My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 268

"——To a brand new cultural festival!"

"So, from now on—"

"--Let it burn!"

Although a considerable number of students, including the executive members of each class, have played the role of "support" here, it is not necessarily true that the atmosphere of the scene is really guided by these people.

Of course, this is the case. The combination of the agitated masses and the elites of the adapted masses is the most effective modern agitation method.The ideas of the masses and the ideas instilled by the elite automatically merge.

Members of the Dance Lovers Association and the cheerleader club used dance music to push the atmosphere of the opening ceremony to a climax from the beginning.Of course, if there is a rock band at this time, the effect might be better.However, who made our light music club with only four members?

"Work, work!" I don't know which person in charge of the scene came from the earphone.

Of course, after entering work, there is no time to care about what complicated things happened on the spot.

The task of switching between audio and lighting is much more important than imagined.

However, for the opening ceremony of the cultural festival, the most important thing is the congratulatory speech of the executive chairman.Although most people may sneer at this message, this is one of the few opportunities for the executive committee chairman to show up in front of everyone—especially when the closing ceremony message has been given the same color.

"Chairman Xuexia, please prepare—"

I looked far away under the snow at the other end of the stage.

To some extent, the next congratulatory speech is an end of this battle.Although the specific cultural festival is also very important, after the opening ceremony, it means that the preparatory work of the executive committee is completely completed.It is only natural that the executive committee members want to enjoy the cultural festival like a normal student.

"Next, I would like to invite Yukino Yukino, one of the executive chairpersons of the cultural festival, to give a speech." The student council president's introduction sounded just right.

Yukoshita walked to the center of the stage awe-inspiringly.

In front of other people, Xuexiaxue is always calm and calm.

"Don't underestimate your own minister, Senior Biqigu!" I smiled gently at Biqigu beside me and said.

The supported leader, the premise is that she still has the ability to become a leader!

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Also, at the end of the previous volume, it was said that the cultural festival would require two volumes. I didn’t expect that one volume could end, and the plot progressed much faster than I thought. Isn’t it a dream to end two more volumes?

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Chapter 39: Different ways of guiding different people

I once imagined that if there were opposition parties, when and where they would raise their opposition.The chairman's speech at the opening ceremony of the cultural festival is a possible place.

But if you think about it carefully, this is actually impossible. When everyone is looking forward to it—or at least waiting for the opening of the cultural festival. At this time, some scandals will disturb people’s moods. This is not a good choice.

So, under the snow on the stage, the chairman's speech was delivered steadily and steadily.

Somewhat unexpectedly but not surprisingly, before Xuexia was preparing behind the scenes, I saw the figure of Yishi. I don’t know if the two had communicated together before taking the stage under Xuexia, or if it was a color feather. It just happened to be there, and imagined how she would behave when she became the focal point of the light two days later.

However, it does not matter how the supporting role will behave. When she rejected me, the color feather was destined to become a buried stone.

"In the end, that child became the object of sacrifice!" He probably noticed my gaze, and Biqigu said leisurely while looking at it.

"If you feel distressed, you can try to play a reliable predecessor to help her. Maybe Isshiki will have some subtle feelings because of this?"

"That kind of girl's feelings are too difficult to distinguish between true and false. If you invest in it and find yourself being tricked by the other party, isn't it troublesome?"

"Sure enough, I still carry out the malicious thoughts of the world from beginning to end! The world is so cruel than the predecessors of Qigu, but it is necessary to achieve this world with gentle self-sacrifice. I should say whether you are idealism or realism. What?"

Biqigu's shoulders shrugged imperceptibly--because I was so close to him, I could notice even such a movement.

"You can put together the word ideal that has nothing to do with me, don't you think you have an original talent, Yuihama?"

"Tsk tusk, because you can always see the key to the problem very accurately, so you can deliberately avoid the essence of the problem, is it a talent skill that is better than the senior Qigu?"

"Yuhihama, don't you think you are too confident? Whether it's your judgment of other people or the progress of things?"

"Rational and proud people should have this kind of self-confidence, and it's ironic to say this from your mouth, Senior Biqigu?"

Compared with the blazing snow, Biqigu, who was always strangled in the cradle by me before trying to show his own solution to the problem, did not seem to have too many opportunities to perform. Therefore, at least for a period of time, I and Biqigu's struggle should continue.

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Of course, although I have many differences with Biqigu, at least one thing I agree with him-that is his absolute appreciation for loneliness.

Although I will not raise the status of loneliness to a certain level, the person who leads others in thought and perception must be lonely.Loneliness is not a commendable goal. Loneliness is just a natural result of people reaching a certain stage.

In other words, only those who recognize the results of their own loneliness have the ability to truly and accurately insight into other people's and their own hearts.Because even the vast majority of people who seem to be "not alone", their interpersonal relationships are not as solid as they thought.

Therefore, human beings are born free and lonely because of freedom.

——Of course, the difference between me and Biqigu is that I will not use the above theory to defend my current situation.Because people have another nature, that is, trying to find a sense of identity from the collective, and it is absolutely impossible to accomplish this alone.

Well, to put it in a simple and easy way, that is, I feel embarrassed that no one is going to the cultural festival with me.

In fact, I do have a few people who can barely be called "friends" visiting the cultural festival together, but unfortunately, at least on the first morning, they are responsible for pretending to be ghosts in the "haunted house" of the class.It is also because of the special environment of the "haunted house" that it is impossible for me to stay alone in the classroom in a daze.

At first I tried to act as the ticket checker at the entrance of the class, but other students in the class were resolutely unwilling to let the executive member Yuihama who "has paid such a big sacrifice for the class" waste precious playing time on the ticket check. ——This is probably the first time I realized that I was so popular after I was in high school, albeit on a regrettable level.

Therefore, I can only visit the cultural festival alone.

The awkwardness of visiting a cultural festival alone is probably second only to that of a person going to the cinema to watch a love movie, walking aimlessly between classrooms-if you encounter a class that doesn’t care about holding an art exhibition, you can pretend to be Go in and enjoy it, of course, the main reason is because there is no queue in this kind of place.Correspondingly, maid cafes or animal cafes or all kinds of popular classes don't need to be considered-just queuing up with a bunch of chirping boys and girls are about to commit cancer.

Only at this time, I will miss Biqigu-that guy seems lucky to have a role in the drama of his class.

As for others, my sister seems to be still busy preparing for the final performance with Yukoshita Yono’s band. Senior Xiaomusao should have activities in the class—and even if there is no activity in my current state, I don’t know what to say to her. As for Isshiki, in the state where we can hardly say a few words, this is almost a luxury.

Of course, I am not ignoring anyone. Your Excellency the Executive Chairman is busy with her work, so I won't bother her.

——But if you run into it head-on, it seems there is no way.

I met Xuexia at the entrance of the F group classroom in the second year.After my rigorous analysis, it is a good way to go to a drama with many acquaintances to waste time. Basically, counting the time spent sitting in the classroom and waiting, performing the drama and then pretending to chat with people, that morning It's gone.

Therefore, I finally chose to go directly to the classroom of Group F in the second year and become the first few audiences who seem to be enthusiastic, which is the best choice for me.

——So I don’t understand why I would see Xuexia here.

"Well, alone?" After greeting each other, the other party blinked.

"Well, alone."

"Your sister, there is no role in the drama of their class!" Yukoshita reminded me kindly.