My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 270

All in all, for rationalists, analyzing these routines clearly reduces the terrible index of the haunted house by half.

"Yuhihama, did you participate in the preparations for the haunted house in the class?" Yukoshita walked in front of me and asked in a low voice.

"No, should I say that all my time is spent doing my duty for Chairman Xuexia?"

"Then you don't know where there will be organs, right?" It sounded a little disappointed.

"If you know in advance where there are agencies, there is no sense of inspection? Isn't the so-called inspection the most valuable for evaluation through personal experience?"

"That's what it means--" Xuexia said hesitatingly.

Then, in front of her, a "ghost" dressed in white cloth suddenly stood up.

At that moment, Yukino Yukoshita quickly showed her good ability to react. Almost at the same time I realized what was happening, she had completed the transition from standing in front of me to standing side by side with me while pinching hard. The transformation of holding my fingers—yes, not grabbing the whole hand, but just grabbing one of my index fingers.

What is commendable is that she didn't make a sound during the whole process.

When I nodded to the group of "ghosts" and signaled "You can't scare us anymore", Xuexia's voice rang softly: "Indeed, from the perspective of actual experience, it is impossible to get it in advance. Knowing intelligence is the best."

Even though I said that, after that, Xuexia never came in front of me again.

However, as previously analyzed, if the students set up the haunted house, if the unexpectedness is excluded, only the "horror" attribute is left to scare people.After all, there is no professional makeup artist among the students of Zou Wu Gao. Even if you really want to make up a scary face, it is often not satisfactory.

It stands to reason that the farther back the haunted house is, the more scary it will be, but in the end, after the initial routine failed, the result was smooth all the way.

People can imagine the story of hugging arms, or clinging to me, did not happen. Although Yukoshita has always kept a very close distance with me, the closest contact between the two of us was that I was caught by her at the beginning. The index finger that I pinched.

"In terms of effect, it is impossible to give Yubihama your haunted house too high a score!" After coming out of the haunted house, with a face that was much paler than usual, Yukoshita relentlessly gave such a comment.

"After all, it's a haunted house for students. Don't the chairman and classmates be too demanding? According to this reason, the drama of Ye Shan just now, my evaluation is not very high!"

"Well, considering that you still frightened me at least once—" Xuexia emphasized the "once" and continued, "That can at least have the most basic effect, but for tourists outside the school In terms of this, this is still a bit general, and you must agree with this, right?"

"I can't refute." I shrugged.

"It seems that you don't care about your own class's programs at all?"

"Didn't you tell me, my limited time has been devoted to serving under the snow?"

"Dismissed—I didn't see how much you helped me."

Yukoshita pursed her mouth lightly, and her eyes narrowed slightly—this kind of casual smile should be the most relaxed expression she has shown in a long time, right?

This is the world where everyone has reached the ideal state!Under the guidance of sane people, an ideal world that eliminates troubles is reached.

However, there will be people who reject this ideal state.

For example, the girl who came to face me, the girl who finally chose to reject me.

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The reason why I respect Isshiki's choice to break with me is because I have full confidence in myself and her.I chose the right path. Of course, Isshiki can choose to be alone for her own future. But when she finally wakes up, she will understand that there is only one path she can choose.

So, Isshiki's ability to last so long is enough to surprise me.Especially, when this kind of irony appears: She should be the most active of the three, and her expression is the most embarrassing now, but she should be under the coldest snow of the three, but now she is shrouded in a touch of softness. Colors.

"Senior Xuexia, huh, and Heya?" If it was before, Ishishi might have been joking with interest, but now, she was only a little surprised, but greeted very plainly.

"Classmate Isshiki--ah, you and Yubihama are in the same class. I haven't realized this before."

"Probably because Heya is too mature, right?" Isshiki said with a wry smile.

"Part of it should be for this reason."

Afterwards, the atmosphere fell silent.

It should have gone their separate ways immediately after a simple greeting, but for various reasons, everyone felt that they should say something more.

Withdrawing from the original Isshiki support position, and then to the "supporters" under the snow, meeting each other in this situation, there is indeed a feeling of discomfort for the ex-girlfriend to see his girlfriend.I believe that the two girls present will have similar ideas.

"Student Isshiki, how are you preparing for the speech at the closing ceremony of the cultural festival?" After a long time, Xuexia asked a meaningless question.

"It should be no problem, Senior Xuexia, don't worry."

"Well, I'll leave it to you then."


"Then say goodbye?"

"Well, it's okay, Yukoshita should be quite busy too, right?"

Finally, communication has become a painless embellishment.

I still can't communicate with Isshiki—although I have never known what Yishiyu is thinking, but I found that now, I am farther away from knowing her true thoughts.

"Student Isshiki, I was alone just now!" After Isshiki left, Yukinoshita said softly thoughtfully.

"Yeah, it's really hard to imagine, that guy will be alone!"

"A person is in a terrible state, right?"

"It's hard to imagine that this is what Yukoshita-senpai who claimed to have to do all the work by himself before!" I responded jokingly.

However, the response to me was not the cold rebuttal under the snow that I expected.

Xuexia turned her head, and her azure-blue pupils stared at me in a daze.

"Uh, Senior Xuexia--"

"——Yuhihama, I think you understood me wrong," Yukoshita's face quickly turned back, "I mean, it would be really bad if you go to the haunted house alone."

"Ah, that's right, if you go to the haunted house alone."

I repeated what Xuexia said, but I was able to realize that this was not her true thoughts.

If a person who is fully confident in herself first does not want to solve the problem alone, then how much pride and self-confidence is left in her?

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Chapter 41: This is not what I want to meet again

The second day of the cultural festival is an open day, which is usually used to attract nearby residents and candidates who want to apply.This year, because of the joint school festival, there are particularly many junior high school students from Qingquan Middle School.

If you can "coincidentally" encounter Xuexia for two consecutive days and "review" the cultural festival with her, this possibility is estimated to be about the same as the probability that the fragments of the comet that met once in 1200 hit the earth and hit Zou Gogo. .However, correspondingly, the chance of meeting other people is much higher.