My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 267

——But Yui sister, I and those people are still different.

"It's a wonderful question, Yui sister, but you overlooked the most important point." I raised my head and looked at my sister. She looked at me with a little surprise, "Your problem is that I didn't consider my thinking. The starting point of the problem. It is impossible for people who pursue freedom to tie themselves to other people’s chariots to prove their freedom. If I am relying on the snow to maintain my own judgment, then my approach, It is against my goal. If I make this kind of mistake, I don’t need you to point it out. I myself will not allow this to happen."

"Today, I did take a look at Sister Yui with admiration. I always wanted to take care of your evaluation before I retracted it. However, only your judgment, your attempt to help me, I refuse to accept."

"So, is it not as good as Senior Xiao Muzhen?" My sister murmured.

"This has nothing to do with Senior Xiao Muzhen, right?"

"However, if the remark just now was what Xiao Muzhen and Xiaohe said, would Xiaohe's answer be so quick and sharp?"

This time, it was my turn to be speechless.

Of course I want to answer yes, but I found it difficult to make this answer.

"That's why I have to win, so I have to prove to Xiaohe!" My sister raised her head and showed a strong smile, "So, Xiaohe's heart is not always so rational! If, If I can really bring Xiaohe a sense of security, will Xiaohe’s attitude towards me also change?"

The elder sister turned her head, she untied the hair band that tied the dumpling on her head. The red hair of her elder sister was messy, but it draped softly on her shoulders.

"Didn't you ask me before, why do I like this dumpling head so much?"

"That's because, to protect my Xiaohe, I said that I liked this hairstyle at that time! Therefore, Tuanzitou means the sister who is protected by Xiaohe, and now it is my turn to protect you!"

"So, after the cultural festival performance is over, I hope Xiaohe and Senior Xiaomu will make a sincere choice!"

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The official opening question is: 1. Can Xuecai miss three consecutive championships; 2. Will the performance of Qingyin at the cultural festival be worse than expected. It will end before 6 o'clock tomorrow night, and everyone can vote in groups.Then I will select one of the people who guessed the plot, and write an extra story according to his requirements~


Chapter 38: The End of the Battle

Before the grand performance begins, the stage is usually darkened, and then a ray of light suddenly produced, with this strong contrast attracting everyone in that direction.The performer on the stage is the leader of the path that everyone is chasing.People will naturally obey the direction of that leader, and will not even doubt whether the previous darkness was a situation deliberately created by the leader in order to achieve the best leadership effect.

No one thinks about this. Just like the noisy voices in the dark, they will automatically press the stop switch when the opening ceremony is announced. People are so accustomed to the leadership of someone else.In other words, the so-called masses, the last thing to do is to listen to an authority-whether this authority is a decree, a leader, or other compulsory things.

So, the question is only whether what this authority instills in the public is their true future direction.As for the self-awakening of the masses that I have longed for, it was just empty talk in the end.

Of course, I have to ask if there are people who are self-awakening. Of course I think there are.At least, I believe that when Yui sister and I solemnly made her statement, when Isshi exhausted and expressed her desire to part ways with me, they should have done this to some extent.However, more people can't do it-this has nothing to do with the person's own wisdom. Even the most intelligent people will unconsciously fall into the quagmire of being dominated by others.

For example, now standing alone in the corner of the dark stage, Yukino Yukoshita will become the focus of the stage in a few minutes.In front of other people, she is of course as calm as ever, but only I know how weak the cornerstone of Xuexia's feet is now.

——Of course, maybe not only I know, but Biqigu, who is by my side in charge of the background lighting adjustment with me, may also know.

I don’t know what kind of psychology Biqigu is like now: I think, theoretically, he should be satisfied with the status quo, he doesn’t like to cause trouble, and every time he tries to help others solve problems, he is I am one step ahead, which objectively makes his work on the executive committee very leisurely, and this is true in fact.Although there was a problem of trying to help Xuexia at the request of my sister, it was solved by me in my own way. Thanks to my sister, I never seemed to consider giving her expectations of me to others.

However, I think that Biqigu will be unhappy. While solving the problem, I am also unrestrainedly attacking his way of doing things-to a certain extent, I am taking the lead in solving all problems to prevent Biqigu's "self-sacrifice".

At least so far, my approach has no loopholes.Therefore, during the last ten minutes of chat time before the opening of the cultural festival, I seemed to be able to calmly discuss something with Higiya Hachiman-senpai.

"I have been thinking about what would happen to this year's cultural festival without me? This is a very interesting assumption, isn't it?"

"I don't know anything else, but Yukoshita would not be the chairman of the executive committee without you." Although Higiya seemed to be staring at the instrument in front of him intently, he still answered my words seriously. .

"But Yi Xuexia's character always feels that she will eventually become the executive committee led by her? That guy can't tolerate the existence of imperfections?"

"The premise is that this executive committee is so bad that she finds it unbearable." Biqigu shook his head, and said in a concealed manner.

"If everyone has the same idea as the predecessors of Biqigu, isn't it impossible?"

"But there are always motivated guys."

"If a motivated guy is incapable, it is easy to be emptied. Wasn't that the case last year?"

"Every year the situation is different."

My purpose in provoking this dialogue is to deduce the results that will occur when Biqigu solves the problem. I am confident to prove that the results of his approach will be worse than mine, but Biqigu is obviously very This question was carefully avoided.

However, he was still unwilling.

"By the way, Xuexia, it's okay now?" When he spoke again, his gaze focused on Yukino's body.

"As you can see, where Chairman Jianfeng pointed out, I can help her solve all problems."

"Yuhihama, you are not suitable for witty words. When you say these words, you always feel strange."

"Similarly, Senior Biqigu, you are not suitable for preaching. When you say these things, you always feel that you are not convincing enough." I shrugged and replied.

"The situation under Xuexia is actually not what she showed, right?"

"She just lost her way temporarily. For people in her position, it is terrible to hesitate and lack self-confidence towards herself, so what we have to do is to constantly strengthen her self-confidence. No matter what method is used. In fact, we did it. As long as the state shown by Xuexia is confident and unshakable, other people will not hinder her, right?"


"——You lose when you say'but', senior than Qigu. If you want to use your method, if you face too much opposition, then go to break up the opposition group, this Of course it is a good method. But when facing the next counterattack, Xuexia is still powerless to oppose it? So, the key issue is not how to restrain the enemy, but to consolidate his authority as much as possible. The opponent will always It cannot be eradicated, but only one's own ability can be continuously improved. Isn't it true?"

"Yukixia hasn't realized the current situation yet." Biqigu turned his head and whispered.

"So, she doesn't need to notice now. The problem now lies in the cultural festival, helping her to survive the cultural festival. With the talent under the snow, she will realize her problem sooner or later, and this will return to the tiger we started with. On the issue with sheep, there is only one tiger. It will die sooner or later, and the flock can continue to multiply. Our time is our greatest advantage. By the end of the celebration, isn’t it a victory?"

"I hope it will be the same as you imagined it?" Higiya stared at me for a long time, and finally said, "But, Yubihama, you can't help Yukoshita every time."

"That's true, but Senior Biqigu, don't you think you see Xuexia as too vulnerable?"

The reason why I believe in Yukoshita so much is also from the experience of my long-term struggle with her. If Yukoshita Yukino has really fallen into a stage where he cannot stand without my support, it is undoubtedly the same The biggest insult to this opponent who left me helpless.

Therefore, while practicing my own opinions, I will also believe in Yukino Yukoshita.

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It's not the first time I have experienced the opening ceremony of the cultural festival, but the enthusiasm unexpectedly exploded by the students of Sotake High before the start of the school festival really surprised me.

Perhaps, students with high deviation values ​​will always choose this time to break out because their emotions have been suppressed for too long?

If everyone just kept a certain degree of restraint quietly at the beginning of the countdown, at the end of the countdown, the voices of "three", "two", and "one" have almost become the collective cry of the whole school.

Whether it is an indifferent person or an enthusiastic person, this time is truly "burning".

From this point of view, the slogan of the cultural festival without much thought is quite successful.

The chairman of the city, who always seems to be very gentle, seemed to be in order to match the situation at the scene, and became excited uncharacteristically: "Everyone, are all going to burn?"

"Oh oh oh oh oh oh!"

"It seems like winter now, but everyone, tell me, is it cold now?"

"Do not!"

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