My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 272

"Kitahara? Ah, he just asked us to hurry up and disperse, and then went in by himself." The obviously third-year senior looked at me blankly and replied subconsciously.

And then, he finally realized the difference in grade between the two of us.

"No, you are in first grade? Isn't it too rude to speak to seniors in third grade?"

"I hope you can say this strong remark to me to Haruki Kitahara, who spoke to you before. In addition, I am Yubihama Kazuya, assistant to the executive chairman Yukoshita Yukino, and I am now taking the student union of Kiyizumi Middle School. The secretary Sugiura observed our cultural festival. If you have any doubts about my identity, you can find a way to contact Senior Xuexia, but I don’t think that the riots you are causing will leave Secretary Sugiura too good. Impressive."

While trying to find a way to enter the classroom, I gently squeezed Xiaochun's hand.According to the tacit understanding of our past cooperation, I know that she should understand what to do next.

"Well, I think Zou Wu Gao’s cultural festival is very exciting, but if the attitude of Zou Wu Gao’s predecessors to younger generations has always been such an attitude of relying on the old and selling the old, I will also doubt the overall school atmosphere of Zou Wu Gao. "I didn't even look at Xiaochun's face, when I heard behind me, she said something that made me very satisfied.

Although it has been nearly a year since the last time this tacit understanding was used, when the cooperation resumes, this tacit understanding still has a high degree of compatibility that is mixed.

When dealing with small and inconspicuous roles, power and threats are the most effective.

"Although I have reservations about the predecessors’ inability to cope with the predecessors of Kitahara, I very much agree with the views of the predecessors. I think that if the predecessors continue to surround here, not only will the executive committee chairman be unhappy, but more importantly, It will affect the overall holding of this cultural festival. So, should you wait for a while and wait until the tea restaurant of Group A in three years is better?"

I don't know the seniors in Group A for three years, so the best way to let me enter the classroom locked from inside is to help them out.And under the naked attack of power and threat, the guests who had gathered at the gate of Group A for three years have gradually dispersed.

Sometimes the lack of an unscrupulous attitude is not a good thing. At first, it seemed that this way of meeting Senior Xiao Muzhen was completely unexpected!

——Of course, when the senior who was responsible for the goalkeeper in Group A for three years put me into the classroom with gratitude, I didn't expect that I would meet Senior Xiao Muzhen in this way.

For seniors, it seems that there will never be clothes that she is not suitable for. Although it is the first time to see her in a kimono, it is just like a picture without any deliberately contrived, this dress looks particularly suitable.

However, with Senpai’s surprised expression, Senpai’s right sleeve was grabbed by Kitahara Haruki.

I don't know when, Xiaochun's hand gently squeezed mine, but I forgot to put it down.

So, Senior Xiao Mu Xiao and I looked at each other like this.

I believe that this is not what I want, and meet again with Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai.

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Ahem, this, I’ll emphasize it again. I refuse ntr with the glass heart, especially the ntr who Chung treats me. Without seeing me, I have changed the original story of Chunge’s grasping xuecai's wrist into a snowballing suit. Sleeve? Don't let Brother Chun touch my Cai's body.

But even so, my heart is dripping blood-I wouldn't want to stop here if it wasn't for the dramatic effect (although I complained about so many dramatic effects now)


Chapter 42: Rejecting the possibility of disease

My relationship with Senior Xiao Muzhen is well hidden in Senior’s class. In other words, only a few people understand my relationship with Senior.Although the rumor that "Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai once went to find a first-year student" once caused a sensation in the school, after this situation ceased to happen, most people just regarded it as ordinary rumors.

For most people in Class A of the third year, they know that Haruki Kitahara, who often comes to the class to find seniors, is related to the same club that seniors belong to, but they will not know that this sudden first-year student and Xiaomu Shu Xueca may Existing links.

Therefore, the momentary embarrassment of the atmosphere is limited to the small-scale meeting of four people. In other parts of the classroom, sighs of relief and cries of surprise are intertwined, forming a very normal cultural festival. Every classroom is preparing for the current scene of turmoil.

However, this still cannot change the instantaneous frozen state inside the four people.

A flash of surprise appeared on Senior Xiao Muzhen's face, but after almost blinking her eyes, she looked over with an expression of understanding and relief.

When he saw me, Kitahara Haruki's face seemed to show an unpleasant color for a moment, but at the same time, his hand holding the sleeve of Senior's was also released.Originally, he seemed to have taken the predecessor away with a sharp knife, but now he just stood quietly, as if waiting for his final choice.

I tried to free my hand from Xiaochun's, and I also felt her hesitate for a moment-but soon the girl's hand became stronger again, so that I couldn't get her to cooperate. Break free in a humble manner.So I can only ignore my right hand as much as possible, and also look at the two people opposite.

"Chunxi, what you did just now is not interesting, right? You have already driven the group of people at the door halfway, and you have to help them to the end!" But as I said, others didn't realize The current situation only belongs to the special situation of four people. A senior in Group A who just opened the door to me for three years patted me on the shoulder, and led me to Haruhi Kitahara, and said with a smile, "If it wasn't for the first grade Classmate Yuihama came here to complete your follow-up tasks. We don’t know how to end the situation just now-but the momentum of Yuihama just rushing is really not like a first-year student! Is it an assistant to the executive chairman?"

"Well, I'm sorry, after all I have something else to come here today, but Yubihama is able to solve this problem, and I am also very happy-Yubihama and I have known each other before, and he is indeed the one who can solve the problem." Senior Kitahara Nodded lightly, looked at me, and said gently.

"Hey, hello, Chunxi, don't you really want to snatch the pak choi? I know pak choi is very important to your band, but is it not important to our class? She is our most important Important kanban girl!" A short-haired girl who wore the kimono of a waitress like her was interrupted by Kitahara's speech.

"But for us, the practice time for the last song is only today. I think, at this time, it is still Xiao Mu Shou's own wishes, right?" Kitahara Haruki raised his eyebrows. He was on the "last day". The words are emphasized.

Obviously, the ideal situation for him is to take Senior away directly when everyone is dizzy. However, after everyone has surrounded him, he can only try to persuade Senior Xiaomuzhu himself to do so. Own decision.

"Now, Xuecai, if it's song practice, it's okay at night? Right now, our restaurant is the most important thing?"

"Xiao Muzhen, you also know the character of that guy Dongma. If you don't go to practice together now, in the evening, she may refuse to practice for some strange reasons, then trouble?"

Seniors with short hair and Senior Kitahara looked at Senior Xiao Muzhen at the same time.

Senior Xiao Muzhen once again easily became the focus of the crowd-whether it was what she wanted or not.I can hear Xiaochun sighing inaudibly by my side, and I also feel my awkward position at this time.

No one cares if you are not at the center of the conflict.

Under everyone's gaze, Senpai separated a certain distance from Haru Kitahara, who was holding him before, carefully sorted out his clothes, and then walked in front of me and Xiaochun and said softly

——It's just that the person who spoke was not me, but Xiaoharu next to me: "Sugura-san, are you here to watch the three-year group A show?"

My hand, which Xiaochun was still trying to hold tight, was suddenly released.Faced with a sudden question about herself, she blushed and lowered her head, just like a little girl who was at a loss when facing her confession.

It's like all the previous efforts to fight, under the words of Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai, completely collapsed.

"Well, that, if Senior Xiao Muzhen doesn't mind." She whispered.

"Student Kitahara, although you mentioned Dongma's status, I don't think it is unreasonable." Senior Xiaomusuo turned his head and looked at Kitahara. "However, as a cooperator of Qingquan Middle School and our school, Sugiura-san, she specially In order to watch the three-year group A show, I think she shouldn’t let her go back too disappointed. So, at least let me finish hosting Sugiura first, and then consider going to practice with you, okay?"

"Well, no problem, I can wait for Xiao Muzhen outside." Bei Yuan nodded and readily agreed.

"Now, Yukina, what about after serving Suginura-san? Then do you leave it alone?" The short-haired girl said anxiously, "If you let others know about the special treatment for Sugiura-san, then they will definitely be dissatisfied? "

"Well, what Yixu said makes sense!" Senior's head tilted, and then blinked. "Then the reception to Sugiura-san will be held separately before the start? It's like a trial business experience?"

"Even so, there are still problems like this--"

"——Those questions, don’t you just leave it to the reassuring Yubihama-san?" After I entered the classroom, Senior Ogisaki spoke to me for the first time, but I couldn’t figure out what I was talking about. Her intention is, "I think Yuhihama-san can solve all problems, right?"

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Compared to before, the atmosphere in the classroom of Group A for three years looked even stranger.Although most of the classmates have been sent outside to maintain order in case the long queue of the previous kind appears in advance, but even so, in the huge classroom, there is only a group of guests and waiters who take care of them. The "private room" treatment makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

What's more, in addition to Senior Xiao Muzhen, another short-haired senior named "Yixu" has been looking at me for a long time.

Compared to others, it seems that soon they can only accept the situation in frustration that Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai will only serve the members of Qingquan Middle School before opening business. Senior Yixu does not seem to be convinced.She seemed to think that I might solve other problems for seniors that made Senior Xiao Muzhen able to leave with confidence.This also caused her to warn me viciously when Senior Xiao Muzhen did not pay attention:

"Hey, first grade, don't think that you are the assistant of the executive committee chairman and you can try to take care of our snow vegetables. Taking care of your junior high school girlfriend is the key!"

In this regard, Xiaochun's attention seems to be focused on the "junior high school girl friend" and his face is flushed unwilling to reply.And I didn't want to expose my relationship with seniors, so I had to smile helplessly.

Of course, this kind of gaze disappeared after the appearance of Senior Xiao Muzhu-it could be seen that Senior Yi Xu couldn't do anything to me.

"Sugura-san, do you still act very quickly?" As he approached us, Senior Xiaomu Shu said to Xiaochun in a seemingly casual but serious tone.

"Well," Xiaochun nodded slightly, then rubbed his face, and responded seriously, "But, isn't this what Senior Xiao Muzhen told me? If you don't know who you should be, then follow your own Just work hard in the same way, isn’t it?"

"Yeah, it is precisely because this is what I said, so I was not too surprised by the appearance of Xiaochun! Although it is indeed a bit of appearing at this time—"

I looked at the slightly disappointed eyes of Senior Xiao Muzhen, and seemed to understand the meaning of the conversation between the two.The content of the previous dialogue between Xiao Muzhen and Xiaochun may be more abundant than I thought.