possibility. In fact, I am quite sure of this possibility, but from the perspective of avoiding yourself from being harmed, it would be better to deny this possibility, isn't it? ?"


"--Ah, of course you know that there is'but'. If he really likes himself, what should I do? Well, so if Senior Kitahara likes you, what would you do?"

"What should I do, isn't this going back to the previous question? Didn't we just come to a conclusion: Does Kitahara like Xiao Muzhen? How can this happen, and he likes two people at the same time—"

"--It's a pity that this is a common problem of boys. I'm sorry that the image of Haruno Kitahara in your heart has been discredited. It is entirely possible for boys to like two girls at the same time. Do you think Senior Kitahara likes you and Senior Xiaomushu at the same time. Very surprised, but this is entirely possible!"

"But—" Dongma and Sa seem to have fallen into a state of chaos. She seems to want to argue, but she can't speak.

"That's why I told you before. I believe he doesn't like you. This is the right way. You don't have to think about these issues."

"But, what if-do you like it?" I heard the hesitant voice of Dongma and Sae opposite.

This girl is hopeless-although I realized this situation early on.

"If you like him, you should confess it first, don't you like him too?"

"However, even if they like it at the same time, there is also a question of whom Kitahara likes more. I think this is very important. If Kitahara likes Xiaomuzhu more—"

"——No, no, Dongma, I can responsibly tell you that you have considered too much. This is your typical way of thinking about problems for girls. For Kitahara, perhaps the current judgment is just one' Whoever picks out the relationship first wins' principle. If you really think he likes you, then you only need to confess, the success rate is 100%. To be honest, maybe it is because of your cold attitude to him. A feeling of'Tongma looks disgusting with me' will make you so distrustful of him."

The other end of the phone fell silent.

I decided to give Dongma and yarn time to fully consider.

To be honest, I think it’s great for Dongma and Sa to realize this. Realizing that Haruki Kitahara may also like herself, then quickly pick out the relationship and solve the problem, so Kitahara estimates that it will not be as right as before. Senior Xiao Muzhen had a fantasy.

However, I found that I still overestimated Dongma and yarn.

"If I can, I still want to know who that guy likes more--at least, which one is higher in his mind. If it's Xiao Muxiao, then even if I succeed now, it doesn't make much sense."

——Ah, this guy is hopeless!

"If you want to consume it like this, this is your freedom. Although I really think it's better for you to act quickly. No matter who it is, this is the best choice, but I also know that you are not the kind of The one I persuade, right?"

"Yeah." Dongma and Sauna rarely refuted my words in that aggressive manner.Although I think if she can be stimulated by me, the effect will be better.

"In addition, about Xiao Muzhen, I have one more thing to say."

"I think this may be the more important thing for me."

"A few days ago, it was probably during my first joint practice after returning from an illness, right? Xiao Muzhen proposed to change the song."

According to the time given by Xuexia, after Dongma and Sa returned from an illness, it should be the last time I met with senior?

"Xiao Muzhen seems to still care about your sister's opinion, so he proposed to change the song."

"But, isn't this rejected by you? What new reasons did the predecessors give?"

"No, she just asked us to think about it again."

"So, the result?"

"In the end, of course it failed. Next, Kitahara will practice the third of our original song. There is no time for him to practice the new song, and Xiao Muzhen can't make other more convincing opinions, and she herself seems I just tried to make this suggestion, so in the end everyone didn't agree with her idea. But I think Xiao Muzhen still has his own intention to do this, I don't know if it will be useful to you."

"I agree with you. But to be honest, I don't understand what the seniors are thinking."

——In other words, I thought of a possibility, but this is only a possibility in the final analysis. The possibility of becoming a reality is really not high.

"Then there is no way!"

"But, anyway, thank you for this reminder. By the way, what is your original song?"

"Well, Kitahara wrote the lyrics himself, Iizuka gave it to me, I composed the song, uh—"

"——It’s not convenient to disclose too much, right? Understandable."

"To be honest, this lyrics is also a bit unpredictable, similar to the question just now."

"If this is the case, my advice is still to try a bolder direction. Procrastination will not solve the problem."

"Well, I will try." After hesitating for a long time, Dongma and Sha finally gave me a more positive answer than just before.

Of course, if she can put it into practice, it would be best.