My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 273

So, for Xiaochun, who insists on coming to Senior Xiao Muzhen, is it thank you, or is it a manifestation of her strength?

However, what surprised me was that Senior Xiao Muzhen, for what reason did he say that to Xiaochun.

"Since Senior Xiao Muyan understands my current thoughts, can I also ask seniors about your thoughts?"

"My thoughts--" I felt Senior Xiao Muyan glanced at me with some anxiety.

However, before I had time to realize the meaning of this glimpse, Sugiura Koharu’s questioning had already come-as always, a straightforward question in line with Koharu’s style: "Why, not take this opportunity to reject the Kitahara senior?"

"Just as Kitahara said, Dongma's situation is very complicated—"

"——I think this is not the reason that Senior Xiao Muzhen accepts this way."

"I think this is Xiaochun's personal misunderstanding, right?"

"If seniors think this is my misunderstanding, can I have some bigger misunderstandings, such as—"

"——This is the only point, absolutely no need to think about it, Sugiura-san," Senior Xiaomu Shu interrupted Xiaochun, repeating and insisting, "There is only this point, absolutely no need to think about it. My mind has never changed. It was like this when you communicated, and it's still the same now."

"So why?"

"If you have to say it, I'm still a little unhappy with Xiaochun's efforts!" Senior Xiao Muyan gave me a meaningful look, and turned his head helplessly, "The guest, please enjoy the next dishes?"

The dumb conversation between the two girls lasted for a long time, and from halfway on, I couldn't understand what they meant.

In other words, if I must understand, there is a very weak in my heart, but I even feel that I should not have expectations.

——If this expectation becomes a reality.

If this expectation becomes a reality, it must be very beautiful.However, if this expectation really becomes a reality, it is too heavy for me at the moment.

A rational person who is trying to influence and control the fate of others should completely eradicate their yearning for beautiful illusory emotions in their hearts.

There is a type of emotion that is too heavy for me and too burdensome for rational people, so once open to acceptance, people will be completely out of control like a virus-infected program.

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Honestly, why do you all think that the previous chapter is a sign of a crash?A kind-hearted author like me, will leave a little space for people at any time-not to mention my own daughter (no, my sister), right? So when will I be willing to abuse the snow in this book? It's ready, huh huh.


Chapter 43: Everything goes well, keep going

As previously agreed by Senior Xiao Muzhen and everyone, after receiving the only group of guests, she chose to leave with Senior Beiyuan.Although Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai's approach is indeed a bit too willful compared to her usual, but the other students in Class A in the third year seemed to be pressed the silence switch, and no one was able to stop her behavior.

On the contrary, Xiaochun volunteered to make a temporary decision to replace the vacancy left by the senior Xiao Muzhen in the morning, which also made the seniors in Class A of three years more or less relieved.

I seem to understand the reason why Xiao Muyan is leaving, and I can also understand why Xiaochun wants to stay.Both of them are trying to express their emotions in their own way, but I can only shield this as much as possible.

In the process of controlling the overall situation, once there is an emotional tendency, then this kind of mastery is no longer perfect.Capitalists are cruel and ruthless in the process of pursuing the maximization of interests. Even their relatives can betray. Of course, such criticism is no problem. However, this is only a criticism in the social ethical sense, from the most efficient and profitable capital allocation. From the perspective of maximization, only this kind of capitalist who excludes his feelings can do this.

So, at least, for me now, I cannot be moved by any expression of emotion.

"Heya, I think, I should have done nothing wrong with bringing you to Senior Xiao Muzhen?" This is a question that Xiaochun asked me uncertainly after the work in the morning was completed.

"I don't know if you did anything wrong." I gave my truest thoughts on this.

Because it is too difficult to suppress the surging emotions in the heart and then make rational judgments.

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Probably only when I work under the "assistance" snow can I now experience the greatest degree of peace.When facing sister Yui, facing Koharu, facing the emotional words of predecessor Xiaomushu, the dialogue is difficult to be in one dimension.

Therefore, after Xiaochun left in the afternoon, I went back to the classroom where the executive committee met. If I could find Yukoshita there, it would be good to have a rationalist dialogue.

Of course, I did see Xuexia there, just like she used to be in the classroom of the Ministry of Service, with only one person in the classroom, sitting by the window, where the sun can shine in and hit her. Quietly thinking about something.

"Please knock on the door when you enter the classroom."

"This is not the classroom of the Ministry of Service, Minister." Although I remember Yukoshita asked me to change my name, I don't know why, but I still think that the name I have been using before is more comfortable.

"That's it." Xuexia nodded her head seemingly distressed, and then continued to lower her head in thought.

"Are there no activities in the minister's class?"

"International classes usually don't care about things like cultural festivals, but the class classroom has to be freed up to hold a symbolic event, which is always troublesome."

"Understandably, this time I feel like I'm doing nothing."

"I don't think the term doing nothing is inappropriate for you, Yubihama, I met Sugiura classmates outside the classroom in the morning-it is not a good thing to delay too long with relationship problems."

"Senior Xuexia, who has never been in love before, is not qualified to blame me in this regard."

Xuexia stared, as if she wanted to refute, but because she was really lacking in this regard.

"Relationships are very troublesome to think about." She lowered her head and said.

"I agree that it is very troublesome, so I want to find Xuexia, who is the least likely to discuss this issue, to soothe the complicated state in my heart that was disturbed by various emotions."

"Hmm." Replied softly, Xuexia didn't seem to react to the high evaluation I gave her.

"Then you just stay here, there is nothing you can do anyway." Her eyes floated out of the window, and she gave me a noncommittal answer.

——Uh, in fact, I want to make some in-depth criticism on this issue with you, but what's the matter with your absent-minded appearance, classmate Xuexia?

"Cultural festival, only half is left! So far, everything is planned?"

"It should be said, what will be out of plan, except—"

"Miss Yangnai, it's indeed a difficult guy to deal with, but after you promised her performance, didn't she always be peaceful?"

"When she suddenly appears and breaks your original plan, it will be too late to respond."

"such as--"

"--For example," Xuexia shook his head hesitantly, "Forget it, this matter is a bit sensitive to you, and I have been dealing with it myself, at least until yesterday, without departing from my control. "

Is Yukinoshita's own control that I don't know?However, this is nothing. I am very clear about my position in Xuexia. She acts at my pace and of course can achieve the best results.However, Xuexia's own ability is also enough for her to distinguish when she needs my help and when she does not need my help.

"By the way, during the recent period, Yubihama - I'm talking about your sister, has she been practicing?"

"To be honest, I don’t understand what Yui sister is thinking about recently. I think girls should learn from you, and they should be more frank when expressing their thoughts-although the sister may be frank enough, but On some key issues, being vague about me as a younger brother is really sad."

"Do you think I am very frank?" Xuexia raised his eyebrows.

"It's very frank on the core issues, and the attitude of acceptance and rejection is obvious, right?"