My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 274

"Does the Minister want to deny this?"

"No, it's not, I just feel that Yubihama's evaluation of me seems to be higher than I thought!"

"After all, from the meeting to the present, Minister Yukoshita has made a lot of progress-after failing, he will not put his absolutely correct concept on his lips, right?"

"This doesn't mean that you don't pursue this."

"At least you should not be absolutely superstitious about your own judgments. This is enough. Be very persistent with your own decisions. This is a necessary talent for good decision-makers and talents. At the same time, there is the possibility of mistakes in your own judgments. Also make sufficient estimates, the two are not contradictory."

Slowly, the corners of Xuexia's mouth bends slightly, and his eyes are squinted, showing a relaxed expression like a cat stretching.

"I hope you are not trying to kill me."

"No, it's not. I just feel that it is not easy for Xuexia to develop to the point where it is difficult for me to stab me!"

"Please take back the discomfort that this kind of condescending brings to people."

"Okay, okay, I see, so, Chairman, the last day and a half of the cultural festival, please keep working hard!"

"Needless to say, I will do the same."

"--Well, is this really good?" However, in this seemingly peaceful atmosphere, a voice that was not very harmonious broke the atmosphere.

At this time, there is only one person I know who can speak in this tone.

"Sister!" Yukoshita quivered habitually and uneasyly, "Why are you here?"

"As a member of an aspiring group, it's normal to come to school now? And it's an open day today! Is Yukino-chan's question of whether she has too deep a prejudice against her sister, she will be sad."

"No, I mean, why did you come here?"

"Because you can't find Xue Naojiang everywhere, of course you can only find it in a few places where you are most likely to appear-or is it disturbed to chat with Brother Heye alone, Xue Naojiang will be very unpleasant?"

"Sister, please don't speak too dangerously, otherwise it will be bad if it causes a lot of trouble." Slowly, Xuexia had replied to the cold tone he usually used to deal with her sister.

"Well, Xue Nao-chan is so smart and won't misunderstand him, won't Heye also misunderstand him? So since everyone won't misunderstand, it's okay to make a harmless joke, right?"

Yukoshita glanced at me, and I waved my hand innocently.

"Right, right, it's a good thing not to misunderstand, then this problem is solved-of course, this is not the main problem, brother Heye, is this really good?"

As a falcon staring at its prey, Yukoshita Yonoo stared at me earnestly.

"What's wrong?"

—— Obviously did it according to your request?Under the snow on the verge of collapse, it all depends on my support to make the problem go so smoothly, right?

"Brother Kazuya thinks good things, what is it?"

"Yang is the bad thing that seniors think, what is it?"

——If you think something is wrong, just say it!

I also looked at Yukoshita Yono with the same serious eyes—to be honest, I didn't like her way of seemingly mastering everything but not expressing it straightforwardly.This is no longer just a question of unfrankness. This conceit is the same as the conceit that I disliked that I once had in Xuexia.

Should we say that she is a proud sister after all?Although the personalities are different, there is an amazing agreement in this regard.

"Well, don't be so nervous!" Yukoshita Yono patted his hands, and the nervous atmosphere that she had just created on her own initiative suddenly disappeared. "If brother Kazuya thinks he is doing nothing wrong, then I shouldn’t comment on it without authorization. This is my fault. After all, the person involved should see more clearly than me, an outsider."

Yukoshita Yonoi has always been a talented actor. The sincere attitude expressed by the words just now gave me the illusion of believing her words.

-Could it be that she really just came to simply warn me to stay awake to myself?

"--But if there is a problem, both of them will fall very ugly! At that time, it will be difficult for my sister to help you solve the problem. It is more difficult to help you after getting into trouble than before. It's easier to solve the potential crisis, isn't it?"

"There won't be a problem, there will be no problem with Yubihama's consideration." Yukoshita's firm voice came over.

"You actually helped Heye brother speak, Xue Nao-chan--but, where does your confidence come from, Xue Nao-chan? It comes from your full planning, from yourself, or from-"

"—That’s something to be considered later, right? Senior Yang? Now, Xuexia believes that everything will develop according to her plan. That’s all right, right?” I interrupted Xuezhi The words of Xiayangnai.

As long as the cultural festival is still going on, there can be no confusion under the snow.

"Tsk tusk, is it the other side this time? It's really a wonderful mutual cooperation!" One side, like singing an aria, seems to praise us, and like irony, "praise" us, Xuexiayang Nai laughed and said, "Then, I hope that your beautiful cooperation will continue!"

I glanced at Xuexia, and at that moment, I seemed to feel her shaking eyes.

"It will go on forever, only this point, you don't have to worry at all. Then everything will end smoothly."

——It will not get out of control, only the last day, there is no possibility of getting out of control.

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Chapter 44: Creating Miracles

Perhaps the cultural festival performance of Sobu Takao has never been promoted to its current high status. It was originally a year-end display for self-entertainment of various clubs in a certain sense, but now, in addition to ordinary students, from The observing students of Qingquan Middle School, and perhaps even some members of the board of directors, seem to be very interested in coming to watch this largest and most well-prepared performance in Zou Wugao's history.

Excellent programs will go to Qingquan Middle School to perform, and the performance of the program is completely determined by the audience's vote.Not to mention, after the performance is over, all students who are willing to vote in the school will be allowed to vote, decide who to miss Zong Wu Gao, and hold a lottery for this year's Zong Wu Gao Cultural Festival.

It is this kind of continuous orgasm to continuously attract people's attention.

After seeing the grand performance of the current performance, I don’t know if the student Tomori Yanagahara who originally wanted to participate in the light music club performance will regret it, because the performance of this cultural festival has subverted people. The effect of the inherent impression has reached the strongest.The myth that Cinderella became a princess through a performance counterattack, we may really see it here.

Of course, since she had given this opportunity to Senior Xiao Muzhen, the result was basically decided.

The performance of the Light Music Club was finally arranged at the end, not knowing whether it was a coincidence or Yuuki's deliberate consideration, Yukoshita Yono, the sister's band performance, was arranged before them.Is this trying to embarrass my sister with the next more exciting Qingyinhui performance, or trying to use my sister's excellent performance to increase the audience's expectations to prevent Qingyin from achieving its own effect, I don’t know. .As I said before, I did not fully control Xuexia's behavior, I was just providing my support for her to carry out her wishes.

The day before, when Yang Nao left to participate in the rehearsal of the show, neither Xuexia nor I followed. Xuexia didn't seem to want to talk to his sister anymore, but I was just purely not interested.However, according to the narration of the sister who came back in the evening with a strange red look on her face, they did not actually participate in the rehearsal. Miss Yang Nai came to the school and only asked the students who were in charge of lighting adjustments and asked for everything. The lighting and stage layout are done by her own people.

This seems to have produced a bad impression in the hearts of some first-year executive committee members-such as social people playing big names.However, it was solved well under the adjustment of Ishiki who was present at the time.

"But, Miss Yang Nai is really not playing big cards!" I was deeply impressed by the words that my sister said in some trouble.

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"So, even if it's Yuukishita, your sister didn't tell you what you were going to do?"

"Yes, it just means that "Xuno-chan is relieved anyway, my sister won't do anything bad to Yukino-chan, does it?" The expression I said seems to be in this matter. Shang has already obtained Hiratsuka-sensei's permission in advance, so there is no other room for interference." Xuexia frowned and recalled this incident with me, with a faint dissatisfaction with the appointment.However, it is obvious that the struggle between her and her sister has always ended in this kind of defeat, which also makes her seem to be able to express her dissatisfaction and not solve the problem.

"Is that so?" Yuukishita and I stood at the end of the pitch-black gymnasium, watching the bright light in the middle of the stage.

"To be honest, the band of my sister I know should be a symphony band, and now it seems that your sister has changed into an ordinary band suitable for live!"

"It's not necessarily for Yui sister? According to her, it should be for you?"