My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 269

"Ok, I know."

"You don't look like someone interested in a drama like "The Little Prince"?"

"not interested."

"So, just passing by?"

"No, I have to go in and see."

"Oh--" Xuexia tilted his head, took a serious look at me, and then said cleanly, "Just right, let me take a look too!"

"Uh, department—well, Xuexia, just like you did in the past."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, you don't have to look at me with a sympathetic expression like I did before and then go in with me. It should be said that if I watch this drama with you, I might still feel embarrassed."

"Oh, I just want to watch this drama. Yuihama-san, maybe you need to revise your over-open thinking loop?"

Regardless of what Xuexia is thinking, I need to face a dilemma next.One is to go in with Xuexia, and according to the current situation, our two actions should be close together. At this time, a large number of acquaintances in Group F in 2 years will become an obstacle-if they cause any misunderstanding, it will be troublesome. The second is to leave here, I believe Xuexia will not follow, but this means giving up the best way to spend the morning.

In the end, I chose the former-watching a drama with Yukoshita "coincidentally", it was just a general embarrassment, but I can't imagine the misery of letting me go to the cultural festival all morning by myself.

"Well, please advise me more." I nodded to Xuexia and replied.

"Well, please advise." Xuexia's face seemed to be flushed.

So what is going on with this strange atmosphere?

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Watching a drama is not the point, taking advantage of the opportunity of watching a drama to waste time or thinking about some weird things is the point.What's more, from the appearance of Hayama as the protagonist, I can feel the style that belongs to the Ebina Hime Nai-I'm sorry, I can't do it without prejudice and ignore some BL hints. Enjoy the plot.

So I started to be in a daze in the first row of the audience, dragging my cheeks, skillfully in a daze.

Yuukishita next to me seemed to be watching the drama seriously-I don't know if this can prove Ebina's sentence "The girl who hates BL does not exist".

Well, it doesn't seem to be what Ebina said?But don't care about these details, right?

Yukino Yukino watched the play very seriously, as if she wanted to put her whole person into the play.Seen from the side, her long hair was passing through her ears just right and hanging down.She has a fair face, but because she is usually this kind of fairness with a goddess breath, I don't know if Xuexia's current fairness is a normal skin color or pale because of tiredness.

I think that from a logical point of view, Xuexia is tired.After taking a day off from illness, I immediately returned to work. Although I was responsible for solving the attacks from the outside world, Xuexia’s workload has not been reduced. She is not the kind of person who can express herself and will be crushed by pressure. , But will not lose to pressure.

She is of course a natural leader. There is no doubt about this. All she has always needed is absolute trust in herself.So I can help her because I believe that as long as I can help her solve the difficulties of cultural festivals, the next Yukino Yukino can continue to move forward on her own.

I think that Xuexiayang is a hint to me, and it should be the same.

For people with different foundations, people who master the overall situation are different. For a genius like Xuexia, there is no need to take her forward like an adult and a child, but only need to be her crutches when it is critical. That's it.

The play ended sooner than I thought.

When Yukoshita turned to look at me with a dazed expression, I found that my sight still stayed on her somewhat naturally.

"what happened?"

I feel that at that time, because of panic, I didn't notice that Xuexia's tone was much softer than usual, which was my biggest mistake.

"It's nothing, in the last three days of the cultural festival, I have to come on!" I turned my head away and said with some embarrassment.

"Well, there are only three days left!" Behind me, Xuexia Xuena responded lightly.


Chapter 40: From pride to fragility

It seems that after Yuko Miura's mediation, Yui sister was able to take time off during the final performance and was able to participate in the final training of Yukoshita Yono wholeheartedly.For the small circle that belongs to the top-ranked F class in Class 2, their internal members naturally support Yuihama Yui.

Although it is said that some boys still support Yihuo Yui to split in support of Yubihama, this controversy disappeared with a wave of Yeshan's big hand.Although I have been particularly fond of conspiracy theories for some time, I always feel that this is Ye Shan Hayato's showing to me in his own way, but at least the results are pretty good, so you don't need to care too much about it.

Of course, since my sister is not here, I have no reason to stay in Group F for 2 years after the performance. As for a gloomy senior who met a few words in the meeting, there is no need to bother to communicate with him.

However, the problem is that when I left the classroom in large strides, Yukoshita also followed me and left the classroom.

——It is impolite to leave without saying hello.

"So, where are you going to go next?" Xuexia asked naturally—even giving the illusion that we two were going to the cultural festival together.

"Uh, I'm going to go back to my class first, and see if I can find someone to go shopping with me in the afternoon—"

Seeing Xuexia raised his eyebrows, I swallowed the second half of the sentence.

"——I mean, if Xuexia needs me to help check the display of the various classes on the first day of the cultural festival, I will be happy to accompany him."

"There will be no trouble on the first day. After all, it is an internal school activity. The problem lies in the second day and the extended third day. The second day will be open to people outside the school. On the third day there will be a joint cultural festival between the two schools. The performance should be checked and the focus should be placed on the next two days."

I didn't understand what Xuexia meant.

"Then I will go back to the classroom alone?"

"But it's not a big problem to check in advance, probably."

Yukoshita tossed his hair and walked forward first.

Okay, for the time being, just understand the words just now as the characteristic tsundere of Xuexia, right?

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Although it was an inspection, when I was standing at the door of Group F for a year with Xuexia, my mood was still quite embarrassing. First, I checked my class. This can really be said to be Xuexia’s malice. ?

"Your class's plan is a haunted house?" Xuexia asked thoughtfully, looking at the well-arranged classroom.

"Please don't be so unclear about the situation. I applied to you about this matter."

"Well, I seem to have the impression that you asked me to help your class take down the haunted house. Is there any special reason?"

"There is no special reason, just to realize the election manifesto of the election executive committee."


"So, do you want to check?"

"Check? Ah, eh." Xuexia nodded, seemingly bewildered.

The classmate Yamato who checked the ticket almost watched me and Yukoshita walk into the classroom with a dull expression-I don't know if what he thought was "Yuhihama really has a good relationship with the chairman!" or "Yuhi" What is the relationship between Hama and Yukoshita-senpai?" By the way, I hope it is the latter.

Judging from the hesitation that Xuexia just had at the door of the classroom, she is obviously not a girl who is careless about similar scenes-but considering the standard of the haunted house prepared by the students, I don't need to worry about certain situations.

Students’ haunted houses usually use more exaggerated makeup and light and shadow effects to create an overwhelming drop situation, or use sudden shocks in the corner to cause a visual impact on people. However, they are generally the most able to mobilize people’s fearful atmosphere The element of sound is too difficult for a student-style haunted house-watching a horror movie without the sound, the effect will be doubled.At the same time, because of the limited space of the classroom, it takes less time to play in the student haunted house, which further reduces the significance of the haunted house.

Therefore, in fact, although the haunted house in the cultural festival is popular, it is not a very reliable choice to become a well-received class show. If I had set up the show project for class F for the year, I This kind of thankless project will never be adopted-but for average students, they don't care much about the input-output ratio, and there is no need to do too much care in this regard.