My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 266

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A strong personal opinion on the question of whom Chun Ge, who is important in the WA2 party battle, is more like it: It is meaningless, at least in the IC stage. If possible, Chun Ge wants to open the harem and discuss who he likes more. The problem is not to deceive yourself~


Chapter 37: A True Choice

The most frightening thing about collective activities is that it will continuously strengthen everyone's sense of identity with collective activities.Regardless of the emotions for the most complicated and tedious cultural festival and the preparation of the cultural festival in history, at the last moment of preparation, everyone, whether intentionally or unintentionally, has completely devoted themselves to this During the activity.

I also believe that when this event finally succeeds, all people will repay it with sincere celebration-whether it is people who have complained about it before, or people who have scorned it before, when you are caught by it Enter, there is only one final answer.

Of course, there is no option to fail in this cultural festival. At least I and Xuexia believe so.

In this kind of collective carnival at the last moment, people who are always clearly aware of the purpose that the cultural sacrifice needs to achieve, and who are always clearly aware of what they want to achieve for themselves are very valuable.Although some of these people have been unable to achieve their goals, and some of their goals are not clear, at least they are much better than those who don't know why they want to binge.

Therefore, sometimes, I envy Kitahara Haruki. His goal is always clear, which is to make light music fans perform on stage and achieve success. Of course, he may intentionally or unintentionally try to influence the executive committee and make it more suitable for him. However, even if these additional attempts failed, he at least guarded his exclusive realm well.

Compared with the predecessors of Kitahara, whether it is Xuexia or Isshiki, they are not the victors in this battle-the difference is that with my support, Xuexia can at least obtain a superficial result. And a color feather, I can't see her future.

I don't understand what Xiao Muzhen's predecessor wants to achieve through cultural sacrifices, but as far as the current situation is concerned, her interests are the same as those of the Light Music Club. All I can know is that.

Of course, what surprised me the most was Yui sister. Although it seemed that there was not much room for other thinking, Yuihama Yui could go in the simplest and most determined direction and participate in Yukoshitayo. As a latecomer, Nai’s band’s joint training constantly strives for the choice of Miss Chief Wu Gao.I have never seen my sister look so serious.Although I don't understand the reason why she suddenly became so obsessed with this honor, I can't deny her efforts.

Maybe, there will be miracles, but not necessarily?

"——Xiaohe, don't look at me with that kind of eyes!" My sister's business interrupted my thinking, her face was a little flushed, "Your eyes are like watching your own growth. My sister’s brother is the same, I am my sister, and I am my sister!"

"Is there any point in fighting for this reputation at this time? In the hearts of people who are familiar with us, it is normal for me to take care of you!"


"The old sister can imagine the reaction of other people! Yukoshita must be'Although my younger brother looks really uncomfortable, but in a sense, Bihama is a more worrying person', Biqigu I’m probably going to hesitate to say, “I think my brother should be more reliable”. So—ah, sorry, sister, I shouldn’t make you so depressed.”

Uh, it still seems to be playing off.

However, Yui sister has become accustomed to the similar blow to me, and quickly adjusted her emotions. She once again followed the music score in her hand and hummed gently.

"By the way, old sister, have you really decided to sing "sound-of-destiny"?" Hearing a tune that was too familiar to me, I glanced at the score in my sister's hand.

"It's not my decision, it's Sister Yang Nai's decision!"

"That guy—"

As expected, I still couldn't understand Yukino's thoughts.In a sense, this person's approach is more unreasonable, although there will always be many incredible behaviors, but what is depressing is that the final situation always seems to be in her control.Maybe this is the margin for college students?

"Senior Yang Nai always has her reason to do this." My sister hesitated and explained.

"And you should also know her truth? At this time, if you don't explain your trump card and the lead singer, it will only lead to the emotional instability of the other party. However, depending on the appearance of the sister, you should be more when you know the inside story. Earlier?"

Thanks to you for keeping the secret for so long!

"In short, Xiaohe, whether you believe it or not, I think this time, my chance is not as small as you thought!"

"Sister, when you feel reliable, it's 50-50!"

"No, I actually thought about it carefully later. Although Xiao Muzhu won twice in a row, her two consecutive championships were actually not stable. Except for the accident that the seniors in the first year admitted, the second year Liu Yuan has become It is her big competitor. If the gap between the two sides is too large, it is impossible for Yanuyuan to rely on participating in the performance of a small influential club like the Light Music Club to reverse the situation. And my advantage lies in it. I participate in activities of aspiring groups outside of school. Everyone will always be more interested in performances outside of school. As long as there is no problem with my performance-I also believe this, so that, that-Xiaohe What is your face?"

"Question: Yui sister, how many of these words did you think of yourself?"

"There are indeed elements here that Xiaoxue and Yang Nai helped analyze, but I think a lot of it myself. Why do you always distrust me, Xiaohe?"

"This is because Yui-san really isn't trustworthy—well, well, I was wrong. I apologize."

However, this time I stopped in time and did not get my sister's understanding.

He lowered his head deeply, and Yubihama's hands were tightly clenched into fists.Not a routine complaint, nor a routine smiling face.

"Xiaohe, please answer me seriously, whether it is my thoughts or my efforts, do you really think that your sister is so untrustworthy? Do you really think that even if I am serious, Work hard, can you only reach this level in the end?"

"Old sister--"

"----Or, when Xiaohe supported me to work hard, he didn't expect me at all?"

"I am sincere to support you in the competition." I replied quietly.

——But isn’t it the best not to have expectations?Because from a rational analysis, your chances for your sister are really not big, even if the performance can be compared with the predecessors Xiao Muzhen, but in other aspects, it is not enough!

Can Yukoshita Yono's band make Yuihama Yui magical?

"I participated in the competition for my sake!" Suddenly, my sister said.

"for me?"

"To be precise, it was for Xiaohe who was hurt by Senior Xiaomushu!" My sister said solemnly, "If Xiaohe really thinks Senior Xiaomushu is more like my sister than me, I can't help it, then, only Senior Can replace me, and support Xiaohe well. But didn't the seniors fail to do it?"

I opened my mouth without opening an explanation.Objectively speaking, Sister Yui was right. Senior Xiao Mu Shu, when I trusted her the most, had different ideas from mine.

——There must be a reason for this.If you want to explain it this way.I guess my sister won't accept it either?What's more, I still don't know even when the relationship with seniors seems to have eased and there is a gap.

Without a definite answer, there is no way to persuade.

"But Xiaohe is Xiaohe after all, Xiaohe still regards my sister as someone who needs your care! I don't hate Xiaohe's care, but Xiaohe yourself, isn't it a person who needs to be taken care of? ?"

"Sister, your brother is more reliable than you--"

"——Why did Xiaohe rely on Senior Xiao Muzhen in the first place?"

"This is a special case—"

"——So, now that no one can rely on, Xiaohe is actually very confused, right?"

"Sister, this joke is not funny at all. Just this question, you can ask Xuexia, she trusts me much now!"

"Xiaoxue trusts you. That's Xiaoxue's problem. However, I can feel that Xiaohe is actually very unstable and insecure now. Rather than Xiaoxue trusting you, why isn't Xiaohe using Xiaoxue to treat you? How can you create the illusion that you can be alone? What I told Xiaoxue before is actually applicable to you!"

"When did Yui sister become such a mystery person?" I took a step back subconsciously, and I found that I could no longer resist Yuihama Yui's aura.

"Isn't Xiaohe ever experienced the evil consequences of over-trusting his own judgment?"

"Because I have experienced it, I won't make mistakes, so—"

"--That's why Xiaoxue's trust in you is so important, because even Xiaoxue supports you so that you can believe in yourself. In fact, Xiaohe, you really have what you believe in yourself. Do you believe in yourself that way? In your heart, do you really believe your own theory?"

Is it the true thoughts deep in my heart again?Senior Ogishao, Ichiba, is it the turn of Yui sister now?

Indeed, inner truth and inner pursuit, the truthfulness of this subjective judgment is the most difficult thing to draw conclusions about.The people who are guided by me, why don’t they believe that their choices driven by other people are their true thoughts?

I was paid back by my sister with her own theory!