My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 271

In other words, the probability of meeting someone is 100%.

The executive committee members first held a simple reception meeting under the leadership of today's chairman Isshiki, especially emphasizing the efficiency and division of labor of those who work in literature and practice, and then each took up their own jobs.

When I left the classroom, I saw Koharu Sugiura.

Standing diagonally opposite the classroom door-but not too far away from the place where people can't detect it, her hands are behind her back, her knees are slightly bent, and she looks forward in confusion, tied as usual. The iconic ponytail in the back of the head has been untied, and the long hair held by the hairpin is still stubbornly turned upwards, which is obviously not suitable for the current strange hairstyle.

——Is the recent fashion not to tie the hair and distribute it?Two familiar people have changed their hairstyles.

Wearing the uniform of Qingquan Middle School, the eyes of the executive committee members who filed out always stayed on her for a while, and she was also very quietly under the pressure.

At the first moment my eyes fell on her, her eyes stared at me, which made me a little bit wondering how to react.

This unabashed request to me has not appeared in her for a long time.

However, as before, I cannot refuse the request of a stubborn girl.

"Waiting for someone here will cause a topic, right?"

"What's the matter, is there anyone in the executive committee who is not willing to let him discover my existence that Yuihama cares about?"

I further confirmed my judgment of her, and the tone of what I said just now was exactly the same as that of the little-tempered Xiaochun during the time I was with me.

"It's not the content that I care about, but it's not easy for you to know that I am here."

"I asked Senior Isshiki about the situation here." Xiaochun blinked embarrassedly.

Is Isshiki? However, the classroom is now empty, and I didn't notice when Isshiki left.

"Well, Yubihama-senpai, I have a request."


I think I already know what her request is.

"Today, go to the cultural festival of Zou Wu Gao with me?" Xiaochun raised his head, dark green pupils looked at me.

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I don't have any way of rejecting Xiaochun.In other words, when I realized her existence and responded to her existence and knew that the current situation was the inevitable result, I had already accepted the other party's request deep in my heart.

Although I still want to hope that Yubihama Kazuya's own popularity is still not high enough, the level of eye-catching visits to the cultural festival with a school girl in Kiyizumi Junior High School uniform is no less than that of yesterday and Yukoshita went to the cultural festival together-I can only hope that people will not notice that these two people are me, so as not to cause some unnecessary trouble.Of course, this is not to say that I hate other people's attention. I just don't like to waste energy on meaningless sights.

Compared to me, Xiaochun doesn't seem to care too much about other people, even the occasional surprised eyes of classmates from Qingquan Middle School.She was just discussing with me about the preparations for the cultural festival of Zou Wu Gao.

"I have to say that the cultural festival for high school students is really different from that for middle school students. There are many ideas that we can think of but cannot implement!"

"After all, after entering high school, the social resources that can be used and contacted and the ability to think about problems are not at the same level! For some people, this year is enough for them to reborn."

"Does this include Senior Yubihama? Is Senior already reborn in thought?" Xiaochun asked coldly.

"I have reshaped my values ​​twice."

"Twice--?" Xiaochun was stunned, and then, before I tried to perfuse her on this topic, she shook her head, "Speaking of which, Yukihama-senpai knows Yukoshita-senpai and Where is Senior Xiao Muzhen?"

"Although Xuexia did not have the task of patrolling the cultural festival today, according to her style, the Wenshi side of the executive committee should supervise the work situation. And the words of Senior Xiaomushu——"

——I just found out that although I have been with my predecessors for a long time before, I don’t know what Ms. Xiaomushu will do at other times except for the performance of the light music club.

Of course, this is not something I have to know, but it can prove that the estrangement between me and my predecessors has not been completely eradicated. Instead, I still exist in a hazy and vague manner without realizing it. With.

"Then, let's go to Senior Xiao Muzhen's class and take a look at the situation?"


"Uh, I mean, I was taken care of by seniors before, so, if possible, I still hope to meet with senior Xiao Muzhen-of course, if she is not active in her class, then There is no way, but, doesn’t Yubihama-senpai want to meet with Ogisaki-senpai?"

"If you want to see Senior Xiao Muzhen, I have no opinion."

I lowered my head and refused to answer her last question.

And Xiaochun didn't seem to want to force me to give her an answer. She just turned around and showed a relaxed smile: "Then, I will trouble Senior to lead the way."

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It wasn't until Xiaochun and I arrived at the door of the three-year group A classroom that I realized how important I might have missed.

I should be impressed. When helping Xuexia deal with the cultural festival display list of each class, I should have noticed that the three-year Group A project is "Taisho Style Tea Restaurant".

As for why I didn’t connect Senior’s class with Senior, was it simply because I was too busy and didn’t think about it, or because I was deliberately suppressing information about Senior, I don’t know.

However, the crowd who came here at the entrance of Group A for three years were not cheating. When Xiaochun and I arrived, the team had already lined up to the stairway closest to the classroom of Group A for three years.

Perhaps, I still underestimated the influence of Xuecai Xiaomu as a school idol!

Xiaochun also looked at the long line dominated by boys in surprise, and it was obvious that she quickly understood.

"If you hadn't seen Heya talking to Senior Xiao Muzhen with your own eyes, it would be hard to imagine that you can have such a good relationship with such a popular senior!"

"Before, my relationship with the most popular manager classmate in the team was not very good?"

When I throw out this answer casually, I immediately realized that I had made a very important sentence wrong.

Sure enough, Xiaochun's face blushed quickly. The expression mixed with shyness, sadness and dissatisfaction made me wonder how to deal with it.

"Well, line up!"

"Yeah." Xiaochun also responded softly.

The waiting time in the line is always boring, especially when the communication with one's own companions gets into a bottleneck.But soon, this situation changed.

Change is not internal, but external.

"What are you gathering here for? What about the programs in your class? Today is still the day when the younger students from Qingquan Middle School come to observe. You people, regard the future of Zou Wu Gao and the cultural sacrifice of Zou Wu Gao as What's up!" Not familiar, but the reprimanding voice that can be easily distinguished caused a commotion in the front team.

However, everyone naturally succumbed to this kind of natural reprimand, and did not feel dissatisfied because of this condescending accusation.

There are only two people in the school who can say these words without causing dissatisfaction. One is Yukino Yukino, who has gained fame during this cultural festival, and the other is because of his own "multiple management". Nosy" Kitahara Haruki, who naturally established prestige among the students at this level.

"Is that the person in front of the executive committee? Or a member of the student union? It seems familiar, but I don't think I should know him?" Xiaochun asked with some confusion looking at the back of Kitahara and Minister Iizuka next to him.

"Senior Haru Kitahara, I think you should have heard of his name." I grabbed Xiaochun's hand and walked forward from the end of the team. "Not a member of the student council, nor a member of the executive committee. Strictly speaking From above, there is no identity."

"Without any identity, but able to reprimand others so naturally?"

"This is Senior Kitahara!" I said heavily, and at the same time brought Xiaochun to the front row of the classroom of Class A in Class Three. Here, some seniors who don't know what they should do are looking confused. The direction of the classroom.

"Where is Kitahara-senior?" Staring at the boy closest to me, I asked mercilessly-at this time, the difference in momentum can make people ignore the difference in bow tie colors between the two of us.